Windows 3.X Files

WINDOWS Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
!FAH601.ZIP938750Jan 11 1994Fahrenheit Windows Drivers (ver 6.01) - Makes installation diskette.
$CASTL.ZIP386346Sep 27 1992CASTLE OF THE WINDS 1.2 from EPIC MEGAGAMES. A dazzling fantasy role-playing adventure for Windows. Based on Norse mythology, you face an incredible and challenging quest as you advance to the top level.
$DARE.ZIP761225Mar 1 1993Fantastic new Windows game from EPIC games.
100WAVE.ZIP167Nov 30 -0001Add sounds to Dashboard for Windows (the alarm clock portion). Requires VBRUN200.DLL.
1292HW.ZIP18551Dec 23 1992Most recent 'supported hardware list' for Windows NT (October release) List created December, '92. From Microsoft NT forum.
24XWIN31.ZIP745288Oct 6 1992Version 2.02 of windows 3.1 drivers for Diamond Speedstar 24x SVGA card downloaded direct from their BBS 10/29/92.
261ICONS.ZIP86273Aug 19 1990261 Icons of popular programs for Win 3.0.
2DO11B.ZIP407779Nov 10 19932DO.EXE v1.10b - Personal Task Manager for Microsoft Windows. 2Do allows you to organize, schedule, and view your To Do List of tasks through a robust drag and drop interface.
311LOGO.ZIP7244Feb 25 1994Upgrade your Windows logo to reflect your 3.11 upgrade.
31A_NT.ZIP24260Jun 1 1993Sony CDU31A CD-ROM drivers for March release of Windows NT.
31FUN.ZIP962Apr 12 1992Text File only. But lists a cute hidden animation within Windows 3.1 Program Manager that displays Window's authors.
31RESRC1.ZIP847295May 7 1992Windows 3.1 Resource kit. Part 1 of 2.
31RESRC2.ZIP923581Apr 10 1992Windows 3.1 resource kit. Part 2 of 2.
32BITFAQ.ZIP22506Dec 26 1994FAQ for Windows 32bit file access and disk access.
3DICONS.ZIP47240Jan 11 1992Lots of 3-D Icons for Windows 3.X.
4ACALC.ZIP10529Nov 23 1992Nice math calculator for Windows 3.1. Adds some very handy features.
4ALNCH11.ZIP38568Aug 1 19934A Launch is the ultimate application launcher for Windows. With 4A Launch's specially modified 'Open' dialog box, you can browse all your floppy and hard drives for applications to run.
4DOSNT20.ZIP379422Jan 24 19944DOS/NT 2.0 - JP Software's award winning command processor for Windows NT. Command enhancements, 50 new commands, many other features. Optional reference manual in JP4REF.ZIP. Shareware, $79 registration. 01-24-94
4WIN100.ZIP34493Apr 4 19914WIN is Windows application that is a replacement for COMMAND.COM.
5434WN.ZIP802680Aug 11 1994Windows drivers v. 1.02 for Diamond SpeedStar-64.
54WIN.ZIP56495Aug 11 19924 simple utilities for Windows. Some humerous.
600WIN20.ZIP641801Mar 17 1994Windows printer driver for Canon Bubble Jet (BJC600) - version 2.
9PIN31.ZIP207176Apr 22 1992Star NX1000 Rainbow Printer Driver for MS Windows 3.1.
AB-BEAT.ZIP4800May 3 1991AfterDark module -- heartbeat.
ABCSLOTS.ZIP7390Dec 21 1991ABC Slots for Windows -- Visual Basic code included. (Req's VBRUN100.DLL).
ABULA11.ZIP64943Jan 15 1992A diary program for Windows 3.0+.
ACCE3D.ZIP189487Jan 28 1992Access 3D. This is a powerful replacement for the Windows 3.X task manager.
ACCESS31.ZIP181506Nov 1 1992Windows 3.1 task manager with many great features.
ACHART.ZIP18837Apr 20 1991Windows 3.0 Application to display ASCII/IBM/EBCDIC Tables.
ACLK30.ZIP21016Oct 26 1992Windows 3.1 Clock with snooze alarm. Version 3.0.
ACLOCK.ZIP33998Jan 25 1992Windows 3.0 astronomical clock.
ACTTIMS.ZIP47989Jul 8 1991Actor code to emulate the "tims example" that comes with dbvista dbms.
ACWIN11.ZIP102179Apr 28 1992Area Code finder for Windows. Expandable database.
AD2WFIX.ZIP35189Apr 20 1992Fix for After Dark 2.0.
ADBEAT.ZIP4778May 3 1991Heartbeat simulation for After Dark.
ADBRICKS.ZIP11200Mar 7 1993After Dark module for Windows.
ADCPL.ZIP18669Feb 11 1992Utility to add After Dark for Windows 3.X to your control panel.
ADDRES17.ZIP216227Jun 18 1992Nice Windows 3.x phone dialer, address keeper, and envelope maker. Uses Card file to get all of this done.
ADLIFE.ZIP5874Sep 4 1991AfterDark module -- Life.
ADMAKR35.ZIP182448Apr 9 1994Makes small sign and desktop announcements in MS Windows.
ADVISOR.ZIP999619Feb 9 1993MicroSoft Advertizing program for upgrades, includes new Windows game.
AFORCE.ZIP16009Mar 1 1991Alien Force action game for Windows 3.0. Shoot'em up game.
AIRHEAD.ZIP19388Oct 19 1991After Dark Module.
AIRHEADS.ZIP19388Oct 19 1991Module for AfterDark.
ALL3D130.ZIP40230Mar 24 1994All3D V1.3 - New 3D look for dialogs of most Windows applications.
ALLIC2.ZIP257431May 31 1991Over 3000 icons for windows (part three).
ALLICA.ZIP196854May 31 1991Over 3000 icons for windows (part one).
ALLICB.ZIP193025May 31 1991Over 3000 icons for windows (part two).
ALM31A.ZIP282517Nov 7 1993The very latest version of Almanac for Windows 3.X. A terrific calendar, planner, almanac. Better than the calendar that comes with the original.
ALNT31.ZIP323221Sep 16 1993Almanac for Windows NT O/S. Same as the great Almanac for Windows 3.1, but designed for Windows NT.
ALW107.ZIP210102Apr 12 1992Great Astronomy program for Windows 3.X. Easy to use and powerful.
ALWIN15.ZIP172771Jan 5 1991Active Life Version 1.5 (For Windows) is a powerful system for planning and tracking ones business. Features Pop up calendars and Flexable Schedules.
AMIUPDAT.ZIP99893Nov 1 1992Update to Ami Pro 3.0, from Lotus BBS.
AMW13.ZIP181474Jan 10 1993Archive Master Version 1.3 for Windows. Powerful compression shell for Windows 3.1.
ANIMDKS1.ZIP75490Apr 14 1994Windows 3.1 3D Desktop Animator.
ANIMOUSE.ZIP23528Mar 19 1994ANIMOUSE 2.0 animates Windows mouse cursors with many interesting cursor designs to choose from.
ANSICO10.ZIP10444Feb 26 1991Convert Windows 3.0 icon files into an ANSI text file.
ANTS.ZIP12011Apr 26 1991Ants for Windows -- Ants crawl on desktop.
APDCK31.ZIP82103Jan 20 1992Application launch program for MS-Windows, version 3.1.
APDOCS.ZIP66252Oct 14 1990The manual for Aporia. The main file is
APISNIFR.ZIP19217Apr 14 1993Another Windows API and message spy program, from CompuServe.
APISPY11.ZIP28082Jun 7 1992Windows utility to view message traffic.
APPBAR33.ZIP134185Sep 3 1992Windows program to put a NEXT like APPlication BAR on your screen for program launching. Drag and drop from filemanager to set it up. Freeware.
APPLCORE.ZIP2068Jul 31 1990Windows 3.0 Wallpaper - Apple with bites taken out.
APPS0403.ZIP10126Apr 3 1992Help file for windows 3.1 applications compatability problems.
APPTIMER.ZIP20960Apr 20 1991AT V1.3. AppTimer is a Windows 3 utility that allows the launching of Windows/Dos applications on a specified date & time. Daily, weekly, and hourly intervals.
AQUA1031.ZIP106769Aug 20 1991Windows 3.0 Aquarium in which you control number of fish, etc.
ARACHNID.ZIP85626Mar 14 1991Game similar to Solitaire for Windows 3.0.
ARCHW102.ZIP86241Nov 28 1991Archiver V1.02 is a Windows 3.0 Archive shell that supports Zip, Lha, Zoo, Arce formats. It also supports Scan and Virx. Requires Visual Basic Runtime Lib.
ARJNDW.ZIP38865Jun 24 1992Adds "ARJ" file viewing capabilty to Norton Desktop for Windows viewer.
ASCII-.ZIP5829Jun 19 1990Simple ASCII table displayer for Windows 3.0.
ASMITH.ZIP30050Aug 6 1993ArrrowSmith - Windows arrow utility.
ASSASSIN.ZIP38325Jan 7 1993Utility to selectively "kill" applications in Windows 3.1.
ASTROWIN.ZIP117776Oct 14 1991Astronomy program for Windows 3.0.
AT133.ZIP30103Oct 18 1992Runs programs at specific times. Windows 3.x.
ATALK.ZIP660983Jun 11 1994Windows telecommunications program.
ATIEMPO.ZIP85017Apr 23 1994Pop up schedular for Windows.
ATILB67.ZIP793820Jun 16 1993Local Bus version of the ATI Graphics Ultra Pro install and Windows 3.1 drivers. Dated 5/24/93.
ATIVGA.ZIP504322Apr 2 1992New Win 3.1 VGA drivers for ATI cards.
ATIWINDV.ZIP607777Nov 5 1993ATI Mach version 2.2 Windows Drivers.
ATLUS10.ZIP119880Jun 22 1991U.S. Atlas program for Windows 3.0. Requires a mouse. Very nicely done.
ATMOIDS.ZIP9021Jul 19 1990Asteroids type game for Windows 3.0.
ATTAXX.ZIP10716Feb 7 1991A game like Reversi for Windows 3.0.
ATTRUB.ZIP27378Aug 11 1992Simple, effective method to change file attributes while in Windows 3.X.
AUDIO31.ZIP46281Aug 30 1991Audio 3.0 is a Windows 3.x program which allows you to simulate various types of parametric equalizers and elecronic crossovers. Use to determine the various Q's, gains, and center frequencies necessary to tune an audio sy
AUTHWN04.ZIP9307Nov 1 1993Windows Author list accessable from a e-mail source or internet.
AUTODL.ZIP58196Jun 9 1993AutoDial - Allows users with only one phone line for voice and modem to dial numbers. No need to look up phone numbers of infrequently dialed numbers.
AUTOSTUB.ZIP3657Jul 8 1992This is a simple little hack to make a Windows program load Windows instead of just printing "This program requires Windows to run".
AWIN20.ZIP317972Jun 23 1992Powerful Windows 3.X archive/unarchive program. Requires VRUN100.DLL.
AZICED15.ZIP43841Oct 6 1991Great Windows 3.x icon editor.
B2MLK100.ZIP12970Mar 12 1992Easily create a dialing directory for MicroLink from download area BBS listing. Required VBRUN100.DLL.
BACKDESK.ZIP97737Jul 23 1991Windows 3.X Desktop Mangager w/Drag & Drop.
BACKGA.ZIP13408Jun 4 1989Excellent backgammon game for MS Windows.
BANGBANG.ZIP35662Oct 19 1990Nice little cannon game for Windows 3.0. Adjust angle and speed.
BAR31CO.ZIP160304Dec 8 1992Barcode Version 3.1 : Windows 3.1 program that creates barcodes.
BARCLK23.ZIP41010Feb 8 1994BarClock is an excellent utility that will display the date, time, memory, free resources, and free space on a hard drive all in the title bar of the active application. It is fully customizable.
BARROW.ZIP31250Jan 6 1993Bow & Arrow game for Windows.
BARTEYE2.ZIP67374Mar 27 1991BARTEYES is a mouse tracker and screen saver program for Windows 3.0.
BATLGRID.ZIP31085Oct 31 1991"Battle Grid" Battleships game for Windows.
BBAR.ZIP120025May 5 1992Creates a menu button bar for using Windows 3.1.
BBWIEW.ZIP22973Apr 12 1991GIF file viewer for Windows.
BCDP22.ZIP66103Aug 20 1994Bob's CD Player is a Windows program to control your CD-ROM drive when playing audio CDs. Nice small window, looks like a stereo component. Shareware from Bob's Software.
BCKMN2.ZIP61203Jun 7 1991Windows 3 - pop-up menu, totally user customizable - called by right mouse button. Can use as ProgMan/FileMan replacement. Excellent.
BCURSOR.ZIP3718Feb 15 1993This program will make your cursor (mouse arrow) double its size.
BEST-WIN.ZIP160692May 18 1992Windows Write text file describing the best for Windows 3.X shareware.
BF10A.ZIP343413Aug 9 1993buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database. View data as Cards or in Tables. Point-and- click interface. Includes 14 pre-defined databases or design your own. Part 1 of 5.
BF10B.ZIP347272Aug 9 1993buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database. Part 2 of 5.
BF10C.ZIP347307Aug 9 1993buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database. Part 3 of 5.
BF10D.ZIP347307Aug 9 1993buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database. Part 4 of 5.
BF10E.ZIP333635Aug 9 1993buttonFile 1.0. Easy to use Windows database. Part 5 of 5.
BG06.ZIP22729Dec 23 1990Backgammon game for Windows 3.0.
BICONS.ZIP2538Jun 25 1990Assorted business icons for Windows 3.0.
BIGDSK22.ZIP36534Jun 7 1991A Windows program that creates a virtual desktop 6 times larger than your screen. Version 2.2.
BIND.ZIP15584Sep 9 1987Bind is a simple key macro program for Windows. The idea is to bind menu items to any arbitrary keys. Full C source included.
BITFLICK.ZIP307776Jul 17 1992BitFlick is a Windows application that shows Bit Maps in a slide show fashion.
BITFLK12.ZIP214236Jul 27 1992BitFlick v1.2 for Windows. Flick through a whole Directory of .BMPs as a background task. It's the Graphic program you've always wanted. Works best with 32K color board.
BIZ.ZIP13983Jul 14 1993Business-related icon library (.icl format).
BIZWHIZ.ZIP113072Aug 27 1991Windows 3.0 version of HP 12C business calculator.
BJWIN.ZIP70400Feb 23 1991Black Jack game for Windows.
BKMENU.ZIP11951Oct 8 1990Run programs under Windows 3.x with a menu that pops up when hitting the right mouse button and pointing to the Windows Desktop.
BLACKO22.ZIP40939Mar 31 1991BlackOut - game that tests your mouse proficiency. Windows 3.0.
BLAUNCH.ZIP15194Jan 21 1992Easily launch Windows 3.X applications from buttons on your desktop.
BLC21E.ZIP26369Oct 31 1991"Block Breaker" game for Windows STANDARD Mode.
BLITFIX.ZIP9815Nov 2 1991Windows 3.0 video speedup for some SVGA cards.
BLITZ.ZIP57769Apr 25 1991Windows 3 game. You fly helicopter, shoot aliens, and rescue scientists.
BLKHOLE.ZIP26765Jan 31 1993A black hole for dumping files in windows.
BMP2ICO.ZIP22114Jul 8 1990Converts .BMP to an .ICO (icon) file.
BMPLD301.ZIP28330Nov 18 1992Randomizer/loader for BMP's in Windows. Version 3.01 allows slideshow to occur in background even while you're doing other windows.
BNG11.ZIP63300Aug 11 1994BOING! v1.1 , is a Windows 3.1 program for playing WAV sound files. BOING! sits on your desktop and plays the selected sound file when you click on the BOING! icon.
BOKPEN.ZIP6945Jul 17 1993Icon Library (.icl format) comprised mainly of "book" and "pen" icons.
BOXPLO.ZIP27938Sep 8 1990Box Plot is a Windows 3.0 program that shows the frequency response and maximum Sound pressure level of a given Loudspeaker/Box Combination.
BRCLK132.ZIP18471Apr 9 1993Clock for windows that resides on the status bar.
BRICKS.ZIP4762Jun 25 1990Break-Out style game for Windows 3.0.
BSPEAKER.ZIP7206Jun 27 1992A "better" internal speaker driver for Windows 3.1.
BTM-09.ZIP85987Jun 1 1993Byzan's Task Manager for Windows. Very graphical TaskMgr replacement that also offers good program launching capabilities. Could be used as a shell. Shareware, $30.
BUNGEE.ZIP9460Jan 29 1993Windows After Dark module - cow or man bungee jumps, does cord break?
BW2-31-2.ZIP161377May 18 1992Best of Windows Shareware and Freeware version 2.0. In WRI format with lots of icons and snapshots of applications.
BWE150.ZIP15509Jun 6 1993Beyond Windows Exit. Quick and easy way to exit Windows.
CADV100.ZIP145896Oct 11 1992CAD VANTAGE v1.00 - The 1st affordable CAD program for Windows 3.1. Drawing ele-ments include: lines, arcs, circles, points and text. Edit options: select, cut, copy, paste, rotate, scale and undo.
CALCW.ZIP9852Nov 23 1992Advanced Calculator for Windows 3.1.
CALEND.ZIP128546Oct 1 1990Okna integrated desktop calendar with many features. Excellent sareware for Windows 3.0.
CANFLD.ZIP103931Jan 4 1992Great Windows 3.0 solitaire game with lots of options.
CANON.ZIP126213Sep 15 1992Microscoft Windows 3.X drivers for Cannon printers.
CANONDRV.ZIP36696Sep 20 1990Updated Windows 3.0 printer dirver for Cariver for Canon printers.
CASLNR.ZIP92338Aug 11 1992Windows Cassette liner maker.
CATCH.ZIP34949Jan 31 1993Windows batch file utility.
CATTRASH.ZIP15066Aug 7 1992Trash program for deleting files in Windows 3.X.
CBALLS.ZIP26620Oct 20 1993Crazy Balls screen saver module for Win. 3.1.
CCIZIP20.ZIP245447Sep 2 1992Version 2.0 of CCIZIP. A great Windows 3.X Unzipper. Does ZIP, ARJ, LHA, ZOO, PAK, and more. Totally drag and drop.
CDAUDIO.ZIP94170May 21 1992Audio CD player for your CD-ROM drive. Requires Windows and is compatible with MusicBox. Index your disks, etc.
CDEXT.ZIP17553Jun 19 1992Latest MSCDEX.EXE CD-ROM driver from the Microsoft Driver Library.
CELLWR10.ZIP69684Dec 24 1992CELL10.ZIP: Cell War 1.0 Game for Windows Play against another person, or against a dumb or smart computer opponent. Place organisms on grid to dominate the board.
CF536N.ZIP174267Jan 5 1994CMFiler v5.36n -- Acclaimed by DOS 6 SECRETS author Bob Ainsbury and PC Mag's Edward Mendelson. Split-screen file manager with full suite of file and dir services. Small and fast. $30 shareware from NoVaSoft.
CFS216.ZIP86075Nov 23 1992CORRESPONDENCE FILING SYSTEM (Version 2.16) CFS is a Windows application to organize all your documents. You can file, index, and retrieve Wordprocessing docs, spreadsheets, Faxes, Images, Text or Binary files.
CHCOMB.ZIP3335May 5 1992Replacement COMM.DRV for Windows.
CHECKE.ZIP16716Aug 1 1990Checkers games for Windows 3.0.
CHELP102.ZIP74170Mar 9 1993CreateHelp is an authoring tool for writing Windows help files. For use with MS Word for Windows.
CHEMICAL.ZIP132883Nov 11 1991Chemview for Dos and Windows; molecular modeling.
CHGCUR.ZIP27523Nov 30 1990This program allows you to change the arrow and hourglass cursors in Windows to whatever pattern you like. An editor is included.
CHKBK1.ZIP63735Dec 11 1988Interactive Checkbook program for use with Windows 3.0.
CHOMP11.ZIP22204May 30 1991Pacman type game for Windows 3.0 Protected mode.
CHPAPER.ZIP84987Oct 27 1992Windows Utility to replace the desktop wallpaper with given Files.
CIGRTT10.ZIP19534Sep 5 1993Cigarette-novelty program for Windows 3.x, lights a cigarette, and no harm.
CKDK4WIN.ZIP2183Jul 18 1991Fix For CHKDSK /F with Windows 3.x running. The /f can trash open files; this is a batch file workaround.
CKFIND10.ZIP50360Nov 25 1991Very nice file finder for Windows 3.X. Very fast with GREAT user interface.
CLICK11C.ZIP49755Dec 18 1990Click Version 1.1c for Windows 3.0. New version of File Manager replacement.
CLIK11B.ZIP49377Nov 10 1990Replaces the File Manager in Windows 3.0 - Upgrade to the original Click Filer program.
CLIP-WIN.ZIP148925May 19 1993Windows Clipboard enhancement.
CLIP1.ZIP68451Jul 21 1990Line Art for Toolbook in .tbk format.
CLIPCA11.ZIP8530Mar 22 1993Clipboard capture. DOS filter to capture DOS standard output to windows clipboard.
CLIPMT20.ZIP182730Jul 14 1993Clipboard Enhancement Utility for Windows 3.1. ClipMate captures all text items that appear on the Clipboard and keeps them for later retrieval.
CLIPS.ZIP62604Sep 2 1993CLIPS 2.1a : lets you store and edit multiple clipboard operations.
CLIPSTAC.ZIP66561Jul 15 1992CLIPSTAC creates a stack, or history list, of all the texts and bitmaps that any Window's program cuts.
CLOCKR23.ZIP111268Jan 8 1994Clocker Event Scheduler Program For Windows. Great program that will execute pre-determined events at a specified time. Usefull for running unattended backups and after-hours processing.
CLOSER.ZIP3819May 22 1989Windows utility that displays and closes any open application window.
CLPMT301.ZIP229257Jul 26 1994ClipMate for Windows v3.01 - Clipboard Enhancement. ClipMate remembers all items that you copy to the Windows Clipboard. Lets you view, edit, combine, and print clipboard data.
CLUPW100.ZIP101028May 3 1993CleanUp for Windows version 1.00. A Windows utility for maintaining a clean and well organized hard drive.
CLW201.ZIP139949Jan 2 1994CleanUp for Windows 2.00 12/31/93 A Windows utility for maintaining a clean and well organized hard drive. Locates dupes and unneeded files.
CLYSB211.ZIP669533Jul 30 1994Latest version of clysmic icon bar, an excellent button bar program launcher and program manager replacement.
CLZWIN10.ZIP5599May 5 1993CLZ for Windows - stays in forground for a quick exit from windows at any time.
CMDLIN.ZIP16812Sep 17 1990Command line option for Windows 3.0. Like Command Post without the hastle, very useful.
CMM21S.ZIP177576May 20 1992Cinematic Mail Manager. Internet mail manager front-end for Windows environment.
CNVRTR.ZIP52307Sep 29 1993CONVERTER v1.5 is a Windows measurement conversion utility. It allows the user to enter a measurement made in any one unit and convert it into almost any other unit. It includes all standard U.S. and metric units as well a
CO39.ZIP95890Aug 10 1992Windows 3.x menu program caller chez Otto. Includes TPW source code.
COD100.ZIP33024Aug 15 1992Clock of Doom version 1.00 for Windows 3.1.
CODEPR.ZIP56864Jun 24 1992A Windows 3.1 program for printing ASCII text files.
COLW1.ZIP118221Jan 1 1993Collect! - Windows version. SIA Award nominated software for 1993. Allows record keeping for a collection of anything.
COMDLG.ZIP45860Sep 23 1993COMMDLG.DLL for WFW v3.1 (09-23-93).
COMPAT.ZIP520615Oct 29 1992Symantec's patch for Norton Desktop for Windows. Enhances NDW's compatibility with other programs, and adds certain features.
COMPO164.ZIP79950Nov 20 1992Compose utility for Windows 3.x written by DEC. This utility allows you to enter key sequences for non-keyboard characters or pre-set boilerplate phrases.
COMT.ZIP110277Jun 30 1994This fantastic program redirects an unused Windows COM port to a WinSock connection so that you can use your favorite Windows Terminal program instead of some brain dead Telnet implementation.
COM_3.ZIP1169Jan 20 1991Force Use of Com3 for an Internal Modem under Windows 3.0.
CONFIGSP.ZIP134493Jun 10 1994Microsoft unsupported utility - configuration specialist for Windows 3.1.
COOK32.ZIP305667Mar 29 1993Windows recipe database program.
COOLCOLR.ZIP26363Feb 23 1993A Windows 3.X Control Panel extension to set your system colors. Simply drag & drop your favorite color to a menu, scrollbar or any other system area and the color is immediately updated. Includes C source code.
COPY4U.ZIP28381Feb 4 1993This is a Windows disk copy program, load all into memory for 1 pass operation and then write to target disk. Converts from various disk formats to other formats.
COPYIT13.ZIP41065May 6 1991Copyit is a Windows 3.0 file management program that will let you copy, delete, rename, move, and many other items.
COVOXWIN.ZIP33466Sep 16 1992Windows 3.1 driver for Sound Master II and Voice Master Card. Dated September 16, 1992.
CPCHANGS.ZIP39270Jul 2 1990A few changes for Command Post's front end (CMP file). Windows 3.0.
CPUUSE.ZIP7511Sep 30 1991Icon that tells what % of your CPU's time is being used.
CP_80A.ZIP614012Oct 16 1992Command Post 8.0a - powerful Windows shell - file manager, file viewer, menu, built-in batch language, etc. - major upgrade from version 7.
CRABS.ZIP14702May 5 1992Crabs on your Windows desktop.
CRANE.ZIP35890Mar 30 1990Windows 3: Animation program with C source.
CRDUTL30.ZIP144385Oct 15 1992Utility for Windows Cardfile.
CREAT.ZIP38725Apr 1 1992Sound Blaster Pro drivers for Windows 3.1.
CREDIT.ZIP62780Aug 2 1989CreditWindow is a credit account management program. Though mainly for use with credit cards, it can be applied to other accounts.
CRIB.ZIP56309Oct 28 1990CRIB is a solitaire cribbage game for MicroSoft Windows 3.0.
CRITOCLK.ZIP10916Aug 18 1992Windows Clock - small, configurable, but no alarm features.
CROSSPNT.ZIP10486Sep 15 1992Cross Point displays a crosshair and its current pixel position in any Windows 3 window. Requires BWCC.DLL to run.
CRYPTPAD.ZIP103961Apr 15 1993Un/Encrypt Windows text editor (automatically encrypts/unencrypts files).
CT220.ZIP136743Apr 28 1992Windows 3.1 specific File/Program manager replacement. Very complete.
CUBIC.ZIP35978May 22 1991Rubik's Cube-type game for Windows 3.0.
CUBT102.ZIP36871Oct 28 1992Cubit v.1.02 Measurement converter/scaler for Windows 3.1.
CURSE.ZIP7546Aug 5 1990Change cursor/pointer in Windows 3.0.
CUSBUT10.ZIP15330Jun 21 1990Custom(ize) Buttons v1.0 for Windows 3.0.
CUSEEME.ZIP115373May 27 1994Here it is. Internet Video Teleconferencing for Windows.
CUSTCURS.ZIP17249Mar 5 1992Customize the cursor in Windows 3.1.
CVIEW097.ZIP204828May 12 1992Windows viewer for GIF, BMP, and JPG files.
CVT201.ZIP348310Jun 5 1993Convert It! 2.01 - Unit Conversion Utility. Ultimate unit of measure conversion utility for MS Windows. 14 catagories of conversions with a 15th for custom conversions. You can edit the conversion factors, add or delete
CWCLIP10.ZIP32586Feb 1 1992Crossword Clipper is a WYSIWIG crossword puzzle layout tool for Windows-based desktop publishing. Resize the grid, select fonts, etc. Requires a companion program, Crossword Creator, for puzzle design.
CWINDEMO.ZIP370650Jun 22 1992Cakewalk for Windows demo. Cakewalk is a very popular MIDI sequencer for PC--New Windows version looks to be excellent.
CYBERC11.ZIP8175Nov 28 1993Freeware MS Windows 3.1 COMM.DRV replacement for systems utilizing 16550 UART chips. Lower overhead than COMM.DRV, and supports com ports speeds up to 115 KBPS.
CYBERDRV.ZIP7873Nov 28 1993Driver 9264 High Speed comm driver for Windows and 386 or faster machines using 16550 UART chip. Direct replacement for the Windows driver.
DAGNT14B.ZIP60773Apr 10 1991Windows Diagnostics program with some very techie info about windows.
DAILYCAL.ZIP202163Dec 4 1991Daily calender for Windows 3.X. Cartoon sampler reminders.
DBR.ZIP15316Feb 7 1993Dancing Bear screen saver for Windows 3.1.
DBSLATE.ZIP63073Apr 14 1993Windows debugging utility that allows tracking debug messages.
DC111.ZIP26287Mar 15 1991DC is a single pass disk copier for use under Windows 3.
DDED10.ZIP65046Sep 26 1993Add dialing capabilities to Windows applications.
DDEMAZE.ZIP19869Feb 7 1988The DDE Maze demonstrates how Windows Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) can be used in multiple server, multiple client conversations. Includes complete C source code.
DDEWATCH.ZIP21859Apr 3 1990Watches DDE conversation between Windows applications. Very useful debugging tool when using DDE (Excel macros).
DECAY10.ZIP9547Oct 28 1993Screen saver for Windows. Makes it look like your screen's melting. Freeware.
DECIDE.ZIP3796Jan 20 1990Microsoft Windows program that lets you select different color combinations, some of them pretty wierd.
DELTA.ZIP31917May 7 1992Windows 3.1 program to check what a Window application's installation program does to your hard disk.
DESK13.ZIP16991Mar 30 1991A Windows 3.0 application. Allows you to run programs from buttons and save and restore windows locations and sizes. A possible program manager replacement for those who don't like icons.
DESK300.ZIP511931Mar 1 1994BackDesk, v3.00, shell for Win31. Provides expanded virtual desktop, XWindow-style pop-up menu, and (new this version) ability to place files and programs on the desktop as "aliases" and "tools". Excellent shareware.
DESKNAV.ZIP98194Apr 22 1991METZ Desktop Navigator for Windows 3.0 version 1.3.
DESKSHOW.ZIP25715Nov 7 1993Change wall paper in Windows at random.
DESKTO.ZIP133984Oct 1 1990Okna integrated desktop telephone book and dialer with many features. Excellent shareware for Windows 3.0.
DETOUR.ZIP19332Aug 5 1991Win 3.1 program that allows a choice of program to bring up when double clicking a file in file manager.
DEUS.ZIP53083Apr 24 1991Windows 3.0 application that emulates Macintosh "Finder".
DH11.ZIP29953Jun 4 1991Windows program that allows you to easily launch programs.
DIETFAT.ZIP171978Feb 19 1993Windows fat and cholesterol counter.
DINOSH.ZIP80534Jan 17 1994Windows Screen Saver, A dinosaur runs across your screen and shreds it.
DINOSH1.ZIP81960Nov 29 1994Dinosaurs walk on the screen and tear at it with their claws, this tear becomes the screen saver.
DINOSHRD.ZIP81399Jan 17 1994Dinosaur screen saver -- shreds screen.
DIRMGR.ZIP75821Feb 8 1992Very good windows directory manager with source.
DIRPRI.ZIP18307Jun 1 1993Freeware. Directory displaying in Windows. Featured in Brian Livingston's Infoworld article.
DISKFREE.ZIP6483Jul 28 1987MS-Windows icon to show free disk space.
DISKIT.ZIP197392Dec 21 1991Disk Cataloger for Windows.
DISKMAN.ZIP132290Jan 18 1994DiskMan For Windows, V2.1 is the most user friendly tool to catalog your floppy drives, hard disks, bernoullis, etc. DiskMan also produces professional quality disk labels, including optional graphics.
DISKMON.ZIP25795Jan 26 1992Graphical (pie chart) disk space monitor for Windows 3.x.
DIVINE.ZIP60868Nov 30 1992Ever have trouble making those executive decisions at the PC? Well your prayers are answered by Divine Intervention. In the Spirit of the old 8-ball, just click on the Holy Grail, and your decision is made. Must be able
DJ500V41.ZIP470592May 6 1994HP Deskjet 500 Series Printer Driver v4.1 for Windows 3.1.
DLLCHK10.ZIP138451Sep 21 1994Displays a list of currently active DLL's under Windows.
DLLMAN14.ZIP71883Feb 17 1994DLL manager. Requires vbrun300.
DLLMST.ZIP44339Apr 21 1993DLL Master for Windows. See which DLLs are loaded. Allows you to unload at your own risk.
DM100R.ZIP33497Dec 18 1991DeskMenu for Windows 3.0 is a replacement for the Windows Program Manager.
DMLDEM.ZIP68841Apr 22 1992Demo of using DDEML under Windows 3.1.
DOGCOW.ZIP12044Apr 30 1992Watch the Cow wag his tail. For Windows 3.x.
DOLLARS.ZIP30727Jul 15 1991Module for After Dark screen saver.
DOORWA.ZIP6182Dec 5 1990Windows DOORWAY to DOS. This is a Windows 3.0 program that will give you the DOS prompt without exiting to DOS, run multiple copies at one time.
DOSBAR13.ZIP20282Mar 1 1994A great *FREE* utility that adds a toolbar to ALL DOS sessions started from within Windows.
DOSICO06.ZIP13724Sep 22 1991Provides icons for DOS applications running under Windows.
DP.ZIP24216Jul 3 1992Disk Police, Windows AP to manage disk space.
DR6UP2.ZIP491988Apr 7 1992Update to DRDOS 6.0 in support of Windows 3.1.
DRAGVU20.ZIP356589Aug 9 1993Drag And View allows you to view the contents of file from Win 3.1 file manager with and easy drag and drop interface. View ASCII, Hex and many popular spreadsheet, database, word processing and graphic formats.
DRAGZP3.ZIP199295Sep 19 1993Great, handy unzipper for Windows 3.X. Double clip on any zip file name and up it pops--ready to test or unzip.
DRAW5.ZIP64044Sep 28 1992Draw 5 Video Poker for Windows - excellent graphics.
DRGNLOGO.ZIP28106Jun 5 1992Replace opening Windows logo with dragon.
DRGZP215.ZIP93587Mar 21 1993Drag And Zip v.2.10 - Zip Shell for Win 3.1 File Manager or any file manager that supports Drag and Drop. Drag And Zip makes any file manager that supports Drag and Drop into a Zip file manager.
DRHELP4.ZIP197645Apr 22 1993Dr Help 4.0. Help generator for Windows.
DROP03.ZIP15647Aug 31 1992Like the application bar on a Next machine, drag application icons onto desktop and drop files onto them to execute the programs.
DROP_12.ZIP54082Mar 5 1993Dropper v1.2 allow drag and drop to Windows Desktop.
DRPDESK.ZIP7500Aug 9 1992Drag & drop files from File Manager to launch and applicatons while in Windows 3.1.
DRWAPP.ZIP190582May 10 1992Application to read Dr Watson logs easily.
DRWTSN.ZIP109850Jun 4 1993Dr. Watson for Windows NT.
DSKFAC.ZIP95231May 10 1994DISK FACTORY - A Windows-based, high-speed, multitasking copy, compare, format utility.
DSKTRK22.ZIP145231Jun 11 1992Disk cataloguer for Windows 3.X. Keeps database and makes labels. Requires VBRUN100.DLL.
DSL100.ZIP11188Jul 20 1991DOS Shell Launcher 1.00: A Visual Basic program that works under Windows 3.0. It mearly creates as many minimized DOS shell tasks as you desire while reporting Windows Mode and Memory available. Source included.
DSW050.ZIP60591May 24 1993DiskSpace, version 0.5, is a Windows 3.1 utility for graphicly displaying the amount free space available on your hard disks. The display updates automatically.
DT.ZIP72043May 20 1990Metz Desktop Organizer for MS Windows 3.0.
DTBOOK.ZIP206104Dec 14 2000Date and address book for Windows.
DTPB.ZIP121196Apr 3 1992DTPBrowser - Windows util for browsing ASCII text files and .BMP graphics.
DUALFMT.ZIP20853Jun 29 1994Dual Format v1.0 is a Windows disk formatting utility that can put both a Macintosh volume and a Dos volume onto one 3.5 inch HD diskette.
DUMPICON.ZIP35953Aug 14 1990A Utility to print Windows 3.0 icon files on HP LaserJet printers.
DUPE14C.ZIP104937May 4 1993Dupe V1.4c is a Windows 3 program which you can use to find duplicate files on your system and clear off unwanted copies.
DUPICO20.ZIP14989Jun 18 1992Checks for and optionally deletes duplicate Windows 3.1 icons. Calculates a CRC for each icon, and does a byte-for-byte comparison on suspected matches.
DUSTBIN.ZIP17844May 14 1992Another trash can for Windows 3.1.
DVIWIN25.ZIP196242Mar 20 1993View DVI files (created from TEX) in Windows 3.1.
DWORKS.ZIP199223Jun 2 1992Powerful XBASE file/data manager for Windows 3.X.
EASEL41E.ZIP97263Aug 1 1990Newest version of the Easel screen capture utility for Windows 3.0.
EASYREF.ZIP118902Apr 3 1993Windows technical guide from MS-Support describing .INI files.
EDOS365H.ZIP63776Sep 22 1993Enhanced DOS for Windows. Adds tons of commands, plus menu bar, to DOS sessions under Win 3.1.
EIW130.ZIP64445Feb 9 1992Document encryption program for Windows 3.0.
ELANA11.ZIP109624Apr 3 1991Excellent Windows 3.0 utility that will change WIN.INI and SYS.INI files. It will also change startup logo.
ELECLOCK.ZIP67584Jul 18 1992Windows-based 24-hour format clock display.
ELEMEN.ZIP12201Oct 24 1990Periodic Table of Elements for Windows 3.0. Includes C source code.
ENDPRINT.ZIP29305Feb 1 1992Windows 3.0 program that alerts you when print job is done with a beep.
ENVEL233.ZIP165647Jan 20 1994PrintEnvelope v2.33 for Windows. A complete mailing system. Print envelopes or labels of any size using any type font.
EP24.ZIP119461Sep 15 1992Microsoft Windows 3.1 drivers for Epson/Epson emulating printers.
EPLZR.ZIP241232Jun 29 1992New Windows drivers for Epson lasers. Includes drivers for EPL-4000, EPL-7000 and Epson Action Laser
EPSON-9P.ZIP120393Sep 15 1992Updated Windows 3.1 printer driver for Epson 9 pin printers.
EPSON24.ZIP100641Mar 19 1993Latest Windows 3.1 drivers for Epson ESC/P2 printers. Version 1.4.
EWTDEBUG.ZIP15703Dec 4 1990This is a Windows 3.0 Debugging tool from the Soviet Union.
EXCEL40.ZIP18395Jun 8 1992Norton Desktop driver update to read Excel files.
EXEHDR.ZIP34164Jul 16 1990Compiler utility that lets you examine the file headers of Windows .exe and .dll files. A freeby from Microsoft (originally for win 3.0, but works with 3.1). Helpful for Non-Microsoft Compiler Windows programmers.
EXEINFO.ZIP21951Jul 5 1991ExeInfo - a shareware EXEHDR-like program. Displays useful information for Windows, OS/2 1.x, and 2.0 programs and DLLs. More useful than EXEHDR, displays segment, resource and import/export info.
EXESHO.ZIP14314Mar 31 1988Rips apart Windows .EXE files and SHOws contents. C source included.
EXITW.ZIP3874Jul 12 1990Small utility which allows quick exit from Windows without going through the usual "sign-off" steps.
EXODUS10.ZIP15565Mar 29 1993Runs a Dos Application from Windows and restarts Windows.
EYECON32.ZIP6562Nov 15 1990Eyecon version 3.2 for Windows 3.0. New version is more efficient, eyes follow mouse, and eyes fall asleep when there is no activity.
EZFILW30.ZIP134089Feb 5 1992Windows File Manager. Menu system for DOS, ZIP, ARC, and LZH files. Configuration and menu building features. Copy, delete, run, etc.
EZINI10.ZIP138637Aug 20 1994EZINI 1.0. Easy INI editor, lets you point and click to select INI file, Section and Entry. Explains each entry, including type, range, and default value. Validates changes you make; won't let you enter wrong values.
EZINST12.ZIP54828Jul 28 1994EZINST is a MS-Windows installation program that is simple and easy to use. It was designed for programmers, consultants, and other computer users who need a small (60k) and easy to use MS-Windows installation program.
F128048.ZIP1056390Apr 15 1993Latest driver disk for Orchid Fahrenheit 1280, Plus, and VA cards (version 4.8, 4/15/93). Includes Windows drivers.
FAQ-MS.ZIP83890Sep 7 1992The Frequently Asked Questions List (and answers) for Microsoft Windows (usenet). In HLP format.
FAQWIN02.ZIP152355May 3 1993WinHelp file of FAQ on Windows 3.1 from Internet.
FASTFAX.ZIP34683Jan 15 1994FAstFax 3.0 for WinFax PRO 3 & WinWord 6 FAstFax scans your document, finds the recipient's name and fax number, and passes this information over to WinFax PRO. Shareware ($20) from Bonzi Software.
FASTW105.ZIP29278May 11 1993Replaces WIN.COM to start Windows 3.1 faster.
FAXSH120.ZIP59327Dec 6 1991Create Fax Cover sheets in Windows.
FBR12A.ZIP29529Jan 5 1992Another alternative to the Windows Program Manager.
FBUILD12.ZIP14751Dec 2 1991Folder Builder is designed to provide you with a facility to build folders (or groups) of documents in Windows 3.0.
FBUSTER.ZIP7967Aug 21 1991Fonter Buster - View/Print fonts in Windows 3.0.
FC-20K.ZIP265323Dec 6 1992File Commander V2.0 for Windows 3.1. Adds flexible options to Window's File Manager. Fully customizeable.
FCC11.ZIP154731Feb 1 1993Great calorie counter for Windows 3.1. Easy to use. Gives recommendations and tracks daily intake.
FD12.ZIP29584Jun 28 1992Windows FillDisk v1.2 - fills (copies/moves) files to diskette(s).
FEDZ10.ZIP21604Jul 24 1991Windows 3.0 application to fill in Federal Express pre-printed form.
FEXTND16.ZIP34857Dec 23 1992File Manager extender for Windows 3.1. Add "pop-up" utilities to the file manager. For example, adds a drag and drop trash can. Very well done.
FFFW20.ZIP94891Jul 28 1993Fast File Finder 2.00 for Windows. Find a file on your computer anywhere, from any floppy drive to any hard drive. Includes attributes and ability to scan any compressed file for your file to be found.
FFW100A.ZIP37539Feb 28 1994Fast file finder for Windows.
FFWS1.ZIP292321Aug 12 1993Fantasy Football for Windows. Shareware Windows 3.1 program to track your team's performance. Excellent interface.
FFWS2.ZIP316505Aug 12 1993Fantasy Football for Windows [2/2].
FILEAPP.ZIP117404Jan 12 1992Outstanding, graphical replacement for the Windows 3.0 file manager.
FILEDL.ZIP6865Jun 24 1993FILEDLGS.DLL is a dynamic link library specially written to extend the ScriptTools(TM) language supplied with Central Point PC Tools for Windows.
FILEMG.ZIP19281Jun 12 1989MS Windows file/directory utility.
FILER1.ZIP16556Jan 20 1992Filer V1. is a Visual Basic file finder program with a twist. Filer allows you to find, view, and delete files, one at a time or as a group. View BMP and PCX, print Dir lists, etc. EXE included.
FILESRCH.ZIP11118Oct 22 1990Find files quickly under Windows 3.0.
FILEVI.ZIP66195May 24 1992A Windows 3.1 based file viewer.
FILEVIEW.ZIP6957Sep 4 1990Utility for Windows 3.0 to view file contents. Like LIST.
FILLNOT.ZIP50342Nov 4 1993FILE NOTES v1.0 - File Notes allows you to attach descriptive notes to files from within File Manager.
FILMAN21.ZIP49356Jan 18 1992File Manager V2.1. File Manager Replacement for Win 3.X. Has features that Windows 3.1's File Manager does not, and is somewhat easier to use.
FINDR41.ZIP27281Jan 30 1994Windows 3.1 title bar enhanncer, adds date/time/mem/resources and all currently running programs. Allows you to switch to another program.
FINISW.ZIP84783Feb 20 1993Finish for Windows. Learns your vocabulary and style and provides the finish to each word/line of text. Works with many applications.
FIRE54.ZIP19607Feb 17 1991The newest version of fireworks for Windows (screen blanker).
FISH20.ZIP64914Mar 10 1991Coloured Fish version 2.0 for Windows 3.0. Use as active display or sceen blanker. Includes fish editor and animator.
FISH3.ZIP10070Mar 5 1990Aquarium for Windows 3.0.
FIVI111.ZIP47050Dec 10 1990File viewer/browser for Windows 3.0. Like LIST.
FIXDSN.ZIP13296Apr 28 1991Utility for Windows 3.0 programmers that eliminates the need for EXPORT and MakeProcInstance statements. A must have utility.
FLAGSICO.ZIP13977Jan 4 1991Windows 3.x icons of flags of the world.
FLIPPER2.ZIP4016Apr 26 1991An easy way to flip Windows 3.0's printer from landscape to portrait.
FM103.ZIP22305Feb 8 1991Fileman is a small Windows 3.0 file manager. Does file copy, move, delete and rename. Also does file search and can change attributes.
FMONS342.ZIP355630Feb 2 1994FONT MONSTER v3.42, for Windows 3.1. A TrueType & Type 1 font data editor and viewer. Allows you to rename fonts and change style settings as well as several other settings. Previews TrueType fonts BEFORE installing them.
FMSND10.ZIP107724Apr 4 1991Windows 3.0 program to play Adlib ROL files in background.
FMSTEP20.ZIP118780May 16 1994FM StepUp is the powerful and innovative File Manager extender.
FMV3.ZIP138512Apr 3 1993File Magician V3 - very configurable Windows file manager.
FMV3_5.ZIP231034Nov 26 1993File Magician V3.5. More then a File Management system, 116 Programable Buttons, Menu, & Macros. The Archive Commander Feature with 26 items Plus Comment Editor. A True Archiver's Dream. File/Text search, Extensive Help, e
FMW10.ZIP71915Jun 18 1993Format Master for Windows, complete disk formatter for Windows.
FNTCNT.ZIP31829Jul 28 1991Font Central - utility for viewing/printing fonts in Windows 3.0.
FNTR50.ZIP56176Jul 16 1992Displays and Prints all available Windows 3.X fonts that are installed.
FNTS5A.ZIP422000Nov 8 1992See all your fonts in Windows, in any size from 4-600 points. Lets you copy fonts to the clipboard and paste into other applications.
FOLDER.ZIP63963Apr 8 1991Allows you to put folders into groups in Windows 3.0.
FONTER62.ZIP126107Apr 15 1994"Fonter" Windows utility to view or print all fonts (Ver 6.2).
FONTME!.ZIP104143Nov 28 1992Windows font comparer & printer. Must have VBRUN200.DLL to run.
FONTSEE2.ZIP21205Dec 27 1991Windows font viewer and virtual key handler.
FONTSH43.ZIP254381Nov 3 1991New version of FontShow -- display, print fonts in Windows.
FOREIGN.ZIP44855Aug 13 1993Windows utility similar to charmap, but can paste directly into document instead of just to clipboard.
FPOST111.ZIP19407Oct 19 1992Creates fractal posters, runs in Windows.
FPOWER.ZIP560580Jul 12 1993Windows Toolbook ATM & Truetype font manager.
FPRNT17.ZIP29551Oct 24 1993Print out fonts, do a font booklet for Windows fonts.
FPZIP113.ZIP107204Jan 14 1992FlashPoint Zip utilities function without shelling out to a DOS window.
FRACPAIN.ZIP79884Jan 27 1991Fractal Painter program for Windows 3.1.
FRACTR.ZIP22725Jan 16 1992Windows 3.0 program that draws fractal trees.
FREEDISK.ZIP6483Jul 28 1987Display free disk space in MS Windows v2.
FREEM410.ZIP13427Feb 24 1991Display free memory under Windows 3.0. Version 4.10.
FREEMEM.ZIP5126Apr 24 1987Display free ram in MS Windows v2.
FRES.ZIP13397Apr 1 1992Fres v1.00, Windows 3.0 utility that displays and updates current date, time, window, mode, free memory, and free system resources. Includes source code.
FRITE20.ZIP14636Sep 27 1991Makes your icons run away from Windows mouse cursor.
FROCKS.ZIP33187Jan 8 1992Neat Windows game: Collect the flowers but don't get hit with a falling rock.
FRONTW11.ZIP125210Mar 6 1992Possible file manager replacement for Windows 3.X. Quite powerful.
FRUN100.ZIP61110Nov 13 1992Fast run. Quickly select and run your last 15 programs under Windows 3.1.
FS100.ZIP74929Oct 21 1992File search V1.0 for Windows 3.x.
FSPRO600.ZIP346551Jun 21 1994Font Spec Pro for Windows version 6.00. Controls fonts for windows.
FSR.ZIP8384Mar 18 1993FSR is the PC MAG Vol 12. No 8. Utility that lets you always see the available free System Resources in Windows without clicking Progman's About on the Help Menu Bar.
FTASK121.ZIP46249Mar 1 1994Outstanding task manager replacement for Windows 3.1.
FUNDMN41.ZIP110311Jul 16 1993Mutual Fund Tracking Fund For Windows.
FUZZGN.ZIP49621Mar 23 1993Fuzzy logic program generator for Windows.
FVSA10.ZIP198797May 17 1994FractalVision Screen Animator for Windows v1.0 FREEWARE screen saver.
FWWINBK.ZIP20748Jan 8 1993WIN Desktop background - fireworks & shooting stars.
GA0650.ZIP16351Apr 28 1993Microsoft's revised Dvorak keyboard drivers (DOS, Win, Win4Work).
GATLING.ZIP10998Feb 15 1991Windows 3.0 screen saver that shoots bullets across the screen.
GATLNG.ZIP10998Feb 15 1991Windows 3.0 gag that shoots screen full of bullet holes.
GATORDEM.ZIP512349Oct 30 1993Demo version or Propagator Neural network Development Software by ARD Corporation. Windows Version. Available on Sun, PC, and Mac platforms. Easy to use, but very powerful.
GATOR_01.ZIP341524Jul 14 1994A powerful and easy to use text editor for Windows. From the author of CMPQWK off-line mail reader. Shareware.
GC0541.ZIP122457May 4 1992WordPerfect Convertor Update for Word for Windows v2.0 and 2.0a (From Microsoft).
GCP42S.ZIP40283Jun 17 1989GIF/PCX/MSP Graphics file viewer that requires Windows.
GD11.ZIP260863Apr 11 1993Gravity Desk v1.1 for Windows - give files and directories 40 character descriptions.
GETBIT.ZIP24908Apr 25 1988Generates a bitmap from selected area when using Windows 3.0.
GIF2BM.ZIP22863Jul 3 1990Convert GIF's to BMP Windows 3.0 wallpaper format.
GIF2ICON.ZIP11464Jul 28 1990Convert GIF graphic files into Windows 3.0 icons. Must be 32x32.
GLOBE.ZIP16314Apr 10 1986Windows Application (revolving world with info on cities etc).
GLUE.ZIP8942Jun 8 1991Great utility to run a DOS program from an MSWIN3.0 EXE. Tell the program what DOS program to run if the user tries to run the EXE from DOS instead of from Windows. It can be used to automatically load windows to run an
GMW104A.ZIP158625Dec 15 1992Grocery Manager for Windows. GMW helps you do your meal planning and grocery shopping. It simplifies and speeds up the process of making a menu and shopping list.
GOLDDRVS.ZIP71445Sep 2 1993Ad Lib Gold 1000/2000 sound card drivers for Windows.
GPAPER10.ZIP23433Oct 12 1992Print graph paper via Windows on your printer. Configurable sizes.
GRABIT.ZIP37678Jan 22 1991A Screen Capture and Graphics Enhancement Program for Windows 3.0.
GRABPR31.ZIP151486Oct 4 1992Grabit Pro for Windows 3.1 - captures graphic screen image(s).
GRAF20.ZIP46004Jan 27 1992Graphic Viewer is a graphic file viewer for the Windows 3.0 environment.
GRASP12B.ZIP38571Mar 4 1993Graphical Space monitor for Windows (monitors HD space).
GROUP12.ZIP18501Mar 8 1994Utility for Windows. Uses ProgMan groups to create a simple radio-button sort of launcher for programs.
GROUPART.ZIP4581Jul 4 1991Windows 3.0 article that shows you how to effectively manage group windows while conserving system memory resources. Requires Windows Write to view the file.
GROUPB.ZIP19647Jun 23 1990Script language to create program groups under Windows 3.0.
GROUPBLD.ZIP19647Jun 23 1990Build your own program group in Windows 3.0.
GRPICO13.ZIP30494Apr 23 1992Replace Group Icons in Windows with more specific ones.
GS25_WIN.ZIP176334Aug 24 1992Ghostscript version 2.5 for Windows. Postscript viewer program.
GSVIEW10.ZIP174533Aug 5 1993GhostView for Windows 1.0.
GTMENU12.ZIP42324May 18 1994GTMenu v1.2 - Adds a popup menu item to the active windows's system menu for launching your favorite applications or files.
GUITAR11.ZIP120203Jul 20 1993Windows 3.1 Guitar player with different scales and modes.
GUL.ZIP101404Sep 1 1991An interesting windows based unlimited grep facility. Opens multiple files.
GWSWN11K.ZIP677798Jan 19 1994Graphics Workshop for Windows from Alchemy Mind Works.
HAG.ZIP556421Feb 10 1993Windows Help Authoring Guide - .HLP format.
HALMOD.ZIP6772Jun 3 1992AfterDark module -- HAL 9000.
HALT11.ZIP22523Mar 2 1993Halts Windows Quickly.
HANDLER.ZIP16926Dec 2 1990A sample windows 3.0 interrupt handler routine written in assembly.
HANOI.ZIP6476Feb 7 1989MS-Windows version of the game Tower's of Hanoi.
HC505.ZIP212606Nov 15 1993Help compiler for Windows, version 3.10.505. Needed when using Winword 6 to generate RTF format document.
HCCP.ZIP106496Sep 7 1993Help compiler (protected mode) for Windows; Sept. 93 edition.
HCP.ZIP121844Oct 9 1992HCP.EXE is a version of the Windows 3.1 Help Compiler which has been enhanced to use extended memory.
HD1061.ZIP13231Aug 20 1994This is a patch for the Microsoft Mouse Driver version 9. Without this patch you may get an error message using this driver and Mosaic or other win32s 32-bit applications.
HEDIT.ZIP46909Aug 6 1992A windows hex file editor.
HELPED.ZIP214916Jun 1 1993Help editor for Windows. Create help files without RTF word processor.
HEXCALC2.ZIP11703Sep 8 1988Hex Calculator for Windows 2.0.
HEXEDT15.ZIP42931Oct 25 1992HEXEDT15.ZIP: Windows Hexadecimal File Editor version 1.5. HexEdit allows viewing and editing of files within Windows.
HEXMAP.ZIP200001Jan 1 1992Hexmap v1.0 for Windows generates and prints hexagon grid maps.
HEXVIEW.ZIP214009Feb 27 1992Hexview 3.0 for Windows is a companion program to Hexmap.
HKFR110.ZIP39130Aug 20 1992Window's utility that shows free resources, tasks, and Resource Heap Details. TPW 1.5 source available. A must for windows developers.
HLPBRZPR.ZIP2510Oct 9 1993Press Release for HelpBreeze, a new commercial Windows help authoring tool which includes complete support for *all* Windows 3.1 help system features and automated 2-way converstion between help files and printed documenta
HLPBRZ_D.ZIP122615Oct 6 1993Demo for Helpbreeze--the new commercial Windows help authoring tool. Complete support for all Windows 31 help features, automated conversion between help files and printed documents. Add Slide Shows/Animation to help file
HOBO.ZIP44319Jan 1 1988A collection of more fonts for MS Windows.
HOGS13.ZIP79319Aug 14 1994Displays memory usage of all running Window programs.
HOP102.ZIP9549Mar 8 1991Simple game for Windows 3.0.
HOTLIN11.ZIP33632Aug 4 1992Hotline v1.1 - checks for programs making calling errors in Windows 3.1.
HOUSE10.ZIP45325Sep 28 1992House, version 1.0. Powerful tool for use with your Windows programs which allows you to launch any one of up to 200 programs with a few clicks. You can select your favorite programs from a 2" menu or giant list. Requir
HP4SI.ZIP430948Jan 26 1993Windows 3.1 printer driver for HP4; version 1.12.
HPCALC.ZIP17119Apr 26 1988An HP Calculator for Windows - Well written.
HPCL5E.ZIP432037Nov 16 1992MicroSoft's HP 4 driver for Windows 3.1.
HPENVLGO.ZIP48946Nov 4 1991Print envelope address and logo on laser. For Windows 3.0.
HPIFWIN1.ZIP441194Jan 22 1991Hewlet-Packard Intellifont-for-Windows 3.0. On-screen, on-the-fly scalable fonts for the HP Laserjet III family. Part 1 of 2.
HPLJET41.ZIP127321Aug 7 1992Microsoft's PostScript Printer Driver for MS Windows 3.1 for use with the new HP Laserjet IV/M.
HPPCL.ZIP253867Aug 12 1992HP Laserjet printer driver for Windows 3.1 -- version 2.0 (7/92).
HPPCL5MS.ZIP163936Nov 3 1992Microsoft's Windows 3.1 driver for HP LaserJet III series. Version 2.1, dated 11/16/92.
HSAVER.ZIP87193Sep 16 1992Windows screen savers (really neat and easy to add on).
HSHL10.ZIP19569Oct 7 1991Half-Shell is a minimal replacement shell for Microsoft Windows 3.0's Program Manager.
HUNTER33.ZIP49368Oct 23 1993File finder and hunter for Windows 3.1 - v3.3.
HYPCD.ZIP42297Aug 26 1993CD-Player Most DL from CIS SOUNDBLASTER FORUM.
HYPEROID.ZIP63679Nov 2 1991An arcade-like game for Windows. You basically shoot the asteroids, enemy ships and the mines.
IBMDRV.ZIP5407Sep 20 1990Updated Windows 3 driver for IBM printers.
IBMJOY.ZIP12899Feb 12 1993Microsoft Windows 3.1 IBM Joystick Driver. Includes Control Panel calibration utility.
ICM34.ZIP154748Feb 12 1994Icon Manager v3.4 for Windows - supports drag-n-drop, perfect for managing icons. Superb icon editor. Supports EXE, DLL, ICO, NIL, and more.
ICNDMP10.ZIP35951Aug 14 1990Dump Windows 3.0 icons to HP Laser Jet Printer.
ICNMGR.ZIP57472Apr 11 1991Easily create your own icon libraries for Windows 3.0.
ICNTHF.ZIP11928Mar 31 1994Icon Thief is a program which will search and find icons embedded in EXE and DLL files. The program will allow you to view each Icon.
ICO-1980.ZIP419435Jul 5 1991Almost 2000 Window 3.0 ICONS - this is a collection which includes several collections from this and other BBS's - the duplicates have been removed and a sorted list is included in several formats.
ICOBMP.ZIP7737Jan 11 1992Icon -> .BMP file conversion for Windows.
ICOMAG20.ZIP34058Aug 22 1993A modest icon creator/editor for Windows 3.1.
ICONA.ZIP23062Sep 6 1991Icon associator - adds an icon to any Window 3.0 file.
ICONB220.ZIP40977Nov 7 1993VB Icon Browser v. 2.20. View, print, and manage Windows .ICO icons.
ICONBX.ZIP63141Jun 8 1992A pair of icon utilities for Windows 3.x icons. Will catalog for view or print, add, delete, copiey, rename, and extract embedded icons from windows programs or Dynamic Link Libraries. Requires VBRUN100.DLL.
ICONDLL.ZIP9262Feb 3 1991Simple, effective program for creating DLL's of all your miscellaneous icons.
ICONDR.ZIP34000Jul 16 1990Version 1.2 of the worderful ICON drawing program for MS Windows 3.0. It now allows you to paste from the clipboard.
ICONEX.ZIP40176Sep 1 1991Extract icons from Windows Programs. Includes C source code.
ICONLIB.ZIP21400Jul 16 1990More Icon Pictures for Windows 3.0.
ICONMSTR.ZIP134467May 11 1992Windows program to manipulate icons and create libraries. Icon Master for Windows 3.1 - version 1.2c.
ICONVACU.ZIP60973Feb 17 1993Icon Vaccuum. Views and Extracts embedded Icons.
ICONVW14.ZIP118419Nov 11 1994IconView Windows Icon Manager.
ICOSHO.ZIP78092Jul 8 1992Complete icon browser, extractor and inserter for Windows 3.1.
ICOSHOW.ZIP95087May 23 1994Windows program that displays all the icons on hard or floppy disk.
ICO_EX11.ZIP69385Aug 4 1993Extracts Windows icons from .EXE and .DLL files (requires VBRUN300).
ICTAME.ZIP29929Nov 18 1990IconTamer is a complete icon management utility for Windows 3.0.
IE2.ZIP48552Sep 8 1990Icon Editor Version 2.0 for MS Windows 3.0.
IEDIT32.ZIP76036Mar 21 1991Windows 3.0 Icon Editor/Maker/Extractor version 3.2. Marvelous program that will extract icons from EXE files for editing.
IEXTRACT.ZIP28565Jan 8 1991Extract icons from Windows executables.
IINJECT.ZIP33673Feb 11 1991Injects a Windows icon stored in an .ICO file into a Windows program.
IKK.ZIP75939Feb 5 1993International Keybord Kit for Windows 3.1.
ILIB_11.ZIP54027Apr 9 1993The Icon Librarian v1.1 by Keith Ledbetter. The successor to the popular "Icon Chooser"; totally redesigned and rewritten. Manage up to 100,000 icons in up to 100 user defined categories with the Librarian's intuitive dra
IMGCON.ZIP67768Nov 27 1992IMAGE CONVERSION UTILITY is a true Windows Drag and Drop application. It allows you to convert one or several images from one file format to another in one step.
IMOVIE.ZIP16707May 16 1991A different type of icon for Windows. Tiny movies inside an icon.
IMPOST.ZIP138731Oct 8 1992Freeware Command.Com emulator for Windows. Has majority of DOS's internal and some external commands. Runs both DOS and Windows apps.
INBOARD.ZIP11587Nov 2 1991In/Out Board for Microsoft Windows (Network Ready).
INDEMO.ZIP159746Apr 23 1993Demo of voice recognition software for windows. Issue command by voice in Windows. Requires sound card and mike. Works great.
INFO34.ZIP613796Oct 23 1993Info Recall: A Windows Based Personal Information Manager.
INFOTR21.ZIP324686Aug 15 1994Info Tree, v2.1. Shareware utility for Win31. Provides ability to develop heirarchical information "trees" with nested folders. Attach documents and launch from within InfoTree. From iSBister.
INFVU141.ZIP120171Jan 12 1994InfView 1.41 - Win Ascii/Hex/Text File Viewer. Now MDI - View multiple files of any size! Allows you to COMPARE multiple files. Also DEBUG, FILEFIND, GREP, Hot Keys, Font & Color, much more. The most powerful viewer. Only
INI.ZIP10372Feb 15 1993Quickly modify INI files from DOS.
INIEDITR.ZIP5132Dec 6 1992Very nice .INI editor for Windows 3.1. Requires VBRUN200.DLL.
INISUMM.ZIP6687Dec 28 1992A DOS utility to create a log file from WIN.INI to show what applications have entries. This is usefull in removing entries from WIN.INI. This is a DOS application.
INTL.ZIP109123May 25 1992INTL.DLL is a Windows dynamic link library that will make your programs better fit for the international market.
INVIT200.ZIP71515Feb 17 1993Very good invoicing program for Windows 3.1. Does dbase and ascii formats.
INWCH17A.ZIP154266Aug 19 1994InWatch 1.7a monitors changes to INI files and autoexec.bat & config.sys. When you install a windows app, it will let you know what changes that app made to your configuration when it was installed.
IPHOTO30.ZIP304778Jan 4 1991Great image enhancer for Windows 3.X. Has most of the features you'd find in a commercial package.
IS112.ZIP84682Aug 13 1992Icon Show Verson 1.12. Excellent icon viewer and manipulator for Windows 3.X.
ISPY210.ZIP290986Dec 16 1994InfoSpy v2.10 - Windows Spy with Task Scheduler, DLL Search, Resource Monitor, Resource & Disk Alarms, Message Trace, Comm Trace, I/O Trace and much more. All in 1 program. Much More. Only $9.99 registration.
IXTRACT.ZIP28672Mar 23 1991IExtract lets you "steal" the icons out of your favorite Windows applications so you can edit them or simply see them up close with your favorite icon editing program.
JAP.ZIP16671Oct 21 1991Module for After Dark screen saver.
JAXCAM.ZIP5038Apr 14 1991A slick and very efficient screen capture program for Windows 3.1.
JDLDRV.ZIP2728Sep 20 1990Updated Windows 3 printer driver for JDL printers.
JFLASH.ZIP55074Jun 8 1993JJ Flash Version 1.1. Locate and launch icons by typing a portion of the name. Simple, elegant Windows utility. Makes Program Manager a breeze. Shareware.
JOURN201.ZIP9161Feb 23 1988Saves keystrokes and replays them for Windows.
JOURNL.ZIP402630Jul 18 1993JOURNAL version 3.0. Windows program that provides free form text storage and quick retrival thru powerful search routines. Store up to 400 topics, 32K per topic in categories.
JQSTDS.ZIP174042Sep 2 1993TD - a Windows program which allows the user to change the date and time on multiple files. All changes can be done with the mouse. This is a usefule programming tool for version control.
JREHOM.ZIP400900Aug 26 1992Home inventory program for Windows 3.X. Very powerful--nice interface.
JRTRASH.ZIP11192May 29 1992Very nice trash can for Windows 3.1. Support drag and drop. Deletes and updates your directories immediately.
JURRASIC.ZIP430231Jun 28 1993JurassicCad is a fully featured Drawing program for Windows 3.1 . The program is designed to make it easy to design Dinosaur pictures.
JWLTHF.ZIP47875Apr 27 1992Windows 3.X game. Collect jewels and avoid restless natives.
JWPEDIT.ZIP1086275Feb 2 1993A Japanese Word Processor for Windows. Part 1 of 6.
JWPFONTS.ZIP428916Oct 21 1992A Japanese Word Processor for Windows. Part 2 of 6.
JWPK4848.ZIP742538Oct 31 1992A Japanese Word Processor for Windows. Part 3 of 6.
JWPKINFO.ZIP187183Feb 28 1993A Japanese Word Processor for Windows. Part 4 of 6.
JWPPROG.ZIP311477May 1 1993A Japanese Word Processor for Windows. Part 5 of 6.
JWPSRC.ZIP180517Mar 31 1993A Japanese Word Processor for Windows. Source code.
JWPWNN.ZIP240065Jul 6 1992A Japanese Word Processor for Windows. Part 6 of 6.
K5426-D2.ZIP629786Dec 5 1993Window 3.1 drivers v1.32b for Cirrus Logic 5426/5428.
KAL17.ZIP36248Feb 9 1994Kaleidoscope screen saver for windows, has many options.
KBDOCK12.ZIP66012Nov 17 1992Shell for Windows 3.1. Uses drag and drop with nice button bar concept.
KDRAW.ZIP81162Sep 25 1992KwikDraw - An Object Oriented Drawing Program.
KF40.ZIP128655Mar 17 1991Kfree Version 4.0, Windows 3.0 program that shows free disk space, memory space, and other info.
KFREE33.ZIP70238Dec 19 1990Useful little memory and disk status utility for Windows.
KILL20.ZIP145659Apr 3 1994Windows 3.1 task killer. Displays list of all DLL's and executing programs and allows termination of them.
KIVIAT.ZIP23331Nov 5 1990Windows 3.0 graphical display of memory usage. Includes C source.
KLOTZ209.ZIP37702May 29 1990A nice Tetris-type game for Windows 3.0.
KLUDGE-1.ZIP261059Apr 9 1992Internet messages from winDOZE conference.
KODAKDRV.ZIP6870Sep 20 1990Updated Windows 3 printer driver for Kodak printers.
KSWIN.ZIP119911Jul 11 1992The Kitchen Sink is a Windows application that allows you to add up to ten applications to KSWIN's main menu. You can then run (or launch) these applications directly from KSWIN.
KYE.ZIP25419Jan 30 1992Nice Game for Microsoft Windows.
L3WIN3.ZIP277471Oct 30 1991Latest (ver 3.86) version of the HPLJ III printer driver for Windows 3.0.
L4WIN3-N.ZIP426369Jan 25 1993New Windows 3 drivers for LaserJet 4 fom HP, updated 22 Jan. 93.
L4WIN3.ZIP448824Nov 8 1992Windows 3.1 driver for LaserJet 4 from HP.
LANDER.ZIP24539Jun 10 1990Lunar Lander game for Windows 3.0. Very nice.
LAUN20.ZIP20740Jun 26 1991This program, offers a configurable menu from which Windows users can conveniently start up their favorite programs.
LAVA.ZIP16367Apr 15 1991Create a Lava lamp for Windows 3.0.
LEAK.ZIP12315Jun 12 1994Leaking roof screen saver for Windows 3.1.
LEFTOVER.ZIP61611Feb 15 1993Windows program --- shows free disk space on all available drives.
LENS13.ZIP8907Aug 8 1992A magnification utility that works in windows, uses area near mouse to magnify.
LEONAR.ZIP279419Feb 27 1991Leonard' Sketch V0.1. Windows 3.0 Object-Oriented Drawing/Paint program written with Actor. Somewhat slow, but contains many excellent features.
LEONARDO.ZIP279476Mar 19 1992A nice CAD program for Windows.
LI132.ZIP175850Mar 28 1993LI is a Windows 3.0 file viewer/finder/deleter/launcher.
LICO20.ZIP42826Mar 10 1991List multiple WIN 3.0 icons on screen, has hooks to external icon editors.
LIFEWRKS.ZIP36174Nov 26 1991Life Works Cellular Automona for Windows 3.0.
LK-12.ZIP21495May 20 1990Lock keyboard program for Windows 3.0 from Metz, version 1.2.
LMF018.ZIP12915Jan 21 1992LM Font Viewer and Printer for Windows 3.0.
LMOUSENT.ZIP39069Feb 23 1993Preliminary Logitech mouse drivers for Windows NT (October '92).
LOADER.ZIP49460Jun 22 1993This is the updated ATI install and uncompression program. it is needed to install mach 32 drivers in and
LOOKHERE.ZIP8949Jul 15 1992Lookie Here! Fonts! is a font comparision and sample printer for Windows 3.x.
LUNWIN.ZIP58836Jun 8 1993LUNAR-NT for Windows has been produced to enable you to enlarge the screen of a Microsoft Windows application up to eight times its normal size, and to manage the enlarged screen (runs in 640x480x16 standard VGA mode).
LUTILS.ZIP5891May 13 1991Accessories for "LAUNCH" (LAUN20.ZIP) for Windows 3.0.
LYWHIT.ZIP20850Jul 30 1990Display Hard Drive and Task Status from Windows 3.0.
LZSSLIB.ZIP17624Jan 12 1992LZSSLib is a compression library (DLL) for Windows programmers. You have access to compression/decompression functions permitting file-to-file operations.
M32UTIL.ZIP204394Jul 12 1993New ATI utilities program (2.0) for the mach 32 accelerator. you also need to use to install.
M32W22.ZIP607777Nov 5 1993Latest video drivers (V2.2) from ATI for MACH32 (Dated November 1993).
MACBLAST.ZIP20274Jan 15 1992Nice Game for Windows 3.0. Destroy the Mac.
MACSEE20.ZIP44175Dec 19 1992Convert PC Files to MacIntosh Files and back. Windows 3.x Program.
MACWIN1.ZIP3563Jul 30 1991Screen speed enhancer, designed to speed up screen writes for Windows 3.0.
MAG120.ZIP45830Oct 7 1991Magic Screen Saver for Windows 3.0, Version 1.20.
MAKEOVER.ZIP133190Sep 2 1992MAKEOVER.ZIP gives your PC Windows a three dimensional look.
MAPMODES.ZIP7549Mar 8 1989Microsoft Windows Utility that helps in the understanding of maping modes, complete with C source code. From Microsoft.
MAPWIN.ZIP69882Dec 30 1991Windows programming utility to map function calls.
MATCH1.ZIP45916Feb 17 1991Windows 3.0 utility that will provide side by side file comparisons.
MATHGRAF.ZIP30068Mar 2 1991Plot various math functions under Windows 3.0.
MAZESPX.ZIP4722Sep 19 1990Screen Peace add-on -- Draws and solves a maze.
MAZINM.ZIP14221Oct 30 1991A Visual Basic maze generator to be run in Windows. Generates random mazes ranging in difficulty from trivial to impossible.
MB10.ZIP834984Jan 7 1994Media BlastOFF! 1.0: Multimedia File Player for Windows. Drag-Drop Play for FLI/FLC/AVI/AAS/DIB/RLE/PCX/F/BMP/WAV/MID. VBRUN300.DLL required; Video for Wind Runtime optional. Shareware from TEK* Development.
MBAR11.ZIP49362May 12 1992Easily make menu bars in Windows 3.X.
MCARET10.ZIP26304Oct 22 1994Mr. Caret v1.0 - This program can set the system-caret to not blink or to blink at any sified rate. Since any program may set the blinkrate, the caret is often blinking at an undesirable rate. Shareware ($8) from Natural S
MCI.ZIP12521Apr 12 1993MCI.EXE is the Pioneer Laserdisc Player Windows MCI Control program. Install this program into your windows drivers for computer control of the Pioneer Laserdisc players.
MD-THIEF.ZIP359356Jan 1 1992A D&D-type game for Windows. The first complex, decently designed game I've seen for the Windows environment. Adventurers take note.
MDLLATI.ZIP33180Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for ATI/unsup. SVGA.
MDLLCIR.ZIP33245Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for Cirrus 640x480.
MDLLCPQ.ZIP33180Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for Compaq Q-Vision.
MDLLCR8.ZIP33249Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for Cirrus 800x600.
MDLLS3.ZIP33232Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for S3.
MDLLS38.ZIP33338Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for S3-805, 256 color.
MDLLS3H.ZIP34871Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for S3- 64,000 colors.
MDLLTRI.ZIP33203Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for Trident 8900.
MDLLTSG.ZIP33187Jan 10 1993Xing(tm) Scalable MPEG (tm) player program for Windows.
MDLLTSG1.ZIP33164Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for Western Digital.
MDLLV7.ZIP33227Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for Video 7.
MDLLWD.ZIP30179Aug 29 1992DLL files for Western Digital cards for use with Xing MPEG.
MDLLWD1.ZIP33187Jan 10 1993Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for Tseng ET4000.
MEGAED.ZIP123766Mar 21 1994Mega Edit v2.10 - The very popular general purpose text editor for Microsoft Windows that can edit very large files.
MEGAICON.ZIP156341Aug 2 1990Over 400 Windows 3.0 Icons for various programs.
MEGAMEGA.ZIP1900007Oct 13 1994Screen saver for Windows put together by the world's state-of-the-art speed metal band Megadeth.
MEM.ZIP21582Jan 27 1991Windows 3.0 program to give a graphical representation of memory usage.
MEMFREE.ZIP5126Dec 2 1990MS-Windows icon to show free memory.
MEM_RY1.ZIP29885Jun 9 1993Memo-Ry version 1.0 is a handy Windows utility that allows you to jot down names, phone numbers, or other tid-bits of information very quickly and easily for later use. Requires very little resources. Requires VBRUN200.DLL
MESDEB.ZIP33270Jan 7 1988Windows Message Debugger.
METAMOUS.ZIP18373Sep 8 1992META-MOUSE: A Cursor Visibility Enhancement Utility for Windows 3.X.
METCN100.ZIP24911Nov 6 1990Metric Converter is a Windows 3.0 program that handles fourteen popular conversions between customary and metric (SI) systems.
METZ.ZIP538140Aug 10 1992METZ Task Manager replaces the Microsoft Windows Task List with a unique application that launches, manages, and schedules your tasks.
METZCP.ZIP46264Apr 6 1993Patch for Metz Task Manager to make it work properly with PC Tools for Windows. Direct from Central Point BBS.
MEWIN.ZIP123508Mar 11 1991EMACS Editor for Windows 3.0.
MEWN11.ZIP124496Oct 12 1992MicroEmacs for Windows NT.
MEZ101.ZIP55861Feb 9 1995Mesmerize 1.01 is a MS Windows Screen Saver.
MF-DB103.ZIP139807Dec 19 1993MF - High-performace Windows 3.x database. MF is a Multi-user, -index, -file, database for programmers. Interfaces with C and VB (headers included). Full docs, not crippled, and cheap. Featured in PsL. Shareware (cheap)
MIDIE100.ZIP100676Oct 1 1991MIDI Edit is a full featured MIDI sequencer that runs in Windows 3.0. It uses standard MIDI files, so the resulting sequences can be used almost anywhere.
MIGRAT2A.ZIP411239Sep 10 1992Windows Corporate installation files Disk 2 Part A. From Microsoft's BBS.
MIGRAT2B.ZIP196788Sep 10 1992Windows Corporate installation files Disk 2 Part B. From Microsoft's BBS.
MIGRAT2C.ZIP245402Sep 10 1992Windows Corporate installation files Disk 2 Part C. From Microsoft's BBS.
MIGRAT2D.ZIP455854Sep 10 1992Windows Corporate installation files Disk 2 Part D. From Microsoft's BBS.
MIGRATE1.ZIP242116May 25 1993Windows Corporate installation kit files Disk 1. From the Microsoft BBS.
MIGRATE3.ZIP310137Sep 10 1992Windows corporate installation files disk 3. From Microsoft's BBS.
MILLWIN.ZIP31297Oct 20 1990A Windows 3.0 version of the French card game Mille Bourne.
MIMA250.ZIP463721Jan 5 1993Missile Master, a missile command-type game for Windows.
MINES.ZIP19199Jul 13 1990Windows 3.0 version of Land Mine Game.
MISER1.ZIP9908Sep 6 1990Mastermind game for use with Windows 3.0.
MIXCS139.ZIP22426Apr 10 1993Windows 3.1 program to change documents from and/or to all CAPS.
MJ4WIN.ZIP257841Feb 1 1992Mah Jongg for Windows. Port of MahJong V-G-A.
MKNX10.ZIP153039May 3 1992David R. Green's Mekanix ver 1.0. Plethora of handy little tools for Windowsincluding:database program, alarm clock/calendar, imperial (-) metric converting calculator, File Manager, compressed file manager. Fast and easy.
MLK104A.ZIP217816Dec 8 1992MicroLink V1.04a for Windows. This is a great communications program. Now includes greater support for a wide variety of modems.
MM.ZIP32346Apr 8 1989Master Mind Game for MS-Windows. Includes full C source, written by a programmer at Microsoft..
MMDISP.ZIP334663Apr 9 1992Multi-Media display drivers from Microsoft BBS for Windows 3.1.
MOD1.ZIP27094Jul 16 1992Patch for WINFAX Pro (from Delrina). Supposed to fix problems associated with V32.bis (14.4K) faxmodems.
MOODRG10.ZIP11270Apr 5 1994WIN mood ring program - senses mood by the cursor.
MOONTL04.ZIP25821Apr 17 1991Windows 3.0 program to predict moon phases.
MORECN2A.ZIP119629Aug 30 1993More Control v2.0a for Windows 3.1 - Adds a new icon to the Control Panel that lets you control some enviroment stuff that MS left out.
MOREICON.ZIP3093Jul 4 1990Several more icons for Windows 3.0.
MORESPX.ZIP13104Sep 25 1990Worms/Life for Windows 3.0 Screen Peace screen saver.
MORTD130.ZIP88672Jul 15 1992Mortgage Designer 1.3 for Windows. If you are refinancing, check it out.
MOUNFRAC.ZIP11714Jul 8 1991Draws 3-D Fractal mountains. Version 1.0 for Windows.
MOUSECLK.ZIP13431Jul 10 1993Use the middle button on a 3-button mouse in Windows.
MOUSWARP.ZIP48226Aug 28 1993This program will allow you to use the arrowkeys as a mouse in windows 3.+.
MPEGEXE.ZIP35762Aug 14 1992Xing MPEG executables with FrameDir - Windows 3.1.
MPEGW32B.ZIP686293Jun 10 1993This is Release Version 1.2 of port of the Berkeley mpeg player to Windows 3.1 with 32s enhancement and Windows NT.
MPEGXING.ZIP493505May 30 1992Xing MPEG viewer for Windows 3.1 with example .MPG files.
MPLAYER1.ZIP84207Nov 18 1993Enhanced Multimedia file player for Win 3.1.
MQXDRV.ZIP9878Apr 7 1992Music Quest MIDI Interface Driver for Windows 3.1.
MRFORMAT.ZIP114302Feb 8 1994Windows diskette formatter.
MRKT20.ZIP62481Dec 18 1992The Market Master - Trial Version 2.00 Windows 3.1 stock charting & portfolio management. Draws candlestick, price/volume and moving average charts. Loads daily quote files and imports historical data files.
MRMIND.ZIP18757Aug 23 1990Mastermind game for Windows 3.0.
MRR1.ZIP58556Apr 26 1989This program is a prototype for a future program, to be named WINC. Windowed INterface to Conferencing will be a Windows-based interface to a mainframe conferencing program named CONTACT. Includes full C source.
MS20.ZIP17787Jul 4 1990Monitor Saver is a screen blanking utility for use with Windows 3.0.
MSCHOMP.ZIP101808Oct 27 1992Ms. Pacman for Windows.
MSDEBUG.ZIP13417Jan 7 1988MesDebug is a group of small utilities that permits you to grab messages processed by your code, thereby permitting you to see what messages the program processed during the execution. C source included.
MSDEVNET.ZIP405757Aug 22 1992Collection of Win 3.x prog utilities from the Microsoft Developer's Network CD-ROM.
MSDNDEMO.ZIP686643Sep 28 1994Demo of the Microsoft Developer Network library monthly issues.
MSOFTFIX.ZIP2992Jul 20 1990A couple patches for Microsoft Windows 3.0.
MULTIPAD.ZIP11927Jan 9 1990A multiple document Notepad for Window 3.0.
MVTIME.ZIP36558Mar 25 1993Excellent Windows 3.1 screen saver. Play AVI movies or display still graphics in .if, .pcx, and .bmp formats.
MVWIN1.ZIP27989Apr 27 1991Windows 3.0 program that allows files and directories to be moved, copied, or deleted.
MWMENU3E.ZIP46897Jul 19 1993MiddleWorld Menu is an enhanced shell for MS-Windows 3.x.
MXXNT8.ZIP79004Feb 10 1993Latest ATI Video drivers for Windows-NT.
MYCLOC.ZIP36459Jun 8 1993MyClock is a PC program for Windows that shows the time of day along with your company logo. Has three alarms and can be set to chime every hour. Shareware.
NAGGER.ZIP19501Aug 23 1992A reminder program for Windows. Needs VBRUN100.DLL.
NAIL.ZIP5798Apr 8 1992MS Windows 3.x freeware program that puts selected Windows and DOS programs (in windowed mode) on top.
NAV051.ZIP147382Dec 17 1990The Navigator is a Microsoft Windows 3.0 application designed to provide a Lotus Magellan like interface to the Windows/DOS environment.
NBOOK11.ZIP38544Apr 25 1991A Windows 3.0 Text Editor. Will edit files as large as free memory.
NCC170.ZIP22471Jun 11 1990Windows 3.0 BMP wallpaper of starship Enterprise.
NDWTIME.ZIP17762Apr 21 1992NDWTIME is the Norton Desktop for Windows Time and Date Program. It places the time and date on the title bar of the Norton Desktop for Windows.
NEC24P.ZIP10102Jun 1 1990Windows driver for NEC 24 pin printers. Use to take advantage of NEC 2200 printer and 56-Series printers.
NEOVIEW.ZIP414435Jan 25 1992NeoView - version 1.4b replacement Desktop Manager for Windows.
NESCON.ZIP18298Aug 9 1990Collection of Windows 3 Icons, including cartoon characters.
NEWEXE.ZIP35050Aug 29 1991For Windows 3; Analyze WIN .EXE files and show API linkage.
NEWHPCL5.ZIP496779Jun 16 199304/30/93 Win 3.1 drivers for HP LaserJet 4.
NEWPAP.ZIP6648Aug 2 1990Change wallpaper each time you enter Windows 3 with this program.
NEWPAPE2.ZIP4611Dec 10 1992Rotates your wallpapers for Windows 3.x with C source code.
NEWSPY.ZIP25597Aug 4 1991Windows programimg utility that allows you to "spy" on the messages being recieved by a window.
NGCHR105.ZIP173157Nov 7 1993Windows application with which you can create, edit, and print flowcharts, organization charts, or other charts using similar components. Through the use of the Clipboard you can also paste part or all of your chart into
NICON05.ZIP52190Mar 31 1993Nicon V2.2: Icon Editor that runs under DOS. Draw dots, lines, squares, circles, and paint. Clip, flip, or scroll icons in any direction. Requires EGA/VGA.
NILBUILD.ZIP4923Jan 13 1993Norton Desktop Icon Library Builder utility from Symantic.
NJWFN105.ZIP46081Sep 9 1991"Nasty James" fast file finder for Windows 3.0. Very fast.
NN_CPL11.ZIP7890Jun 6 1993Series Of Add-Ins For Windows Control Panel.
NODOS211.ZIP55367Apr 18 1991NODOS 2.11 for Windows 3.0. Replace generic DOS icon with the icon of your choice.
NOLOGO.ZIP1014Sep 1 1990Remove the opening logo screen from Windows 3.0 to save time on start up.
NONAG2.ZIP6114Apr 10 1992Do away with "NAG" screen in Windows 3.X shareware.
NOR4PIF.ZIP5546Jun 12 1987Use Norton Utilities within MS-Windows.
NOTEBK18.ZIP47768Oct 8 1991Notebook V1.8 replacement for Windows 3.0 Notepad.
NOTEMAN.ZIP21988Jan 13 1991Shareware PIM for Windows 3.0+.
NST14S.ZIP58166Aug 22 1991Newstart v. 1.04 - Changes Widows startup screen with VB source code.
NTEVAL.ZIP801859Feb 4 1994NT 'Evaluation' Guide -- as a Windows Help File (.HLP). Rather interesting.
NTFAQ.ZIP21481Nov 24 1992Frequently Asked Questions about Windows NT. From Microsoft forum on CIS.
NT_TCPIP.ZIP181692Jun 5 1993Latest update to March NT release of TCPIP drivers.
OAKWIN3.ZIP37239Jun 4 1990Video device driver for Oak OTI-067. Displays 800 X 600 16-color in Windows 3.0.
OIJAWIN.ZIP231808Mar 1 1993OUIJA FOR WINDOWS Contacting the spirit world couldn't be any easer. This totally modern version of the classic ouija board makes keeping in touch with your lost loved ones.
OIJAWIN3.ZIP231808Mar 1 1993An electronic Ouija board for Windows 3.1 and 800x600x256 (or better) display.
OKFONT.ZIP24020Nov 20 1992This program will let you get rid of corrupted True Type or Adobe font files that cause Windows 3.1 to crash.
OKI400.ZIP77360Mar 4 1991Windows 3.1 Okidata OL-400 drivers.
OLE202.ZIP810375Nov 16 1994Windows 3.1 OLE 2.02 upgrade (Oct. 1994).
OM38.ZIP99944Jun 7 1992Very nice Windows Shell. Easily launch programs with a single click. Written in Turbo Pascal for Windows, and includes complete source code.
OOT-104D.ZIP93963Nov 15 1992Object Oriented Tool for OO design and analysis (through diagrams). For Windows 3.1.
OPTI.ZIP59635Dec 4 1992The OptiScript DLL Graphics Engine is a interface between your application and the Windows GDI, allowing your application to produce professional quality, truly device independent graphics.
ORG151.ZIP90742Oct 2 1991Personal Information Manager for Windows 3.0. Very easy to use.
ORG162.ZIP97502Mar 22 1993Very nice organizer (diary) for Windows. Watch as the pages turn. Do searches and even password your diary.
OTRASH.ZIP19423May 28 1992Trash can for the Windows 3.x desktop. When you drag files to it, it bulges. The trash can then be "emptied" later. C source code included.
OUTSID2A.ZIP12646Apr 28 1993Run DOS programs outside of Windows, but launch them from the Program Manager.
PA57.ZIP457874Jan 27 1994Printer's Apprentice is a general screen & printer font viewing utility for Windows.
PAIN-PAY.ZIP303725Oct 20 1991Pain-less Payroll for Windows. Very good, complete payroll program.
PAN24.ZIP106080Nov 16 1992Panasonic 24 Pin Printer Drivers for Windows.
PAN9.ZIP105918Oct 19 1992Panasonic 9 Pin Printer Drivers for Windows.
PAN_LP.ZIP105920Aug 9 1993Windows 3.1 Driver for Panasonic Laserprinter.
PAPERH.ZIP6306Oct 10 1992Paper Hanger is a simple utility which allows you to change your Windows wallpaper with ease and simplicity. It is designed to avoid the Windows Control Panel and the many steps it requires to change your wallpaper.
PASTE113.ZIP22324Feb 15 1993FastPaste replaces the DOS window cut & paste routines in Windows 3.1 to allow cutting and pasting with one mouse click.
PBI11.ZIP19089Jul 12 1990Create and manipulate icons for Windows 3.0.
PBK.ZIP9459Nov 1 1992PBK allows the user to pick (either directly or at random) an available bitmap to be used as wallpaper to use either at next startup or immediately.
PBNOTEPD.ZIP29567Jul 14 1992Adds a tool bar to Notepad in Windows 3.1.
PBWRI22A.ZIP36573Jul 25 1992Power bar for Windows v3.1 WRITE, adds a tool bar to the side - Handy.
PCKRT5_A.ZIP195684Jul 25 1993Several files (some text, some WinWord format) related to the 5.0 release of PACKRAT.
PCOMM101.ZIP63654Nov 14 1991Great little communications program for Windows.
PCTW_A.ZIP23451Jul 25 1993Several files related to PC Tools for Windows. Contents include work-around for lack of PkZip 2.0 support, implementing "always on top" plus several PCTW script files.
PCX2DIB.ZIP30048Jul 1 1991Source and .EXE for converting .PCX graphic file to Windows DIB format.
PCXWIN.ZIP18865Oct 21 1989PCX graphics format to WINDOWS bitmap graphic format conversion program, includes full C source code.
PDQCOMM.ZIP75449Jun 15 1993This is a demo of a VISUAL BASIC communications control. Full background file transfers, ANSI/VT100/VT52 terminal emmulation. For Windows 3.1.
PERFM202.ZIP7492Aug 6 1991Windows 3.0 Performance Meter.
PFE0507.ZIP357007Jul 11 1994Programmer's File Editor for Win/3.1 and Win/NT. A powerful text editor for Windows, supporting unlimited file size, reconfigurable keyboard, many other features. Free for non-commercial use.
PFW.ZIP131063Aug 11 1992Panzerkrieg for Windows (PFW) is a 2 player tactical simulation of WWII combat to be played on one or two PCs.
PGN131RD.ZIP100470Mar 20 1994Chess reader. Reads games in .PGN format and displays them on a chessboard on the screen in Windows. Note: not a chess playing program. Comes with one .PGN file (with several games in it). Version 1.31.
PH347.ZIP56804Feb 24 1991Metz Phones version 3.47. Telephone directory and phone dialer for Windows 3.0.
PINUP12.ZIP25324Mar 26 1992Pinup v1.2 capture text or bitmap notes for Windows 3.1.
PITALK21.ZIP355470May 16 1994Talking Clock -- your computer TELLS you the time. Works as an add-on to Plugin, which is required. Requires a sound board (though PlugIn does not).
PITALK25.ZIP299522Jan 24 1995Latest TALKING CLOCK for PLUGIN. Downloaded from author's bbs.
PITCC1.ZIP410834Jan 24 1995Additional voices for the Talking Clock for Plugin. Downloaded from the author's bbs.
PIXF20.ZIP824242Apr 19 1993Picture file viewers. Windows version. .GIF .BMP .ICO .JPG .TIF .EPS .WPG, etc... Thumbnail views, OLE client/server. Screen capture. Highly recommended.
PLUG251.ZIP460632Feb 7 1995Plug-In version 2.51. Extends Windows 3.1 Program Manager with a nice set of utilities that should have been included with Program Manager.
PLX17.ZIP67240Jun 14 1992Enhance and print source code from Windows. Includes TPW source code.
PMAN151.ZIP419876Jan 11 1993Picture Man version 1.51 for Windows. Extensive correction of graphics files (GIF, TIF, BMP, & JPEG).
PMHOTKEY.ZIP8280Jan 31 1993Hotkey into program manager.
POLYANNA.ZIP10670Jul 23 1991Animation demonstration for Windows 3.0.
PONG.ZIP11973Aug 9 1992After Dark module - Pong game.
POOLSP.ZIP2855Feb 17 1991Screen Peace add-on program.
POSTS353.ZIP147354Jul 13 1992Windows 3.1 7/92 updated postscript printer driver. Version 3.53.
POVCAD3.ZIP93824Nov 20 1993POVCAD for Windows is a small solid object modeling tool to create scene files for raytracers.
PPANTHER.ZIP56039Jan 8 1995Pink Panther screen saver.
PPD11.ZIP46951Dec 12 1990Power Pad 1.1 demo - replacement for Windows 3.0 Notepad.
PPRBOY.ZIP8180Jun 24 1990Randomly changes wallpaper bitmaps for Windows 3.0.
PRENV231.ZIP73803Aug 20 1992PrintEnvelope v2.31 - A complete Windows 3.x mailing system. Print envelopes or labels of any size using any type font.
PRGGRP14.ZIP7345Sep 9 1993WIN31 program that allows groups in groups for Program Manager.
PRGRD-20.ZIP125737Sep 5 1994ProGuard 2.0 password-protects individual Program Manager icons and can prevent guest users from starting a program not present as an icon in Program Manager, while preventing icon creation, copying, moving, or deletion. R
PRINTCL.ZIP4268Aug 17 1991Print the contents of the clipboard in Windows 3.1.
PRINTCLP.ZIP3132Feb 15 1993Print text from clipboard.
PRJCLK1.ZIP17206Mar 20 1991Project Clock allows the user to monitor and optionally record his/her time usage on various projects. Windows 3.0 utility.
PRNDIR.ZIP14832Apr 19 1993Add-on for the Windows 3.1 file manager to allow you to print a directory listing.
PRO59.ZIP307714Mar 1 1993Latest Windows video drivers for ATI Graphics Ultra Pro cards.
PROJ0928.ZIP236851Sep 15 1988PC-Project is a complete critical path project management application that runs under Microsoft Windows. PC-Project is written entirely in Actor, and includes full source code.
PROSHAPE.ZIP69292Feb 22 1991Windows 3.0 drawing program that puts XVTDRAW to shame. OK for Windows 3.0 according to author.
PROS_WIN.ZIP257283Oct 10 1991The latest Orchid Prodesigner driver for Windows (10/10/91). Fixed my problems with Word for Windows, and Norton Desktop.
PROTEUS.ZIP168560Aug 18 1988Communication program that runs under Windows.
PRTIT22.ZIP78007Mar 14 1993Print It 2.2 utility to view and print documents in Windows.
PRVW13.ZIP43129Jul 29 1991Font Preview version 1.3. View/print fonts from within Windows 3.0. Includes full TPW source code.
PS1KAUFM.ZIP49625Mar 20 1991Font for Adobe Type Manager (Windows 3.0).
PS30.ZIP236995Aug 14 1993Paint Shop Pro for Windows. File format conversion and image processing. PCX, BMP, GIF, TIF, MSP. Handles 1 to 24 bit color files. Great documentation in "Help". Many preset image processing filters.
PSAVERS.ZIP47328Oct 4 1993People Savers 1.1 are screen savers with a higher purpose--providing a spiritual uplift to people. Password-procted. Requires Windows 3.x & VBRUN300.DLL. Shareware ($15) from Robert S. Smith.
PSCRIP.ZIP115006Mar 30 1992Latest Postscript printer driver for Windows 3.1 from Microsoft Support BBS.
PSCRIPT.ZIP147552Nov 9 1992November 1992 update to Windows 3.1 postscript printer driver; Version 3.55.
PSETUP.ZIP9260Nov 12 1992DLL for Windows 3.0 to Allow Printer Setup with Visual Basic and Turbo Pascal for Windows, includes source code in Turbo Pascal.
PSHAPE11.ZIP69459Mar 10 1991Pro Shape v1.1 for Windows 3.1 line drawing tool/illustrator.
PSHELL29.ZIP60855Mar 31 19924DOS like command shell for Windows 3 and mouse.
PSP30.ZIP1407581Mar 4 1995Latest version of Paintshop Pro for Windows 3.1. More graphics viewers, conversion possible. The package also seemed to run faster on my system.
PSW30.ZIP122420Jan 24 1994PrintSwitch 3.0 - Simple utility that makes changing your default Windows printer as easy as one click/Hotkey press. Configures itself for your system and displays all currently installed printers.
PTRE30.ZIP24823Jan 4 1993Print Tree v3.0; View directory structure WYSIWYG on-screen.
PTREE30.ZIP24887Jan 29 1993Print Tree (Windows) v3.0. View directory tree structure on-screen and then print HARD COPY of your trees.
PUBS-000.ZIP3272Nov 11 1990Windows 3.0 Cardfile of Pubs, Resturants, and Carry-Outs in the Baltimore/Washington area. Excellent source of information.
PULSAR.ZIP26424Jul 10 1991Change Laser printer between PCL and Postscript from Windows 3.0.
PUZZLE11.ZIP23630Dec 2 1990A program that turns any BMP file into a slide-puzzle.
PWL-10.ZIP22785Nov 24 1993PW-Launch lets you limit user's access to Program Mangager's FILE/RUN command but still allow a password protected RUN for system administrators.
QCLICK.ZIP79790Jun 8 1993With QuickClick you can assign events to the four corners of the screen. If you want to carry out that event, move the mouse to the specific corner and press the right mouse button once. Launch applications, exit Windows,
QDHELP30.ZIP148998Mar 28 1994This program allows you to use a normal text editor to generate Windows 3.0 help files. You will still need access to a copy of the Microsoft Help Compiler.
QFND21.ZIP112734Oct 24 1992Quick file find V2.1 for Windows 3.X.
QFTD12.ZIP120467Apr 27 1992Quote for the day for Windows.
QMASTER.ZIP72582Mar 6 1992Home Inventory program for Windows.
QMZ_POST.ZIP219698Feb 13 1993Postscript drivers for QMS laser printers. Includes Postscript driver for Windows.
QNZIP22.ZIP112319May 4 1993QuinZip v2.2 - Windows Zip/UnZip Utility Not a shell. Superior compression using the new 'deflate' algorithm. Supports Drag & Drop and provides extensive help.
QPSETUP.ZIP256659Apr 21 1992Quick Print Setup. Simple, graphical interface to setup your printer(s).
QSHOW11A.ZIP492105Jun 3 1994QuickShow Light for Windows is a quick and easy to use Windows multimedia slide show application.
QSTART1B.ZIP7976Feb 7 1992QuickStart for Windows. Allows you to quickly start an application.
QUE11.ZIP25660Sep 10 1991Batch printing for Winword & Excel files. Must have Visual Basic DLL.
QUIKNO.ZIP184273Oct 31 1994Quick Notes 2.0, a Notepad replacement, is a fast text editor that has multiple-file editing, word-wrap, a "most recently used" file list, and other features found in full-blown word processors.
QUINZIP.ZIP105403Dec 16 1992Simple, powerful ZIP/UNZIP program for Windows 3.1.
QWNSQL2A.ZIP119528Dec 6 1991Quasar SQL for Windows. File 1/3 -- docs and .HLP.
QWNSQL2B.ZIP99943Dec 6 1991Quasar SQL for Windows. File 2/3 - database .EXE.
QWNSQL2C.ZIP54670Dec 6 1991Quasar SQL for Windows. File 3/3 - SQL DLL, examples, etc.
RAWDRV.ZIP26438Mar 3 1992Raw printer driver for windows which allows you to get Pass_Through mode controls so that anything can be sent to a windows printer. Source code included.
RCPWIN.ZIP74374Oct 17 1991Windows based recipee program, also makes shopping list.
RECRN201.ZIP21331Dec 17 1990Nice utility which allows auto-execution of WIN recorder macros for Windows 3.0.
REDBTN22.ZIP23099Jun 12 1992A "big red button" exit icon for Windows. Put it in the Startup group and you can get out of Windows with one double-click.
REFONT10.ZIP26049May 1 1991Convert Mac Type 1 fonts for use with ATM and MS-Windows 3.0.
RENTT3.ZIP16965Aug 12 1992DOS program to rename Windows 3.1 True Type fonts.
RITEON20.ZIP71297Jun 16 1993Assign functions to your right and/or middle mouse buttons in Windows 3.1.
RM-13D.ZIP163711Sep 23 1992Windows Reminder - Personal Task Manager. Keeps track of to-do lists, set alarms (which can launch applications), prints reports. Supports DDE.
ROCKET.ZIP30508Jul 6 1991File Management for Windows 3.0. Requires Virtual Basic run-time DLL.
ROLODX3D.ZIP354206May 17 1993Windows Rolodex program.
ROUTE110.ZIP36531Nov 1 1991Sets up a menu of key applications for Windows 3.0 -- a real time saver.
ROUTE1V3.ZIP508352Apr 10 1993Route 1 for Windows - powerful Windows shell (button bar, submenus, etc.)
RPNCL12C.ZIP11989Dec 10 1994RPN calculator for Windows.
RR306.ZIP20647Nov 13 1990Windows 3.0 screen saver and password protecter.
RRR33.ZIP52867Feb 12 1995Roger's Rapid Restart for Windows. Quick exit to DOS, without fuss (but WITH risk of data loss). Easy switching between retail and debug versions of WIN. Run DOS-only games from WIN and come back, transparently.
RSGAGE.ZIP18283Mar 12 1992Resource Guage for Microsoft Windows, with C source code.
RTFGEN.ZIP31123Feb 23 1992Generate .RTF files for Windows help compiler, user supported.
RTIMR13A.ZIP30636Apr 1 1993R-Timer v1.3a - Windows task manager, executes programs at user defined specific times.
RUN18.ZIP24004Feb 27 1993Run Windows programs from a MS Windows' DOS Shell - nice for those who dislike the program manager.
RUNAWAY.ZIP14098Dec 13 1992A Windows 3.1 game. Avoid the robots.
RUNNER.ZIP33600Sep 25 1990RUNNER is a Windows 3.0 program that allows you to run ANY program, batch file, or .PIF file from an icon that sits at the bottom of the screen.
S12729.ZIP116052Oct 16 1990Windows 3.0 drivers for Novell networks & handicapped people. Released by Microsoft on 10/15/90.
S3-V151B.ZIP865493Sep 1 1992S3 drivers (version 1.51B) for Windows 3.1. New, dated September, 1992. About 10-20% faster than previous S3 drivers.
SABDU232.ZIP238894Aug 1 1993SABDU Version 2.32 is a fully cooperative Windows 3.x application that can be used to format/copy/compare/save floppy diskette images. All functions are available when running as an Icon.
SAGE12.ZIP134070Jan 1 1990Words of wisdom ("Quotes") program for use with Windows 3.0.
SALVTN.ZIP218689Jan 12 1993Salvation for Windows 3.1. This is an extremely nice file manager and/or program manager replacement.
SAVERS.ZIP69370Apr 17 1992New screen savers for Windows 3.1.
SB16ASP.ZIP43938Mar 29 1993Newest (4/29/93) version of the Sound Blaster Pro 16 drivers for Windows 3.1.
SB16W31.ZIP55108Sep 18 1993Sound Blaster 16 Drivers for Windows 3.1.
SBLIND.ZIP12241Jul 7 1992Windows 3.1 Screen Saver.
SBP2W31.ZIP49180Oct 14 1992Sound Blaster Pro V2 drivers for Windows 3.1.
SBPUPDAT.ZIP83141Jul 15 1993Lastest SoundBlaster Windows 3.1 drivers.
SBPW31.ZIP56439Apr 6 1992This is the new driver for Windows 3.1 to support the Sound Blaster Pro card.
SBPW311.ZIP204616Jul 2 1993Sound Blaster Windows Update Drivers Disk from CIS Sound Blaster FORUM. Uploaded by SOUND BLASTER.
SBWIN31.ZIP51087May 15 1992Drivers for Soundblaster 1.5 and 2.0 for Windows 3.1.
SCAP.ZIP10454Aug 13 1991A screen capture program for Windows 3.0.
SCAVENGR.ZIP20105Mar 12 1992Windows 3.1 application that is like the MAC trashcan.
SCFILE.ZIP70887Jun 8 1993SCFILE Version 1.3 is a FAST and easy way to view text files of all sizes in Windows. Provides HIGH SPEED text searching, full color and font control, as well as selective highlighting of text based on content. Requires VB
SCHEDULR.ZIP10909Nov 10 1993This program allows to launch another application at some designated time. It will only work under Windows 3.1.
SCODL.ZIP34326Nov 4 1991The Windows-to-SCODL Interface - Aldus Persuasion Version.
SCRIBBLE.ZIP7295Aug 21 1992Little scribble pad for Windows 3.1.
SCRNFIX.ZIP11887Sep 18 1992Screen/video fix for Xtree for Windows. Fixes problems when displaying in 256+ color mode.
SCW103.ZIP141501Dec 11 1991"Second Conflict" game for Windows. Requires EGA or better.
SDLDISK1.ZIP491514Sep 20 1990Microsoft supplemental driver library for Windows 3.0. Disk 1 of 4.
SDLDISK2.ZIP461829Sep 20 1990Microsoft supplemental driver library for Windows 3.0. Disk 2 of 4.
SDLDISK3.ZIP347613Sep 20 1990Microsoft supplemental driver library for Windows 3.0. Disk 3 of 4.
SDLDISK4.ZIP277077Sep 20 1990Microsoft supplemental driver library for Windows 3.0. Disk 4 of 4.
SDU160.ZIP156618Apr 4 1992SAB Disk Utility for Windows. Copy/Format diskettes.
SDU210.ZIP180660Jan 1 1993Windows based disk copy program, reads all disk into memory and then writes back to same size disk.
SEAS16.ZIP176755Jun 15 1994Realistic Fish Seascape is a Windows 3.1 screensaver. Shareware $10.
SEASCA.ZIP159131Jan 23 1993Sea scape screen saver for Windows 3.1.
SEASCAPE.ZIP159131Jan 23 1993This is a very good Shareware Windows Screen Saver. Tropical fish swim around feeding on microbes floating in the water.
SENSE2.ZIP15145Jun 17 1993Windows program that allows you to choose active window by moving the mouse over it. Similiar to Next.
SETCOM.ZIP2880Jul 4 1990Set COM3 and COM4 in Windows 3.0. Includes ASM source code.
SFLOW.ZIP315166Jun 26 1994SuperFlow's high power drawing capabilities includes auto connections re-routing, configurable defaults, user defined drawing objects, connectors and templates, objects group manipulation and extensive font and printer sup
SFXWIN1.ZIP75408Dec 18 1991Windows Sound Effects - [1 of 2].
SFXWIN2.ZIP75542Dec 24 1991Windows Sound Effects - [2 0f 2].
SHADOW.ZIP16866Sep 25 1991Monitor any Win 3.x API call with this program.
SHOOT11.ZIP11450Aug 30 1991Captures and transfers Windows 3.0 screens to clipboard.
SHOWFONT.ZIP18185Jan 12 1991Windows font displaying program. C source code included.
SHOWGIF.ZIP64992Mar 10 1991Windows 3.0 graphical file viewer. View and convert between multiple formats.
SHUFFB10.ZIP17873Nov 24 1993Bitmap Shuffler for Windows. Gives you a new background everytime you start Windows.
SIDEBA.ZIP87037Feb 12 1992Replacement for file manager and program manager for Windows 3.X.
SIERRAIC.ZIP1121Jun 22 1990Various Windows 3.0 icons for Sierra's adventure games.
SKI-BEA.ZIP63353Feb 13 1995Coca-Cola's Bear skiing across your Windows screen. (Screen saver). Fun.
SLIDE.ZIP20377Jul 31 1990Sliding Tile Puzzle for Windows 3.0.
SLPMN12C.ZIP223953Sep 19 1992Windows 3.X program launcher then tucks the icons into folders for ease of use.
SL_10.ZIP13906Nov 25 1991SuperLoad is a utility that energizes your Windows startup process. No more need for using the RUN= and LOAD= commands.
SMARTWIN.ZIP59477Dec 17 1988MS Windows file manager utility.
SMISHL20.ZIP94676Feb 15 1994Smiler Shell 2.0, nice command line interface for Windows. Shareware.
SMTCAT11.ZIP231330Jan 31 1993SMARTCAT v 1.1 A sophisticated new floppy disk management system for Windows. Full Windows MDI support.
SNAG27.ZIP86587Dec 14 1992SNAG 2.7 - WIndows screen capture.
SNAGIT22.ZIP113043Dec 5 1994Windows utility to capture screen image and direct to a file, printer or to the clipboard.
SNAKER.ZIP21381Aug 24 1991Module for After Dark screen saver.
SNDHACK.ZIP77308Jul 31 1991Win 3.0 Sound Editor & Sample Songs.
SNDTOOL_.ZIP373805May 11 1991A fine Windows 3.0 Speaker Sound Application NOT Adlib/SB, but GREAT for making Adlib/SB Sounds. Cut/Paste/Blend.
SNTFRA.ZIP22011Nov 30 1990Font for Adobe Type Manager (Windows 3.0).
SOFTPLUS.ZIP1028484Apr 9 1993SoftTronics Inc's SoftTerm Plus. Windows Shareware communications and terminal emulation program.
SOLICALC.ZIP54793Apr 2 1991Calculation Solitaire version 1.0 for Windows 3.0.
SOLWIN.ZIP211508Sep 1 1992Working demo of Solitare for Windows by Interplay. This come with 3 working games, Golf, Klondike & Scorpion. The released version will have 12 Games.
SOUND201.ZIP633758Sep 28 1994Soundlink, a free windows utility to attach sounds to various actions associated with particular programs.
SOUNDR3B.ZIP182286Sep 27 1991New Windows Sounder Version 3.0, now support not only PC speaker, but Disney sound source and Sound Blaster Card, nice to play with.
SOURCES.ZIP30670Apr 2 1993Complete listing of available commerical Windows programs.
SPACEW.ZIP18221Oct 26 1990Arcade-type space shoot-them-up game for Windows 3.0.
SPARTA12.ZIP116878Feb 4 1994Macintosh-like desktop/shell for Windows. Shareware.
SPBROUPD.ZIP389160Aug 2 1993Sound Blaster Driver Update. For SB2.0, SBPRO, SBPRO-2, SB16, SB16ADVSP. FROM CIS SOUND BLASTER FORUM. Uploaded By Sound Blaster.
SPDSTAR6.ZIP753291Apr 14 1992Turbo and regular video drivers for Speedstar video boards and Windows 3.1.
SPEAK.ZIP8446Apr 1 1992Most recent (4/2/92) copy of Microsoft's driver to play WAVE file through your speaker under Windows 3.1.
SPEXTN.ZIP19674Jun 15 1990Screen Peace for Windows 3.0 toolkit for writing your own screen savers. Needs Microsoft C 6.0, and Microsoft Windows toolkit 3.0.
SPIDER.ZIP80181Feb 8 1991Solitare card game for Windows 3.0.
SPLATAD.ZIP4933Jun 14 1991Module for After Dark screen saver.
SPLTBR.ZIP30921Feb 26 1992How to implement "split-bar" windows in Windows 3.1.
SPMATE11.ZIP434032Aug 5 1993Spelmate V1.1 Spell Checker DLL for Windows. Spelmate allows developers to add spell checking capabilities to their own Windows Application. Spelmate can be used from any language.
SPOOKS.ZIP28651Oct 21 1991Module for After Dark screen saver.
SPRBAR12.ZIP105250Oct 23 1992SUPERBAR V1.2 -A Windows program for creating and editing user configurable tool bars called SuperBars for any Windows application.
SPRSPY.ZIP28887Oct 18 1991Win 3.0 debugging tool - lets you snoop on windows messages and examine windows parameters - from the Microsoft Programmer's forum on Compuserve.
SPSTR31.ZIP766453Jul 16 1992Latest - 08/14/92 windows driver for SPEEDSTAR - 24 board.
SPT110.ZIP51461Jun 17 1993MS Access SQL Pass Through DLL (MSASP110.DLL).
SPX2.ZIP43623Jul 6 1990More screen savers for Screen Peace for Windows 3.0.
SPY.ZIP18075Oct 13 1987Windows App. Allows you to spy in on other windows.
SS24XUPD.ZIP155068Jan 22 1992SpeedStar 24X Drivers (ver. 2.03 dated 1/13/93).
SSBLIND.ZIP13132Jul 7 1992Windows screen blanker with source.
SSCORP.ZIP30975May 23 1993Makes your corporate logo into a windows screen saver.
SSHELL.ZIP71294Aug 3 1993SmilerShell v1.1a - command line for Windows. Unlike ProgMgr's RUN, it runs anything (DOS pgms, Windows pgms, or DOS internal cmds) and supports redirection.
SSHTCTRL.ZIP38169Apr 4 1992Spreadsheet-style control DLL for Windows 3.X. Can be called from any language.
SSP107.ZIP555586Sep 27 1993Latest Windows drivers for Diamond SpeedStar Pro downloaded from CompuServe.
SSWIN31.ZIP713861Apr 14 1992Speedstar drivers for Windows 3.1 from Diamond's BBS.
STAFF200.ZIP82966Aug 31 1993Staff Sargeant is a simple Windows utility with a single purpose; the printing of blank music staff paper.
STARBASE.ZIP24538Dec 2 1989Laser star blaster game for Windows 3.0. Similiar to Missle Command.
STARCLR.ZIP36304Apr 5 1991This is a Windows compatible printer Driver for the STAR 9 Pin printers.
STARSAD.ZIP8726Oct 12 1991Module for After Dark screen saver.
START.ZIP3459Dec 14 1990Rebuild your WIN.COM file to substitute any RLE image file for Microsoft's logo at Windows startup.
STARTU.ZIP39976Jan 21 1992Now you can change the startup screen of Win 3.0. Needs VBRUN100.DLL.
STARTUP.ZIP5961Jan 26 1991Change Windows 3.0 startup screen to any BMP picture of your choice.
STAT31.ZIP60575Sep 23 1992Status Line for Windows (ver. 3.1) -- a placable bar that shows memory free, resources free, and gives you the ability to launch some applets.
STKYNOTE.ZIP4872Aug 15 1992Sticky notes for Windows 3.1.
STLBWN31.ZIP877317Mar 29 1993Windows 3.1 driver for Diamond Stealth VRAM card (S3 accelerator chip).
STOP22.ZIP4997Mar 4 1993Quick (graceful) Exit from Windows.
STROKR10.ZIP4964Aug 24 1993Stroker for Windows v1.0 - allows automation of windows programs for presentations (ie. graphical macro language of a sort).
SUMMAWIN.ZIP173710Jul 10 1994Summa Sketch Tablet Windows Drivers ONLY / Update and fixes conflict with all sound boards. From Summa Graphics BBS.
SUPRMAIL.ZIP258948Jul 20 1991Mail list manager for Windows 3.0.
SURF.ZIP47012Jun 15 1992Surf is designed to be a toolbox for modifying and editing Windows 3.1 WAV files.
SURF11.ZIP87871Jun 15 1993An Incredible Selection of Effects for Windows WAV files.
SURFLAUN.ZIP50676Jan 15 1994The SurfSoft Launcher is an excellent Windows launcher, with animation, and sound. Very lean, neat, easy to use, saves on Windows real estate.
SURFSUP.ZIP8497Feb 2 1993A program to attach .WAV sounds to any application in Windows 3.1.
SVGA.ZIP327333Jun 16 1993Latest display driver for Windows 3.1 (got off of Microsoft bbs).
SWAP20.ZIP96913Jan 20 1993A utility to swap the WINDOWS LOGO with a BMP image of your choice.
SWFT11.ZIP20753Mar 3 1993Swift Access v1.1 for Windows - place most frequently used icons on your desktop.
SWFT15.ZIP47997Jul 16 1993Swift Access v1.5 for Windows - place most frequently used icons on your desktop.
SWTCH101.ZIP11020Dec 6 1991Easy method to switch video modes from within Windows 3.0. Much nicer than Windows setup options.
SYSBK23A.ZIP85566Mar 20 1993Windows System Backup 2.3 Windows 3.X utility designed to backup your important Windows files such as *.INI, *.PIF, *.GRP and your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. The program will backup while iconized and even disappe
SYSGRAF4.ZIP39224Aug 15 1991SysGraph displays the load in the Windows system queue in an icon at the bottom of the screen. Additional system load is shown by dips in the graph.
SYSINIWN.ZIP117815Mar 7 1993Help file for Windows 3.1 SYSTEM.INI. Search for those obscure entries.
SYSMETER.ZIP40726Oct 26 1992Windows 3.1 resource meter with Turbo Pascal Window source code.
SYSRES15.ZIP179815Jul 27 1992System Resources v1.5 For Windows. See a graph of your CPU usage. Find those CPU hogs. Now choose your colors, Remembers screen position.
SYSUSE12.ZIP15988Apr 30 1992SYSUSE 1.2: The ultimate performance monitor for Windows.
T2SDRW.ZIP43101Oct 13 1992TS Draw for Windows 3.1 is a simple object oriented drawing program.
TAIL.ZIP96777Aug 27 1993Tailgunner for Windows. Neat Windows game utilizing mouse to shoot at an endless supply of aliens pursuing you, the Tailgunner in a fleeing ship.
TAIPEI50.ZIP158177Aug 12 1991Version 5.0 of Taipei, the Windows 3.0 Mahjongg game. Allows different tile setups to start from.
TAPE304.ZIP399043Feb 4 1993Colorado tape backup update for Windows.
TASKLR13.ZIP119538Nov 23 1993Displays all EXE, DLL modules currently loaded in Windows, useful for testing, debugging, trouble-shooting Windows problems and troublesome applications.
TBOX11.ZIP415816Jan 27 1993Super Windows replacement shell. Integrated set of utilities with push button launching, drag & drop configuration, FileMan access through drive icons, file deletion/recovery, easy install/uninstall. Shareware, $15, GREA
TBOXW12.ZIP449241Mar 29 1993Outstanding Windows shell/enhancement. Provides drag & drop all over desktop, an almost OS/2-like interface. Many utils, resource alarm, etc.
TELC.ZIP8129Jul 15 1993Icon library (.icl format) containing phone-related icons.
TERM20.ZIP37774Aug 22 1992Terminator v2.0 electronic file shredder for Windows 3.1.
TERMITE.ZIP22721Sep 20 1990A Life-type program that runs under Windows 3.0. Includes C source.
THETRASH.ZIP20418Aug 7 1992Still another trashcan Windows 3.1 - the trashcan wars heat up.
THINGZ.ZIP52628Jan 30 1993ThingsToDo v1.3 - A Visual Basic PIM for Windows. Organizes info on people, tasks projects, meetings and other to-dos. Allows lengthy attached notes.
THOUGHT.ZIP54053Jun 21 1993TurboThought 1.0 is a unique program designed to help you solve any problem. Utilize your mind's free associative abilities to view your problem in new ways.
TI102.ZIP40740Mar 25 1993Time-It for Windows - enter time in hours,mins,secs and Time-It v1.02 counts down. Good for cooking and a thousand household uses.
TIBICONS.ZIP27348Feb 1 1994Collection of Windows Icons with a neat story to go with them.
TIFFANY.ZIP13600Jan 10 1989TIFF - Grab any image in any program under Windows.
TIME250.ZIP12982Aug 5 1990A time and date indicator for Windows 3.0. Quite flexible.
TIMEFRAM.ZIP5013May 6 1991Places a digital clock up on the menu bar of Windoes 3.0.
TIMEKE14.ZIP195821Jan 18 1993A windows alarm clock.
TIMELIN3.ZIP4487Jul 1 1990Puts date and time in corner of screen under Windows 3.0.
TIMESTAR.ZIP124646Apr 24 1989TimeStar time/date/appointment management utility for Windows 3.0. Some problems noted in 386 enhanced mode, all other modes fine.
TIMZNA04.ZIP30832Dec 14 1992Determine what time it is around the world -- Windows 3.X.
TLBAR211.ZIP190607Dec 8 1993Very nicely done Tool Bar program for Windows 3.1. Add programs, groups, or INI files to toolbars. Can open at startup (even work as shell) and will follow to any window, if desired.
TN10A.ZIP281612Jul 14 1992TakeNote 1.0 Disk 1 of 2. Easy to use Windows Personal Filer. Rolodex, auto dialer, address book. 19 pre-defined cards including business and home uses. Print labels, 3x5 cards, reports.
TN10B.ZIP157256Jul 14 1992TakeNote 1.0 Disk 2 of 2. Easy to use Windows Personal Filer. Rolodex, auto dialer, address book. 19 pre-defined cards including business and home uses. Print labels, 3x5 cards, reports.
TNYELVIS.ZIP194070Mar 20 1994A Tiny Elvis icon that talks and does his moves on your windows screen.
TODO2.ZIP36696Apr 29 1993A simple "To Do" list for Windows.
TODOV1_2.ZIP26891Aug 15 1991Great todo list for Windows 3.0.
TORQUE.ZIP27107Apr 9 1993Steve Gibson's video benchmark tester for Windows 3.1.
TRACAN.ZIP14077May 13 1992Yet another trashcan for Windows 3.1.
TRASH31.ZIP219389Jan 20 1992The TRASH.EXE application is a Windows 3.1 application that is a DDEML server. Trash supports the Drag/Drop functionality as provide by the new Windows 3.1.
TRASHCAN.ZIP14622Mar 23 1992And yet another Mac-like Windows trashcan.
TRASHM2.ZIP58603Mar 31 1993Still another trash can for Windows 3.1. This one looks very much like that of the MAC. Even supports sound on flush/emptying.
TRIPLETS.ZIP16439May 28 1991Windows 3.0 strategy board game.
TRUETYPE.ZIP61639Apr 17 1992An overview of True Types implementation in Windows 3.1.
TRY4A.ZIP11342Jul 17 1991Four mini-applications for Windows 3.0.
TSCAD0.ZIP4296Sep 22 1992Tommy Software CAD/Drawing program for Windows. Disk 1/4.
TSCAD1.ZIP200211Sep 21 1992Tommy Software CAD/Drawing package for Windows. Disk 2/5.
TSCAD2.ZIP360771Sep 22 1992Tommy Software CAD/Drawing package for Windows. Disk 3/5.
TSCAD3.ZIP188500Sep 21 1992Tommy software CAD/Drawing package for Windows. Disk 4/5.
TSCAD4.ZIP223715Sep 7 1992Tommy Software CAD/Drawing package for Windows. Disk 5/5.
TSENG2.ZIP501450Apr 2 1992Tseng 4000 video drivers for Windows 3.1 (April 1992).
TSENG3.ZIP427205Apr 2 1992HI-Color video drivers (640 X 480 & 800 X 600, up to 32,000 colors) for Windows 3.1.
TT151.ZIP257892Aug 12 1992Truetype font installation program for Windows 3.1. Previews TrueType fonts before they are installed.
TTAACHEN.ZIP18918Nov 30 1991True Type font for Windows 3.1.
TTADJUTN.ZIP26892Nov 30 1991True Type font for Windows 3.1.
TTI20.ZIP351404Dec 14 1992Font Installer version 2.0. Nice graphical interface. Previews fonts and installs or removes them.
TTT3D.ZIP14137Feb 29 1992Tic-Tac-Toe for Windows 3.X. Three dimensional.
TTTWIN10.ZIP56422Sep 17 1992Touch Type Tutor for Windows v1.0 - Intelligent self customizing typing tutor.
TTYPE.ZIP1564Apr 6 1992Small Text file about True Type Fonts.
TUBER.ZIP8542Nov 8 1992Great addition to AfterDark screen blanker.
TUMBLE10.ZIP26181Mar 2 1993Tumbling balls screen saver for Windows 3.1.
TVIEW.ZIP10169Mar 25 1992TrueView displays the complete character set of any font installed in Windows. It also prints a list of all fonts available to your printer.
TWEAK2.ZIP9856Sep 10 1990TWEAK makes it possible to run Windows 3.0 with 800x600 resolution with standard VGA cards, that are fully compatible with IBM cards.
TXT2RTF.ZIP26679May 28 1991Convert txt files to .RTF for Windows help compiler.
TYPEFAC2.ZIP69462Jul 12 1993Show fonts used by Windows, great font display program.
UC3H-1.ZIP210558Aug 15 1992Unicom version 3h for Windows 3.x. Great communications program for Windows. (Version update).
UCLOCK11.ZIP42992Oct 22 1994Ultimate Clock v1.1 - Fully configurable, digital clock and timer for Windows 3.1 and higher. Displays as large or as tiny as you want. Uses any available font or colors. Optional stay-on-top mode. Shareware from Natural S
ULFAST.ZIP13094Sep 7 1992UltraStore SCSI drivers for EISA machines.
UN4WIN.ZIP51677Jul 12 1993Windows application uninstall routine, compares setups for manual uninstall.
UN4WIN11.ZIP49906Mar 1 1993Uninstall Windows programs completely and automatically.
UNMACIT.ZIP64515Mar 25 1993UNSIT and UNHQX for Windows (Mac utils).
UNSTAL03.ZIP51272Nov 17 1994Uninstall for DOS and windows apps in Windows.
UNWIN11.ZIP49906Mar 1 1993Uninstall utility for Windows. Removes unwanted programs.
USHER.ZIP14456Mar 28 1991Menus that pop up when mouse clicked on open Windows 3.0 desktop. Supports 2 and 3 button mice.
UTILPAK.ZIP70194Jan 24 1991Misc utilities from Moon Valley Software for Windows 3.0, includes Grabit, Font Viewer, Memory monitor, and project manager.
UTL105.ZIP21161Jul 10 1990Various Windows 3.0 utilities. Includes RUN, CLOSE, and CLEAN.
UUCODE31.ZIP196220Feb 15 1994Uuencode and decode binary to ascii coverter for windows.
UWIN.ZIP137053May 2 1992U/Win is a set of UNIX-like utilities for the Windows environment. These utilities provide file management and support function for software development. Its command-line program is superb. For power windows users and pro
V-SWITCH.ZIP12740Dec 15 1991Switch between video modes in Windows without re-installing video drivers.
V7WIN31.ZIP39458Apr 27 1992Video 7 drivers for Windows 3.1 for other resolutions in 16 colors.
V7WINB.ZIP147323May 27 1992Windows 3.1 drivers for Video-7 cards (256 & 16 color modes) from Video-7 BBS.
VALENSAV.ZIP31579Jan 18 1995Valentine hearts screen saver.
VBRUN1.ZIP169356May 10 1991Visual Basic run-time DLL. Required to run programs for Windows 3.0 created with Visual Basic.
VBSPORTS.ZIP5476Oct 12 1991Visual Basic Sports Card Program. Runs under Windows 3.0.
VFWRUN.ZIP475820Oct 28 1992Video for Windows 3.1 runtime. Great multi-media application.
VFYGRB.ZIP4105Nov 27 1992Shows the video driver and grabber currently in use under Windows 3.1.
VGA-WALL.ZIP77255Jul 9 1990Fantastic VGA wallpaper for Windows 3.0.
VGAFON.ZIP163791Nov 20 1990Some nice VGA fonts for use in Windows 3.0. Not fully scaleable, but in four fairly common sizes.
VGASYS.ZIP110330Nov 15 1990Several alternate vga.sys files for Windows 3.0 that make your Control, Minimize, Maximize, and Scroll buttons look like a Mac, or NeXt, or Motif GUI.
VH.ZIP117624May 1 1993Visual Help writer for writing Windows 3.1 help files. VB2 program.
VH10F.ZIP131401Jun 4 1993Visual Help Version 1.0f - Windows Help File Development System, Requires Microsoft Help compiler and VBRUN200.DLL.
VHOLD.ZIP6781Jun 17 1991Module for After Dark screen saver.
VI10.ZIP22863Nov 7 1990View Icon is a Windows 3 utility program which allows the viewing of multiple icon files contained within a directory specified by the user. C source code included.
VIEWICON.ZIP37021Oct 7 1990Several useful Windows 3 icon utilities. Copy, Move, Delete, etc.
VIPER102.ZIP658114Apr 29 1993Version 1.02 of the Diamond Stealth Viper card drivers for Windows 3.1. Fixes and some speed improvements.
VLIB200A.ZIP179150Sep 4 19932D/3D graphics DLL for Windows, File 1 of 3.
VLIB200B.ZIP181693Nov 4 19932D/3D graphics DLL for Windows, File 2 of 3.
VLIB200C.ZIP126001Nov 24 19932D/3D graphics DLL for Windows, File 3 of 3.
VPD386.ZIP4055Mar 19 1992Enhanced mode parallel port driver for Windows 3.x.
VPR105UP.ZIP607477Aug 6 1993Latest drivers for DIAMOND VIPER video card. (v1.05).
VPRDRV06.ZIP134168Sep 27 1993Updates the Diamond Viper 1.05 windows drivers to 1.06.
VPRNT100.ZIP90959Nov 10 1993Windows NT video drivers for Diamond's Viper card.
VTSR.ZIP59659Nov 8 1992Video terminal screen fonts for Windows 3.1 as described in the Brian Livingston column in InfoWorld Jan. 11, 1993. Includes both Truetype and Postscript zips.
VUESAV.ZIP56809Feb 6 1994Windows screensaver, GIF, BMP, JPG.
W31-256.ZIP53120Jul 8 1992Windows 3.1 drivers for AHEAD SVGA boards.
W311UP.ZIP581306Feb 3 1994Update Windows 3.10 to Windows 3.11 (Not for Win for Workgroups). Released Feb. 94 by Microsoft. Downloaded directly from Microsoft.
W31ET4K.ZIP1108277Mar 1 1993Latest Windows 3.1 drivers for ET-4000 based video cards. Dated 3/1/93. Even has drivers for 15&16 bit color modes. Includes new 'ET4TURBO' drivers also.
W31UPDFM.ZIP164514Apr 3 1992Updates Windows 3.1 File Manager with buttons.
W31_256.ZIP296617May 27 1992Tseng ET4000 drivers for Windows 3.1 with Turbo drivers. Dated 5/27/92. 256 color drivers.
W3CFG.ZIP93479Aug 15 1990Windows configuration tips, a ToolBox application.
W3PINDRV.ZIP91365Apr 23 1991Windows 3.0 driver for NEC 24 pin dot-matrix printers. Version 1.37. This will not crash Word 2.0 as did previous versions.
W3TSKMAN.ZIP8018May 19 1991Outstanding, graphical task manager replacement for Windows 3.0.
W3WORLD.ZIP16670Jul 20 1990A World Map in .BMP format for Windows 3.0.
WALIENS.ZIP57539Feb 23 1993Another screen saver for Windows 3.1.
WARHEAD1.ZIP113486Sep 11 1991Missle Command for Windows.
WATS-JR.ZIP24513Oct 28 1991DR. Watson for Windows 3.0 - Like the New DR-WATSON for Windows 3.1, aids in tracking down UAE's in Windows - From the Microsoft BBS.
WAVEED.ZIP99455Feb 20 1992Outstanding, full-featured .WAV editor for Windows 3.1.
WB-40L.ZIP275567Dec 6 1992WinBatch - Ver 40l - A batch language for Windows 3.1.
WB31C.ZIP192763Mar 24 1993WINBACK v3.1c - Complete Windows Backup/Restore program.
WBACK31C.ZIP192763Mar 24 1993WINBACK 3.1c v3.1c - The perfect Windows backup program for the home computer user. Easy to use, no technical manuals to read or cryptic commands to memorize.
WBAUTO11.ZIP37450Mar 9 1991Windows 3.0 program that allows Wall Blaster to handle more then 6 BMP wallpaper files.
WBLAST14.ZIP30307Mar 18 1992Wallblaster 1.4. Windows 3.0 wallpaper changer for extracting wallpaper files from .ZIPs on-the-fly, using its own internal UNZIPing facilities.
WC300.ZIP45468Oct 7 1990WinClock Version 3.00, Windows 3.0 clock with 4 alarms, very configurable.
WCAPSLOK.ZIP16640May 29 1992wCapLock.exe is a Windows program designed to make your keyboard operate more like a typewriter.
WCDBRK.ZIP27946Jun 7 1991Code Breaker game for Windows. Includes complete C source.
WCHG12.ZIP137547Jul 25 1993WinChange is a utility to change references to drive and dir in *.ini *.grp etc.
WCHIM1OR.ZIP61873Nov 19 1991Winchime Requires Windows. Will Announce the time of day at 30 minutes or 1 hour intervals with human voice.
WCK30H.ZIP384012Nov 24 1991WinCheck 3.0h for Windows. Better than Msoft Money and Quicken for Windows. Imports Quicken files.
WCLOCK.ZIP55521May 4 1993Clock For the corner of your windows 3.1 screen, Many options and features sound blaster optional.
WCMD150E.ZIP363884Feb 5 1995WINDOWS COMMANDER v1.50 - a file manager replacement for Windows, with drag&drop, copy/move/delete whole directories, packer shell for ZIP/ARJ/LHA, full text search, command line.
WCOMMAND.ZIP76859Feb 6 1992Windows Command is a command line interface designed for Windows.
WCUBE.ZIP109232Jan 23 1993Rubik's cube for Windows.
WCV31.ZIP246702Jun 11 1993WinCover program provides cover sheets for paper faxes or fax-modems.
WCVPIX.ZIP214493Jun 11 1993Image files for WinCover.
WD0140.ZIP5596Feb 27 1991Notes from Microsoft on customizing Word for Windows 2.0.
WDIAL11.ZIP399944Mar 28 1993Windows Dialer. SUPERB interface. Dials telephone numbers from easily maintained database. You simply pick-up the phone (requires modem).
WDIFF110.ZIP56853Dec 16 1993Side-by-side text file compare under Windows w/ usual features.
WDISKMAN.ZIP46842Feb 17 1992Disk cataloger and label program for Windows 3.0.
WDK411TD.ZIP138195Dec 13 1992Background disk duplicator for Windows 3.1.
WDL.ZIP2854Apr 1 1992List of most recent (4/8/92) drivers available for Windows 3.1 (call 206-637-9009).
WDRAGVU.ZIP259941Feb 7 1993Drag And View allows you to view the contents of file from Win 3.1 file manager with and easy drag and drop interface. View ASCII, Hex and many popular spreadsheet, database, word processing and graphic formats.
WDW31.ZIP453933Apr 1 1992Windows 3.1 drivers for Western Digital Paradise Video cards.
WE-30D.ZIP518636Oct 13 1993WinEdit is a new text editor designed to take full advantage of the Windows 3.0 graphical environment. WinEdit is first and foremost a programmer's editor, with features designed for creating and maintaining program sourc
WECJ11.ZIP37784May 25 1993Fast .JPEG viewer for Windows.
WEM.ZIP21864Jan 1 1991Windows 3.0 Easy Menu Program Launcher.
WEM31.ZIP87754Apr 25 1992Windows Easy Menu for Windows 3.x. Can replace/work with Program Manger to setup a simple menu system.
WEMORY.ZIP8855Jun 6 1991WMemory version 1.0, memory viewer, clock, for Windows 3.0. Requires Virtual Basic run-time DLL.
WEMPIR.ZIP145156Jan 9 1993World Empire II for Windows. Risk-like. Very nice graphics. Play up to seven computer opponents if registered.
WEZP16.ZIP200478Jun 7 1994WINEZ PRO VERSION 1.6 : A Windows 3.1 add-in utility that provides fast task switching and application launching. Adds a pop-up toolbar available from almost any windowed application. Save and restore Windows desktop
WFFIND.ZIP53742Mar 10 1993File Finder for Windows.
WFILX120.ZIP7656Nov 17 1993Windows file manager add-on. Provides a default association for any file extension that doesn't have an association.
WFNPATCH.ZIP41849Feb 22 1991A patch for Corel Draw 2.0 fonts under Windows 3.0.
WFTPD18B.ZIP151641Dec 16 1993Windows FTP daemon for WinSock.
WFW11.ZIP389588Aug 1 1992Wyndfields is a relational database program for Windows, useful for keeping track of any type of structured information.
WFWPTP.ZIP335913Feb 4 1994Windows for Workgroups Piont to Point from MSDL. Async Dial-Up.
WFWQVT.ZIP274982Feb 17 1993How to configure WinQvt for Windows for Workgroups.
WFXCOM.ZIP7302Apr 5 1993New COMM Driver for Winfax Pro 3.0 correcting some of the High-Speed transfer problems.
WG1001.ZIP7381Mar 21 1994MS Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Serial.386 update. Fixes 16550 UART problems and unexplained comm port timeouts.
WGPLT338.ZIP229830Oct 31 1992Version 3.38 of GNU Plot for Windows.
WGREP.ZIP87928May 1 1992Windows Grep is a text search utility modelled after the UNIX program of the same name.
WHAG.ZIP471555Feb 10 1993Windows Help Authoring Guide - .doc files only.
WHANGMAN.ZIP76739Sep 29 1991Hangman game for Windows 3.x.
WHEARTS.ZIP77077Feb 21 1992Plays Hearts in Windows 3.X. Nice game.
WHIDE10.ZIP5625May 6 1993Windows 3.1 program to launch and run any program as a hidden (no icon) program.
WHISKERS.ZIP18739Oct 26 1990Interesting Mouse enhancer for Windows 3.0.
WHIZN211.ZIP460229Jan 21 1995WhizNotes for Windows: Version S2.1 Super-notepad with powerful topic management features to organize your text. With the Windows Help Compiler, use this to create Windows Help files. From Sanjay Kanade.
WHOOP30.ZIP81818Mar 25 1993Whoop It Up v3.0 for Windows - attach sound effects to applications and enhance Windows' sound features.
WHPE.ZIP112436May 9 1993Microsoft Help Author is an enhancement utility that makes it easier to create Help files for Windows version 3.0 and 3.1.
WHSKRS25.ZIP18609Oct 5 1990TSR Program to make right button mouse function as the Enter key.
WILDWIND.ZIP12111Nov 7 1992Text on how to run Wildcat! under Windows 3.1.
WILREF11.ZIP330978Nov 14 1992This is the documantion and help file to the WIL batch language.
WIN-FORT.ZIP51590Aug 3 1988Very nice Fortune cookie game for Windows.
WIN-VIEW.ZIP142717Feb 28 1993This is a collection of small image file viewer applications from the book Windows Bitmapped Graphics. Included are viewers for Macpaint, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, WordPerfect WPG, TIFF, WPG and Windows ICO files.
WIN01.ZIP7464Sep 18 1992Patch file for Xtree for Windows.
WIN144.ZIP347731Dec 14 1992Latest MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum Windows 3.1 drivers. Version 1.44.
WIN24.ZIP55465Nov 25 1991Windows 3.1 printer driver for the Star NX2420 Rainbow.
WIN31.ZIP147323May 27 1992Video 7 drivers for all modes using Windows 3.1. Dated 5/27/92, has setup so you can change resolution from within Windows.
WIN31AC.ZIP234879Apr 24 1992ATI Win 3.1 driver for Graphics Accelerators (April 24th 1992 version) from ATI BBS.
WIN31AC2.ZIP330320Sep 22 1992ATI Win 3.1 Drivers for ATI Graphics Accelerators (Sept 1992 release). Includes updates for April release and new 1280x1024 driver.
WIN31ACC.ZIP229258Apr 10 1992ATI Windows 3.1 drivers for Graphics Accelerators (April 6th 1992 release).
WIN31BUG.ZIP9698Jun 2 1992DLL to correct bug in Windows 3.1 when using 387 chip. Only necessary when using the 387 chip. Downloaded from Microsoft BBS.
WIN31C.ZIP553292Dec 10 1993Windows 3.1 video drivers for Trident Boards.
WIN31DRV.ZIP8881Jun 10 1992Windows sound driver for Disney Sound Source.
WIN31LBP.ZIP241839Oct 30 1992Panasonic Laser Printer Drivers for Windows 3.1.
WIN31NEW.ZIP16943Apr 17 1992Any overview of Windows 3.1 new features.
WIN31SFX.ZIP203417Aug 14 1992New windows 3.1 drivers for the ATI stereo F/X sound card.
WIN31VGA.ZIP253978Apr 10 1992Apr 92 Windows 3.1 video drivers for ATI VGA cards. From ATI's BBS.
WIN31XTL.ZIP144810Jul 16 1992ATI Windows 3.1 1024x768 Crystal Font Driver July 15, 1992 release from ATI Technologies Inc. This driver supports both Crystal Fonts and Microsoft TrueType Fonts, and is compatible with Adobe Type Manager (ATM).
WIN31_KB.ZIP341178Feb 23 1994WIN 3.1 Knowledge base as a HLP file.
WIN3215A.ZIP1145451Jul 23 1994Microsoft's recent update improves speed and stability with WIN32 apps. WIN32 ver 1.1.5a.
WIN32KB.ZIP244446Oct 6 1993Win32 SDK knowledge base in windows help file format. From Microsoft BBS.
WIN3IC.ZIP13591Jun 7 1990New icons for Windows v3.0, as well as direction on how to change icons.
WIN3PROB.ZIP6416Jun 17 1990Problems with Windows 3.0 and Disk Manager.
WIN4MNT.ZIP775505Mar 30 1994Very handy Win. 3.1 utilities. Includes uninstall, file search, etc.
WINADV20.ZIP129142Jun 5 1992Windows Port of the Classic Adventure Game.
WINAMORT.ZIP183726Jun 13 1991Winamort is a Windows Amortization program written in Visual Basic.
WINAMT.ZIP14559Jun 13 1991Mortgage amortization calculator for Windows 3.0.
WINAPP20.ZIP15267Feb 20 1993WinAPPS v2 - lists .DLLs in use at any given time, "good for support technicians".
WINAPPS.ZIP45461Mar 20 1986Set of MS/Windows applications from Microsoft - some useful, some strange.
WINAREA.ZIP9700May 30 1993Utility to lookup area codes in Windows 3.1.
WINAUX.ZIP15215Dec 11 1990Windows 3.0 debug utility that redirects debug messages to a second monochrome monitor. Includes C source code.
WINBAR16.ZIP13763Feb 17 1991Wbar is a program which generates bar codes (ie: 3 of 9, UPC, Postnet, etc) that can be copied to the Windows Clipboard.
WINBEN95.ZIP2013588Nov 14 1994Windows system benchmark program.
WINBLANK.ZIP12730Aug 22 1987Screen blanker for MS Windows.
WINBOOT.ZIP44062Apr 25 1993Simple method to restart Windows without exiting to DOS.
WINCAPFN.ZIP1385Mar 29 1993Docs from Microsoft on how to intercept any Windows DLL function (especially KERNEL, USER, and GDI).
WINCHE14.ZIP103936May 17 1992Molecular Model creator for Windows.
WINCHESS.ZIP37314Nov 18 1989Windows 3.0 Chess Game. Excellent graphics.
WINCHG11.ZIP38185Oct 22 1994Window Changer v1.1 - Switch windows fast. Make any window stay on top or move to back. Hide windows or unhide invisible windows. Exit or Restart Windows with no annoying prompt. Works by adding the names of all top-level
WINCLI22.ZIP51062Sep 12 1991Windows 3.0 command line editor to launch programs. Run DOS programs and commands without running a DOS window.
WINCLIP.ZIP89054May 7 1993WinClip 3.0, Windows PCX/BMP Clip Art Viewer, Catalog Printer, and more. From Ososoft.
WINCLK.ZIP20578Feb 20 1993Puts a clock in the top bar of windows applications.
WINCMD76.ZIP445662Jul 14 1994WCL: a Command Processor for Windows, OS/2 for Windows, and Win-OS/2. This program presents a native Windows implementation of a "C:>" prompt.
WINCOOK.ZIP141357May 3 1992Cookbook database for Windows 3.X.
WINCOVOX.ZIP65025Dec 4 1992Windows 3.1 drivers for Sound Master II board; December 92 edition.
WINDBASE.ZIP70223Oct 17 1991Windbase is a Windows application that was designed to help simplify data collection, storage and retrieval.
WINDCK.ZIP24436Apr 5 1992Version 1.5 of the Windock Windows 3.0+ program. Drag and drop files to side of screen for quick start. Well done but still developing. Shareware.
WINDCK14.ZIP16291Feb 10 1992Application/Icon Launcher for Windows 3.x, uses drag & drop.
WINDECAY.ZIP9562Oct 28 1993Decays your window -- screen saver.
WINDEX.ZIP25630Jun 26 1991Version 1.1 DOS utility program for Windows 3.0.
WINDIR46.ZIP65021Aug 13 1992WinDir 4.60. Excellent utility for Windows that will let you manipulate files, view graphics, play .WAV files and much more. You can run, copy, move delete, rename, etc in one simple program.
WINDNOTE.ZIP37390Apr 22 1992Stores descriptions for any file on your hard disk for Windows.
WINDPONG.ZIP42670Dec 30 1993Windows PONG - turn your PC into a b/w TV set.
WINDRV1.ZIP127460Jun 26 1991New Citizen Printer Driver, version 1.02, for Windows 3.0.
WINDUPE.ZIP56211Oct 23 1992Windows based diskette duplicator featuring single pass operation, format conversion, background operation, and much more.
WINEDIT2.ZIP190886Dec 17 1994WINEDIT 2.0. A full featured Windows 3.x programmers editor. New version takes advantage of Windows 3.1 features. Features also include compiler support, file size up to 16mb, etc.
WINENV41.ZIP316846Apr 5 1993Windows Envelope Printing Utility.
WINEXIT.ZIP5567Sep 24 1990The purpose of this program is to allow you to double-click on an icon and shutdown Windows.
WINEXIT3.ZIP8015Feb 7 1993Quick exit icon for Windows 3.1.
WINEYES.ZIP19262Oct 29 1990Roving eyes that follow your mouse movement. For Windows 3.0. Includes complete C source code.
WINEZ32.ZIP74564Feb 21 1994Windows Program WinEZ. Places Icons on Current program iconbar which allows you to easily start applications without searching program manager. Allows easy task switching and has enhanced Run command.
WINFAXTD.ZIP290407Sep 24 1991Test drive for Winfax program. Outstanding fax communication program. Functional demo from manufacturer.
WINFIGHT.ZIP63208Jan 25 1993Windows distraction - gunfighter pops up, "outdraw" with mouse.
WINFIN.ZIP238298Dec 12 1991Financial utility programs for Windows 3.X.
WINFMT.ZIP50380Mar 7 1990A useful floppy formatter for use with Windows 3.0.
WINFON.ZIP14987Jun 24 1991New character system fonts for Windows 3.0.
WINFONTS.ZIP383908Jun 30 1990This file contains all 23 of the standard PostScript screen fonts for Windows, already converted, with a sample "PSFONTS.INI" file.
WINFOOT.ZIP117309Oct 19 1992A very good Windows 3.1 football game. Version 1.1.
WINFST21.ZIP15014Jan 21 1993WIN FAST Graphical Program Launcher for Win 3.1. Drop Down Menu displays Groups in alphabet order. Button Bar displays Icons in Item-Name sequence so programs are easy to find.
WINGBETA.ZIP1161660Jun 27 1994Public Beta of WinG -- Microsoft's High-Speed Graphics toolkit for writing games for Windows, Windows NT and Chicago. They want everyone to start using this and report any bugs. Demos included to test your hardware.
WINGIF14.ZIP72198Aug 5 1991Windows 3.0 GIF viewer, and editor. ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
WINGOLF.ZIP209845Jan 16 1992Individual PGA golf handicapper, runs under Windows 3.0.
WINGRAB2.ZIP379793Aug 31 1993WinGRAB v2.0 Windows version GRAB Plus - Telephone Contact Manager, Envelope and Label Printing. Grab an address from your word processor and send it to envelope in printer.
WINHELP.ZIP181121May 15 1992Assists in the creation of Windows Help files. Avoids the need for a text editor that outputs RTF.
WINHLP.ZIP11493Feb 6 1991A text file that comtains Q&A's about Windows 3.0.
WINHORSE.ZIP11103Aug 25 1990Windows 3.0 program that produces a running horse animation ICON, Great for measuring CPU use and response to application programs.
WINJP251.ZIP297174Apr 3 1994WinJPEG - Windows based image viewer and processor, multiple formats (including .PCX and .GIF), also converts between formats.
WINKAL.ZIP15291Nov 23 1991A kaleidoscope for Windows. Includes complete C++ source in a single CPP file.
WINKER.ZIP7210Jan 15 1980Very fine screen blanker for Windows 3.0 - eyes follow you.
WINKEY.ZIP41755Jul 29 1992Windows accessory to make caps lock key work correctly.
WINLABEL.ZIP16831Aug 2 1991Windows floppy label program.
WINLET4.ZIP17020Apr 1 1988Windows User Group Newsletter #4.
WINLITE.ZIP227415Sep 27 1993Rosenthal WinLite is to Windows what PKLITE/LZEXE is to DOS. Compresses Windows executables while still leaving them executable. Expensive shareware.
WINLJ3.ZIP277512Oct 31 1991Latest HPLJ III printer driver for Windows dated 10-25-91.
WINLOA.ZIP17738Aug 1 1992Delay Windows loading so you can abort begining load.
WINMAN10.ZIP18364May 8 1993WinMan (Windows Manager) - alternative to the task lisk, allows one to "manage your windows instead of your 'tasks'".
WINMAZ.ZIP148343Sep 1 1992Windows generated mazes with hidden walls options, smart mouse tracking, high score saving, batch printing, full on-line help, sound support, computer solutions, and many more nice options.
WINMAZE.ZIP21618Feb 10 1988MS Windows maze display. Includes full C source code, and is an excellent example of Windows DDE programming.
WINMDM.ZIP76604Jun 15 1993Windows 3.1 program to view com port status (lights). Great for internal modems. Featured in Brian Livingston's Infoworld article.
WINMODEM.ZIP49760Sep 25 1992Windows utility to display status of internal modems.
WINMOVIE.ZIP243833Jan 5 1992Win 3.X program to animate bitmaps.
WINOCR20.ZIP212598Oct 8 1993WINOCR v2.0c for Windows is an Optical Character Recognition program. It works with bitmaps produced using low cost hand-held scanners and is intended to provide an effective method of data entry for programmers and others
WINPACK.ZIP28320Feb 15 1993Three screen savers (Windows).
WINPAK#1.ZIP150554Mar 7 1993A collection of screen savers for Windows.
WINPAK.ZIP67908Jan 29 1993A bunch of screen savers for Windows 3.x.
WINPARK.ZIP3875Feb 13 1990Hard Drive Park utility for Windows 3.0.
WINPAS.ZIP72389Oct 24 1990A very nice Pascal interpreter that runs under Windows 3.0.
WINPOK.ZIP64772Sep 4 1990Windows 3.0 video poker game. Looks pretty good.
WINPONG.ZIP6263Oct 22 1991The game of Pong for Windows 3.x.
WINPOOL3.ZIP62881Jun 15 1993Winpool is a Windows 3.X game that was created from the code that was written for Xpool (which is an X windows version of this game) which simulates a billards game by using an approach called Discrete Element Methods(DEM
WINPROG.ZIP8280Jun 12 1991Windows programming tips collection from InterNet.
WINPRT15.ZIP163890Apr 2 1993Windows print util that allows 2 column printing in landscape mode.
WINPSX.ZIP24995Jul 22 1991Windows 3.0 Program to download Type 1 and Type 3 softfonts.
WINQ110.ZIP44836Jan 15 1994This Windows program will display a "Quote of the Day".
WINQ200B.ZIP282855Aug 22 1992WinQWK 2.00b is one of the foremost QWK off-line mailer readers for Windows.revious versions had the tagline capability crippled to encourage registration.
WINQUE.ZIP5387Apr 15 1988MS Windows System Queue Line Graph.
WINRIP.ZIP8346Jan 29 1991Debug utility that redirects fatal exit messages from debug windows kernels from AUX to a monochrome monitor or VGA monitor.
WINRULER.ZIP10547Sep 15 1992On screen pixel ruler for use in Windows 3. Requires BWCC.DLL to run.
WINRUN10.ZIP25432Feb 2 1992WinRun ver 1.0 Startup a windows application without starting up Windows first. Will bring windows up and startup the application chosen on the command line.
WINSAFE.ZIP9430Jul 27 1994Save Windows environment in order to be able to restore it after testing.
WINSCHED.ZIP249336Sep 1 1993A great Windows application scheduler.
WINSET10.ZIP25205Jul 15 1992Tells you want files windows touched during an installation.
WINSHR10.ZIP27326Mar 4 1993WinShred, another trash can type icon for windows.
WINSIEGE.ZIP200547Jul 15 1993Windows game - take over the grid board by building castles.
WINSK11.ZIP279494Feb 3 1994WinSocket 1.1 - win word version of WinSock API documentation, .h, .lib, .vb, .hlp and others from the archive.
WINSLOT.ZIP27434Dec 8 1990Vegas Slot Machine for Windows 3.0.
WINSNC12.ZIP165549Apr 11 1993WinSince v1.2 for Windows - File manager. Allows user to set an action to perform on lists of files.
WINSOCKT.ZIP80972Jun 11 1992Windows Sockets API Spec.
WINSONG.ZIP157337Nov 27 1988MS Windows Music Creator (Demo).
WINSP05.ZIP50289Jan 28 1994Printer spooler for Windows.
WINSPD.ZIP51020Jan 14 1992Windows-based System performance analysis utility.
WINSPL21.ZIP686269Feb 22 1992Spelling checker for Windows.
WINSTA.ZIP15135Sep 9 1991Windows 3.0 status program. Free utility from PC Computing that shows memory, HD space, mode, etc.
WINSTARS.ZIP3960May 22 1990A moving stars background for Windows 3.0.
WINSTART.ZIP17139Sep 18 1990Provides a menu to pick the Windows 3.0 startup mode of your choice.
WINSUPRA.ZIP26887May 28 1992Fix to WinFax 2.0+ which allows it to work with the SupraFax V32/bis modem.
WINTACH.ZIP99510Mar 30 1992WinTach - Measure video speed in Windows 3.x, by Texas Instruments. Compare your speed against other VGA cards. Good utility.
WINTEL.ZIP123754Jul 5 1994Good windows telecom program.
WINTIP.ZIP459222Sep 1 1993Windows 3.1 tips & tricks from CI$.
WINTIPS.ZIP21455Sep 22 1990Hints on how to use QEMM with Windows 3.0.
WINTODO.ZIP107090Jul 5 1993A Windows to-do list manager.
WINTR3.ZIP13998Jul 31 1990Windows 3.0 implementation of TETRIS.
WINTRASH.ZIP15048Mar 23 1992Trashcan Icon for Windows 3.1 features Drag & drop.
WINTREE.ZIP53820Aug 14 1990Geneology Program for Windows 3.0.
WINTRICK.ZIP1283Dec 20 1992Windows 3.1 tricks and easter eggs (undocumented features).
WINTUNE.ZIP1233533Sep 1 1994Windows utility checks for optimization of current setup.
WINUNZ13.ZIP69010Aug 24 1992Windows unziping utility, does not use pkunzip.
WINUNZIP.ZIP12029May 8 1991Windows .ZIP file extraction utility.
WINVID.ZIP11497Apr 9 1993Program by Steve Gibson providing results of his tests on many popular video boards.
WINVLP.ZIP9537Sep 9 1991Windows 3.0 utility for printing envelopes. Free utility from PC Computing.
WINWHEEL.ZIP103787Aug 3 1991Wheel of Fortune type game for Windows.
WINWILL.ZIP16164Aug 19 1992Windows 3.x program that will help you create your legal will.
WINWIZ.ZIP219231Jun 1 1992A Multimedia Fortune Teller. Requires Windows 3.1, a sound card capable of playing .VOC files, and VBRUN100.DLL. Lip-synched graphics.
WINWORM.ZIP7504Jul 15 1990Worm War is a simple Windows 3.0 game that is similar to Centipede.
WINXWORD.ZIP25159Jan 12 1989XWORD allows the entry, creation, and working of crossword puzzles within Windows. Looks just like a real puzzle.
WINZIP55.ZIP267025Aug 15 1994Windows Shell for Zip 2.0 / ARJ / LZH / ARC.
WINZOO21.ZIP44898Mar 4 1992Simple port of the ZOO archiver to run under Windows.
WIN_BITM.ZIP130581Apr 19 1993A good graphics conversion program for Win 3.1 - Full C source code.
WIN_CLP.ZIP16168Apr 22 1987Windows program to copy screen image to a Pagemaker compatible disk file.
WIN_MAP.ZIP327733Nov 16 1992NCompass for Windows is a complete and versatile desktop mapping and navigation package.
WIZFMT30.ZIP366661Feb 28 1993Very nicely done Windows 3.1 disk copier and formatter. Requires VBRUN200.DLL.
WIZMGR15.ZIP327404Jan 5 1994Wizmanager v1.5 - powerful, innovative WIN31 File Manager add-on. All the features you wished for are finally available in this innovative and powerful add-on. Get a colorful buttonbar, command line box, and great UTILs.
WIZUNZ12.ZIP58995Jun 30 1992INFO-ZIP's ZIP program for Windows.
WJ2-0A.ZIP65834Sep 13 1991WINJACK 2.0 Blackjack program for Windows 3.0.
WLAYOUT.ZIP16205Aug 12 1990Windows 3.0 program to layout and record icon positions.
WLIT21.ZIP42232Aug 22 1992Make a "bootable" version of Windows 3.X on a floppy.
WLITE21.ZIP38507Aug 22 1992Creates a workable copy of windows on a high density 3.5" disk.
WLPEEP.ZIP25198Dec 12 1992Wallpeeper for Windows. Stunning wallpaper manager. Use not only .bmp, but .ico and .wmf as wallpaper. It will hunt an entire drive for every possible usable file, then let you preview you choice in a separate window.
WLPRUTL.ZIP261502Oct 29 1990Window's wallpaper utilities which includes hundreds of bmp images, a utiltity which selects a new bmp for each session, and a program which helps you create good bmps for a tiled background by tiling anything in the clipb
WLST100.ZIP66955Aug 11 1992Simple and fast Windows text file printing utility for HP Laserjet compatible printers. Supports drag and drop file selection. Duplicates print formatting of PC Magazine utility LASERLST. Freeware.
WMB20.ZIP31297Oct 20 1990Mile Bones is an automobile card game running under Microsoft Windows 3.0. It plays like a certain French card game with a similar name.
WMB21.ZIP43636Sep 7 1992Milborne for Windows 3.1.
WMC.ZIP122949Mar 4 1993Switch between multiple desktops in Windows 3.1.
WMICON.ZIP90614Dec 3 1992WindowMagic 1.0b lets you easily change Windows Program Manager group & application icons. It uses a simple drag and drop interface and can read icons from any .DLL or .EXE file. Contains application list and launch featur
WMPRO.ZIP111802Sep 20 1992.MOD file player for Windows.
WN4MNT.ZIP777557Mar 30 1994MS Windows 3.1 utility program. Includes uninstaller, editor, duplicate DLL finder, file find program and more. Requires VBRUN300.DLL, Shareware.
WNBFF17A.ZIP23005Aug 26 1993Good program for windows to alert you that you have a mail message.
WNCLK3.ZIP45468Oct 7 1990A new clock for Windows 3.0 with many features.
WNCODE26.ZIP266112Oct 31 1994WinCode 2.3, a Windows utility to UUENCODE binary files as ASCII or UUDECODE ASCII to binary, essential when sending or receiving binaries through a gateway (such as CompuServe/Internet) which only accepts ASCII text.
WNDER101.ZIP13900Jan 22 1992Decide whether or not to load Windows on boot.
WNEKO.ZIP15187May 23 1991Cat chases your mouse (NEKO means Cat in JAPANESE). Windows 3.0.
WNEWS001.ZIP2326Jan 23 1991Windows 3 Newsletter Number 1.
WNEWS002.ZIP2098Jan 23 1991Windows 3 Newsletter Number 2.
WNFR1821.ZIP506842Nov 7 1993Fractals for Windows 3.X. This is a powerful, intense graphical viewer and editor. Standard or enhanced mode only. 256 color a near must.
WNGRD-22.ZIP218770Sep 5 1994WinGuard 2.2 shields Program Manager from damge by guest users, usig 7 levels of protection and can hide user-selected program groups & Control Panel icons behind a password-secure shell. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. From Cetus
WNMAIL.ZIP505817Nov 8 1992Windows E-Mail manager, allows access to internet and usenet. Requires subscription to
WNOTE21A.ZIP105483Feb 24 1994WillNote - utility for Win31. Provides a notepad and the ability to "tear off" notes and leave them on the Windows desktop, sort of like a Post-It note.
WNPRT132.ZIP65340Sep 13 1990WinPrint allows you to print ASCII files in Windows 3.0. Allows adjustment of fonts, margins, etc.
WNPST32B.ZIP139707Jul 1 1993WinPost provides a mechanism for manipulating on-screen Post-it notes for Microsoft Windows 3.1.
WNQVT478.ZIP177310Mar 11 1992Excellent communications program for Windows 3. Supports Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and Kermit transfer protcols. Emulates VT200, VT100, and VT52 terminals.
WNRG11.ZIP220659Aug 22 1992Register for Windows; comprehensive grading program for teachers; uses points up to 999, room for 80 grades for each of 150 students per class; extensive reporting and exporting of grades and statistics.
WNVELOPE.ZIP39032Feb 14 1992Windows 3.1 utility to print single envelopes.
WNZIP32.ZIP128295Oct 3 1992Latest version of the Windows shell for ZIP/ARC file compression utilities.
WOLR80.ZIP426295Dec 1 1993WinOnLineReview, issue 80, electronic mag in WinHelp format. Reviews of Felix the Mouse, Bars & Stripes, Motormouse, DRAFIX Windows CAD 2.1c, Visio 2.0, WinWord 6.0, more.
WOLRS33.ZIP162912Dec 9 1993Windows On-Line Review, Shareware edition, #33. Touches on VbReader, WaveRider, Sink The sub, UFO Tracker, others. Win31 HLP format.
WOLRS37.ZIP138291Jan 11 1994Windows Online Magazine - Issue 37.
WOLRS4.ZIP147743Apr 2 1993WinOnLine Review, Shareware Edition, 04/02/93.
WOLW50.ZIP199553Jul 17 1992Windows on Line - The weekly magazine about windows. Issue 50.
WOPRA.ZIP409393Mar 8 1992Word for Windows Office POWER Pack -- adds many features (for envelopes, booklets, etc.) to Word for Windows 2x. (File 1 of 2.).
WOPRB.ZIP348146Mar 8 1992Word for Windows Office POWER Pack -- provides add-on features for Word for Windows 2x. Part B includes Toolbar Edit (create your own icons, color, etc.) and a large assortment of WinWord macros.
WORKGRPS.ZIP7349Apr 18 1991Allows loading of eight applications with one icon click Win 3.0.
WPJ1-1.ZIP37600Jan 1 1993Windows Programmers Journal Vol. 1 No. 1. Sort of a magazine in file form for Windows programmer types.
WPJ1-3.ZIP130637Mar 2 1993Windows Programmers Journal Vol. 1 No. 3. Sort of a magazine in file form for Windows Programmer types. Include new Windows Help viewable format.
WPJV1N2.ZIP47795Feb 1 1993Windows Programmers Journal Vol. 1 No. 2. Sort of a magazine in file form for Windows programmer types.
WPJV1N4.ZIP95127Apr 4 1993Window Programmers Journal Vol 1. No. 4. Fourth issue of a magazine for Window Programmer types.
WPJV1N5.ZIP87042May 8 1993Window Programmers Journal Vol 1. No. 5. Fourth issue of a magazine for Window Programmer types.
WPJV1N6.ZIP132506Jun 12 1993Windows Programmer's Journal June 93 - info for beginners and advanced programmers.
WPJV1N7.ZIP252392Aug 2 1993Issue #7 of the Windows Programmer's Journal.
WPJV1N8.ZIP419853Sep 4 1993Issue #8 of the Windows Programmer's Journal.
WPRO2.ZIP25755Jun 25 1989Windows Application Prototyper (2.4). Demo of commercial product.
WPRTSC10.ZIP96540Jun 20 1992Do a print screen while in Windows 3.X. Can also direct output to a file.
WPV102A.ZIP192065Sep 14 1993PROVIEW (tm) For Windows Integrated System Analyzer and Viewer.
WRAMP111.ZIP1332373Sep 4 1994Full featured Windows communication program.
WRCH23.ZIP28355Mar 14 1994WINROACH v2.3 Add pesky roaches to your Windows Desktop. Entertaining.
WRK_DOC.ZIP862436Feb 24 1992Windows 3.1 Windows Resource Kit documentation. All the tech stuff you want to know about Windows 3.1.
WRLDCLK.ZIP10506Oct 1 1991Windows 3.0 program that displays world clock-time zones.
WRU311.ZIP80104Oct 15 1992WRU v3.1.1 - A Windows 3.1 file finder for systems with large or networked hard disks. Multiple file lists with 10,000 entries per list. Compressed files can be scanned (ARC,ARJ,LZH,ZIP, ZOO) and DOS files can be ignored.
WS200.ZIP132015May 19 1992Windows 3.1 Slots game. Good graphics.
WSHELL10.ZIP9159Oct 13 1990Gives you command prompt under Windows 3.0 and remembers last 15 commands. Replaces Window's RUN command.
WSK320.ZIP164093Apr 12 1993WinSock v3.20 - Windows benchmark test.
WSURVEY.ZIP146466Mar 9 1993Windows program to edit/take surveys.
WSVGA256.ZIP372147Jan 24 1994Windows 3.1 256 color SVGA (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768) drivers for non-accelerated SVGA cards. Downloaded from Microsoft BBS.
WSWARM11.ZIP14549Feb 25 1995WinSwarm v1.01 - Screen saver for Windows. (SCR) This screen saver is much like the "classic" screen saver Swarm for XWindows. This version adds many options to customize swarm to your liking. Simulates a swarm of Bees c
WT110.ZIP101187Mar 29 1992Space adventure game (Windows Trek) for Windows 3.X.
WTIME21D.ZIP77404Jul 30 1993WorldTime for Windows is an easy-to-use world clock utility for Windows. WorldTime allows you to track the current time in over 150 metropolitan and geographic locations around the world.
WTM21A.ZIP75755Apr 14 1993World Time For Windows - International VGA Clock.
WTOOLS.ZIP130420Mar 6 1992A collection of tools for Windows 3.x.
WUARTMO.ZIP16016Feb 22 1991Windows 3.0 utility that displays UART Status. (Lights for Modem).
WUNA221.ZIP127290Jan 10 1993Windows UnArchiver 2.21 - unZIP/ARJ/ARC in Windows without the DOS application (PKUNZIP, etc.). Includes a TRYOUT feature for downloads and ability to run/read files from within the archive.
WUNZIP.ZIP31521May 14 1991Windows's 3.0 unzip utility. Does not require PKZIP/PKUNZIP.
WUZIP.ZIP132644Aug 26 1992Another UNZIPPER for Windows 3.X. Nice interface.
WVIEWE.ZIP32043Oct 28 1988File viewer for MS Windows.
WW0335.ZIP23479Aug 24 1990An excellent text file on Windows 3.0 memory management.
WW0524.ZIP7559Mar 27 1992Notes from Microsoft on Troubleshooting GP Faults (UAEs) in Windows 3.1.
WW0525.ZIP5310Mar 31 1992Notes from Microsoft on Troubleshooting 386 Enhanced Mode Problems.
WW0526.ZIP6701Mar 27 1992Text about Windows 3.1's Setup program.
WW0527.ZIP8804Mar 30 1992Notes from Microsoft on the New Features in Windows 3.1.
WW0528.ZIP12635Mar 31 1992Notes from Microsoft on Fonts & Windows 3.1.
WW0530.ZIP13617Apr 7 1992Notes from Microsoft on FastDisk & SMARTDRV.EXE (32-bit access).
WW0532.ZIP13524Apr 1 1992Notes from Microsoft on Object Linking & Embedding in Windows 3.1.
WW0618.ZIP3499Oct 20 1992Microsoft Q&A on WinLogin.
WW0654.ZIP15048Oct 19 1992Microsoft AppNote on Windows 3.1 and Serial Communications.
WW0981.ZIP581306Feb 3 1994Update Windows 3.10 to 3.11.
WW1000.ZIP9200Feb 26 1994VSHARE.386. Replace SHARE.EXE with a virtual driver. Downloaded from MS Download Service.
WW2SCONV.ZIP302636Feb 20 1992Supplemental Word for Windows V2.0 conversion disk.
WWFIRWKS.ZIP725Nov 26 1990Undocumented Word for Windows Fireworks Display - How to set it off.
WWHERE.ZIP15307Mar 3 1990Latest version (1.4) of Window WhereIs for MS-Windows.
WWIZ0792.ZIP112820Jun 13 1992Windows Wizzard - Articles for Windows users. 7/92
WWIZ0892.ZIP118286Jul 17 1992Windows Wizzard - Articles for Windows users. 8/92
WWIZ0992.ZIP107901Aug 15 1992Windows Wizzard - Articles for Windows users. 9/92
WWIZ1092.ZIP109260Oct 9 1992Windows Wizzard - Articles for Windows users. 10/92
WXPRS10.ZIP1149734Nov 9 1994WordExpress 1.0: Feature rich Word Processor for Windows. The most complete budget-sensitive word processor available. For the most bang for the buck, try this outstanding word processor from MicroVision Development.
WYWO3B.ZIP107149Apr 14 1992A Windows 3.0 Phone Message System. Runs on networks.
WZBETA.ZIP142850Dec 5 1992Version 4.0 beta of WinZip for Zip, Lzh, and Arj files.
WZUN13.ZIP66322Aug 30 1992INFO-Zip's Freeware Unzip utility for Windows 3.X.
XL2CRD.ZIP9835Dec 15 1990Windows 3.0 utility which converts the Excel sheet to card files.
XLBIFF.ZIP48277May 6 1992Updated XLBIFF.CNV conversion file for Word for Windows 2.0. Allows importation into WfW2 of Excel 4.0 worksheets. The conversion file that ships with WfW2 can only handle Excel 2 and 3.
XMASBMP.ZIP2940Dec 12 1990Christmas wallpaper for Window 3.0. Help you get into the mood.
XMDMDLP.ZIP14123Jul 10 1992Sample of a Dynamic Link Protocol for use with Procomm Plus for Windows 3.x. Add your own protocols to Procomm.
XORDEMO.ZIP141234Nov 13 1990X-or. A MIDI System Exclusive Orchestrator, Editor, and Librarian. Runs under Windows 3.0.
XRAY11.ZIP10059Jan 4 1994XRAY v1.1 - Utilities which allow Windows programs which can call a DLL (C, Visual Basic) to access the screens of DOS applications running in 386enh DOS Windows. Includes examples, Libs and Include files.
XTIMELOG.ZIP137875Sep 8 1992Xtimelog 1.0 is an MS-Windows 3.x application for personal time usage recording which maintains a database of work projects.
XTUPDATE.ZIP33159Jan 6 1993Update for XTREE Pro for Windows. Corrects several bugs, including problems with some video formats.
YACHT1.ZIP11871Oct 8 1990A good game of Yahtzee for Windows 3.0.
YEAR.ZIP56056Jun 1 1992Windows 3.1 year at a glance, change years with PgUp/PgDn.
YELLOW.ZIP14213Dec 14 1989Windows applications which allows the user to control the yellow submarine in FISH.EXE (included).
YTZ130R.ZIP27568Oct 31 1991Latest version of YTZ for Windows 3.0. Uploaded by the author.
YTZ20.ZIP77656Oct 31 1992Yacht-Z is a version of the classic dice game. Now, in addition to triple scoring, single scoring is included for quicker, simpler games. Windows 3.1.
ZDODA104.ZIP9826Apr 11 1993A ZIP file manager for Windows 3.x.
ZIPAPER.ZIP39801Oct 21 1990Zip BMP files and still use them randomly as Windows 3.0 wallpaper.
ZIPIT11.ZIP120016Nov 16 1992Zip and unzip shell for Windows 3.1. Requires VBRUN100 (or 200).
ZIPW13.ZIP107225Jan 21 1992A zipping/unzipping program that runs completely within Windows (although it's a bit awkward to use).
ZM4.ZIP405620May 24 1993Archive Manager for Windows 3.x. Handles all types of archivers including ZIP and ARJ. Very comprehensive.
ZOOM.ZIP8030Oct 29 1991Make your Windows 3.X "zoom" open, much like the Macintosh.
ZOUNDS.ZIP10327Dec 27 1988MS Windows Beep Replacer.
ZS101B.ZIP152576Jun 8 1991Zsoft PC Paintbrush IV Plus version 1.01B Driver Update. File contains device driver updates for video cards, printers, and scanners. Will work with PC Paintbrush IV Plus version 1.01. Version dated 4-16-91.