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Windows 3.0 program that allows Wall Blaster to handle more then 6 BMP wallpaper files.
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Windows 3.0 program that allows Wall Blaster to handle more then 6 BMP wallpaper files.
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Contents of the WBAUTO.TXT file

Ver 1.1 1991 Change History Below:
by Dick Koster

If you are using the non-commercial version of WALL BLASTER
supplied via the BBS's, you have noticed that the WBLASTER.ZIP
file can only contain up to six (6) wallpaper *.BMP files. If you
have more than that, it becomes necessary to juggle files.

This utility can run in the batch that initiates WINDOWS. Its
only interaction with the user is a series of "grumbles" if an
error condition occurs (in which case it does nothing!).

The program assumes that you have more than one ZIP file
containing six (or less) *.BMP wallpaper files. These ZIP files
"must" be named:

PAPER03.ZIP etc. (up to 49 allowed thus far)

When the program runs "initially", there should NOT be any
WBLASTER.ZIP file existing. It will rename PAPER01.ZIP to
WBLASTER.ZIP and exit.

The next (and succeeding) time the program runs, it will rename
WBLASTER.ZIP back to its original PAPER??.ZIP name, and then grab
the next PAPER??.ZIP file in sequence to rename as WBLASTER.ZIP.

When the last PAPER??.ZIP file is used, the cycle will commence
once again with PAPER01.ZIP.

And that's all there is to it! Now you can have numerous
wallpaper files (in ZIPPED format) on the disk and cycle thru them
automatically each time you run Windows. The step-by-step
procedure is outlined below:

1. To make things easier, create a separate subdirectory off the
\WINDOWS\ directory to contain the PAPER?? and WBLASTER zip files.
Create your PAPER01.ZIP --> PAPER49.ZIP files using PKZIP in this

Do not leave any missing files (ie, PAPER01, PAPER03, PAPER04...)
or a program abort will occur. Remember, only up to six *.BMP
files can be in any one PAPER??.ZIP file!

2. If the subdirectory that you created was:


...this is the internal default for WBAUTO to locate the
files. The command line to run the program would be:


Otherwise, when running the program, include the path to
your PAPER??.ZIP files on the command line as follows:

WBAUTO c:\windows\bmp

Place this in your batch (or Autoexec.bat) file and execute it
before running Windows. It is easier if WBAUTO.EXE is in the
Windows subdirectory, but it can be anywhere as long as your batch
file can locate it via the PATH statement or command line path

3. Remember to edit the WIN.INI file as shown below to direct
WallBlaster where to find your WBLASTER.ZIP file.

** ---> LibraryName=c:\windows\wall\

4. One final thought. In your batch file that runs Windows, if after
you exit Windows you execute:


The current wallpaper file will be deleted. This will save time
the next time you run Windows in that time won't be wasted loading
the last-used BMP file, displaying it, and then having WallBlaster
remove it to load the next one. Of course, this will remove all
*.BMP files from the subdirectory, so it's wise to keep these
suckers in another subdirectory and away from \WINDOWS itself!

5. And finally! When this program runs it will place a version
and author acknowledgment on the screen. Very small but vanity
has its place. On the other hand, this too can be removed if you
so desire. Merely place the "shutoff" parameter on the command
line as follows:


If you also are including a path to your ZIP files on the
command line, be sure that the shutoff parameter is "first",
directly following WBAUTO!

WBAUTO /a \win30\other


1. Sorry, but the table sort didn't function properly. As long as
the initial directory sequence was in sorted order it worked
ok. Oh well......

2. The version/author acknowledgment "shutoff" parameter was
added to the command line.

And that should do it. If there are any problems or suggestions
and you would like to contact me, write to the address below:

Dick Koster
35 Guinevere Rd.
N. Easton, MA 02356


The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or
implied and assumes no liability for damages either from its
direct use or as a consequence of its use. Have you hugged
your backup today?

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