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New Win 3.1 VGA drivers for ATI cards.
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New Win 3.1 VGA drivers for ATI cards.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
8514FIX.FO_ 3646 3450 deflated
8514OEM.FO_ 4237 4026 deflated
8514SYS.FO_ 3633 3516 deflated
CGA40850.FO_ 4090 3655 deflated
CGA40WOA.FO_ 3563 3210 deflated
CGA80850.FO_ 3362 2963 deflated
CGA80WOA.FO_ 3039 2712 deflated
COURE.FO_ 9416 8675 deflated
COURF.FO_ 12118 11233 deflated
EGA40850.FO_ 4478 4090 deflated
EGA40WOA.FO_ 3933 3699 deflated
EGA80850.FO_ 3566 3253 deflated
EGA80WOA.FO_ 3259 3019 deflated
OEMSETUP.INF 6593 1131 deflated
README.TXT 2867 1214 deflated
SERIFE.FO_ 23762 21898 deflated
SERIFF.FO_ 30204 27805 deflated
SMALLE.FO_ 13834 12747 deflated
SMALLF.FO_ 11651 10678 deflated
SSERIFE.FO_ 23993 22096 deflated
SSERIFF.FO_ 30551 28102 deflated
SYMBOLE.FO_ 23676 21781 deflated
SYMBOLF.FO_ 30170 27741 deflated
VGACOLOR.2G_ 3658 3462 deflated
VGADIB.3G_ 10382 9849 deflated
VGAFIX.FO_ 2715 2553 deflated
VGALOGO.LG_ 1245 1167 deflated
VGALOGO.RL_ 9204 8807 deflated
VGAOEM.FO_ 3219 2959 deflated
VGASYS.FO_ 3111 2992 deflated
W30-54B.DRV 77680 36112 deflated
W31-54B.DRV 97344 41821 deflated
W31-62B.DRV 142912 49933 deflated
W31-72B.DRV 147248 46318 deflated
W31VGA.VDD 42358 22425 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

ATI Beta Windows 3.1 Drivers - March 30, 1992 Beta
ATI VGA Wonder, Plus, Integra, XL


Copyright (c) 1992, ATI Technologies Inc.
All Rights Reserved


ATI Technologies Inc.reserves all rights with respect to the programs
and drivers supplied.

These programs may not be copied or distributed. These programs may only
be used in accordance with the Microsoft Windows 3.1 Beta Program.


This software is provided without charge. This software is provided "as
is". ATI makes no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose, either expressed or implied. ATI (where allowed by
state, federal, orprovincial law) assumes no liability, either
incidental or consequential arising from use of this product.



Various modes require different hardware and memory. If the driver's
hardware and memory requirements are not met at load time, the driver
will exit to DOS and report an error. Please note: 800x600/32K will
always report an error. It is designed for an unreleased ATI VGA

Please note that mode 65H (1024x768/16 paged type) is not supported.
Instead, mode 55H (1024x768/16 planar type) is supported. V3 VGA
Wonder cards do not support mode 55H. If this resolution is required
and you own a V3 VGA Wonder, ATI has a hardware upgrade program in
place. Please contact ATI Customer Support for details.



To Install ATI Beta Windows 3.1 Drivers:

1) Exit Windows.

2) Change directory (CD) to your Windows directory.

3) Type "setup" at the DOS prompt.

4) Select Display - "Other (Requires disk provided by a hardware manufacturer)"

5) Select the desired screen resolution and press Enter.
Setup will copy files from the diskette into your Windows directories.

6) When Setup is complete, type "win" at the MS-DOS prompt to start Windows.



The following drivers should work correctly with the V3 VGA Wonder:
. 640x480/256 Small & Large font (512K)
. 800x600/16 Small Font (256K)

The following drivers should work correctly with the V3 VGA Wonder but have
some known problems with DOS sessions:
. 800x600/256 Small & Large font (512K)

The 1024x768/16 Small & Large font drivers have a known problem with
openning a windowed DOS session. A black strip about half way is not
restored correctly.

The problems mentioned are being investigated and should be correctly

Thank you.

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