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New Citizen Printer Driver, version 1.02, for Windows 3.0.
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New Citizen Printer Driver, version 1.02, for Windows 3.0.
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Download File WINDRV1.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.BAT file

@echo off
more < readme.txt

Contents of the README.TXT file

@echo off
more < readme.txt

Introducing the NEW Citizen Printer Driver, version 1.02, for Windows 3.0.
This driver will permit you to print from any Windows Application Program to
your Citizen printer. Print in full color, or just black and white. Get
great results using 360x360 high resolution graphics with your 24 wire
printer. And, you can print your favorite drawings from Microsoft Windows
Paintbrush in Color!


Citizen Printers | Brand NEW Select This Citizen
Supported by Name | Citizen Printers Printer in the Driver
| ------------------------------------------
120D,180D | 200GX Fifteen | 200GX
200GX | GSX-130 | GSX-140
HSP-500,HSP-550 | GSX-140 PLUS | GSX-140
GSX-140,GSX-145 | PN-48 | GSX-140

For more detailed information on the installation of the Citizen Printer
Driver, refer to Chapter 5 of the Windows User's Guide.

* Use Citizen's BBS: (213) 453-7564 for Version 1.02 and for all *
* Future Releases of the Citizen Printer Driver for Windows 3.0 *
Citizen Printer Driver Release Date: May 1, 1991



PRINTME .BAT Prints README.TXT to printer
README .BAT Prints README.TXT to screen
README .TXT Readme text
CITIZEN .DRV The Printer Driver
CITIZEN .HLP The Driver Help File
OEMSETUP.INF Windows Installation File


Before installing the CITIZEN DRIVER for Microsoft Windows 3.0,
please read the information on the README.TXT file that comes with
the driver. One easy way is to type the file to your computer
screen. For example, to see the contents of this file, enter the
folowing at the DOS prompt:


If the screen begins to scroll too fast, press the PAUSE key.
Press ENTER to resume scrolling.

Or else, you can simply enter:


All the information you need to install the Citizen Driver can be
found in Chapter 5 of your Windows User's Guide, starting on page
162. The instructions are generic, and apply to any driver that you
might want to install in Windows.

If you still need help, please try the following instructions:


STEP 1: To install the Driver, you first need to load the
Windows program.

STEP 2: Double-click on MAIN.

STEP 3: Double-click on CONTROL PANEL.

STEP 4: Double-click on PRINTERS.

STEP 5: You are now in the Printers menu. Click once on Add

STEP 6: Under List of Printers, click on and hold the down
arrow to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list
to Unlisted Printer.

STEP 7: Highlight Unlisted Printer.

STEP 8: Click on Install.

STEP 9: The Add Unlisted Printer menu appears. Put your
Citizen Driver disk into your A Drive.

STEP 10: Highlight the letter A in the Directories box.

STEP 11: Click on OK. The CITIZEN.DRV file should appear in the
Driver Files box.

STEP 12: Highlight CITIZEN.DRV.
STEP 13: Click on OK.

STEP 14: After a couple of seconds, the Printers menu will
return. You should see the following in the Installed
Printers box:

CITIZEN Dot Matrix on NONE, Inactive.

STEP 15: Now, click on Configure.

STEP 16: In the Printers - Configure menu, under Ports,
highlight LPT1: or your correct printer port.

STEP 17: Click on Setup.

STEP 18: The next menu displayed will be titled CITIZEN 200GX on

STEP 19: If your Citizen printer is not a 200GX, then you need
to change this default. Click on Options.

STEP 20: In the CITIZEN Dot Matrix - Options menu, click on the
printer name in the Printer Type box, to get a pull-
down menu.

STEP 21: Highlight your Citizen printer by model name.

STEP 22: If your computer is a 386, running in Enhanced Mode,
please click on the Burst-Print Mode box to remove the
X from the box, and to disable the Burst Mode.

STEP 23: And now, click on OK.

STEP 24: You should now be in the previous menu, with your own
Citizen printer's name as the menu title.

STEP 25: Make sure to check the other driver defaults such as
Color Mode. Click on the down arrow under Monochrome,
then highlight Color.

STEP 26: Verify the selected Resolution, Print Margins, Paper
Size and Orientation, and change, if necessary.

STEP 27: When you are done, click on OK.

STEP 28: In the Printers - Configure menu, click on OK.

STEP 29: This puts you in the Printers menu. Be sure to
highlight the CITIZEN Driver in the Installed Printers
box, and click on Active in the Status box.

STEP 30: Finally, click on OK to save the whole thing.

* * * PLEASE NOTE: * * *

The following options must be set prior to printing:

Printer Type (Options Dialog Box)
Paper Feeder Type (Options Dialog Box)
Color or Monochrome Ribbon (Main Dialog Box)
Paper Format (Main Dialog Box)

The driver has many additional features that may need to be set:

Portrait or Landscape Page (Main Dialog Box)
Letter or Draft Print Quality (Main Dialog Box)
Resolution (Main Dialog Box)
Print Margins (Main Dialog Box)
Variable Top Of Form (Main Dialog Box)
Fonts (Fonts Dialog Box)

To learn how to properly configure the driver to take maximum
advantage of Windows 3.0 and your Citizen Printer, click on the "Help"


The Citizen Printer Driver contains an extensive HELP file. Since
the HELP file is accessed with the Windows 3.0 HELP system, you can
use the many HELP features described in Chapter 2 of the Windows
User's Guide.

To use HELP, click on the HELP button from any of the Dialog Boxes.

(c) Copyright 1991 Citizen America Corporation
2450 Broadway, Suite 600
P.O. Box 4003
Santa Monica, California 90411-4003

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