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Windows font comparer & printer. Must have VBRUN200.DLL to run.
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Windows font comparer & printer. Must have VBRUN200.DLL to run.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
VER.DL_ 8736 5193 deflated
SETUPKIT.DLL 7008 2869 deflated
DELFM!.EXE 26401 5985 deflated
FONTME!.EXE 99364 27584 deflated
SETUP.EXE 14848 8202 deflated
SETUP1.EXE 22033 8620 deflated
FGS001.FGS 60720 24777 deflated
SETUP.LST 40 40 stored
READFRST.TXT 1212 645 deflated
FREADME.WRI 33536 9407 deflated

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Contents of the READFRST.TXT file

FontMe! - Windows Shareware
Copyright 1992 - all rights reserved

Fischer Grafix & Software
P.O. Box 606
Midway City, CA 92655

FontMe! is a self-installing program that requires Windows
3.x or above.

To install FontMe!,
1) start Windows as normal.
2) select "File" from the menu
3) select "Run" from the file menu
4) type in "A:setup" - enter

To manually install FontMe!.
Rename the files,
Copy the files, VBRUN200.DLL & FGS001.FGS to the
windows directory.
Make a directory called "FontMe" then copy the files,
FontMe!.EXE, READFRST.TXT, DELFM!.EXE to the created directory.
See Windows manual if you do not know how to bring in a new
program or create a program group.

FontMe! will install all the files that are required to run,
create a program group and install the program icons within
that group. The read file (documentation) has been written
using Windows Write. This is for your ease of viewing and
printing. All the formatting has been noted on the first page
to insure the document is printed in the proper format to
produce a nice booklet.

Thank You for selecting FontMe! and if you like or continue
to use the program please be sure to register.

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