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Windows 3.X Desktop Mangager w/Drag & Drop.
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Windows 3.X Desktop Mangager w/Drag & Drop.
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BACKHIST.TXT 4079 1937 deflated
BACKMENU.EXE 42432 16191 deflated
BACKMENU.INI 1776 799 deflated
BACKMENU.WRI 43904 12522 deflated
BACKMLIB.DLL 6336 3058 deflated
BIGDESK.EXE 82704 22651 deflated
BIGDESK.WRI 34688 8597 deflated
BIGDHIST.TXT 1191 671 deflated
BIGDLIB.DLL 2944 916 deflated
ORDERNOW.WRI 14976 4993 deflated
WINCOM.DLL 36320 18572 deflated
WINSTART.EXE 1924 674 deflated
WRUN.EXE 2929 873 deflated

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Contents of the BACKHIST.TXT file


V1.1Fixed bug that prevented Back-Menu from being reloaded after it had
been removed.

Restructured code so that it should work with EMS systems. (Not
tested fully).

V1.2Added cascading menus.

Locks up Compaq 386/25e sometimes when starting up DOS window.

Added ambiguous file name support.
Made Back-Menu process the windows command line when it is the shell.

Modified Open Dialog box to have dirs and files lists.
Fixed problem if you type in path and filename to opex dialog.
Added '%' to prompt for command line for an application.
Fixed bug where if you uninstall Back-Menu you get UAE.
Added about box.
Changed ambiguous filename support so that the open box has
the directory specified.
Added support for setting start-up directory.
Whichever mouse button brings up the menu can now be used to select
items from it (as well as the left mouse button)
Now supports extensions from win.ini (eg. MYTEXT.WRI will cause
write to be started up on the file).
Cured bug where if Back-Menu is the only task in the system, the
menu doesn't stay up the first time the button clicked.
Changed line-reading to fix problems with reading the .ini file.
Removed the limit of 15 items per menu.

There were problems if back-menu was the shell and a command line
was given to windows which didn't have a path component (It said it
couldn't find the file). This has been fixed.
Added history mechanism to Execute... command.
Re-ordered the fixed menu to place more frequently used items at
the top.
Modified % prompting to allow a command line to be edited (eg.
%-t -r hello.pas will prompt with the rest of the command line
present for editing).

Added the ability to understand program manager group files. (Thanks to
whoever it was who sent me the file format).

V1.41Never released

ALT-F10 will now pop-up the menu from the keyboard

Made all menu items totally configurable. See section for more details.

Fixed bug which caused windows to become unstable if the 'Remove BackMenu'
option was used.
BackMenu would look in the current directory for the ini file (unless
otherwise specified). If any applications were started up, the current
directory would change and cause BackMenu to loose the ini file. BackMenu
will now remember the startup directory and explicity use this rather
than assuming. (To be absolutly sure, specify the full path to the
ini file within the Set Options... dialog box).

V2.10The above fix (V2.01) didn't work. This meant that anyone who hadn't
used a previous version of BackMenu couldn't use V2.01 as it looked
for a null file (""). Also, the default menu that should appear if
there is no menu file didn't work so it appeared as if nothing had
happened. This has been fixed.

V2.20Added 'Browse...' option to the Command Dialog box so you can wander
the disk through a standard open dialog box to look for a file to
Added comments to the menu initialisation file. Any line starting with
a semi-colon (;) is now ignored.
Added a $Info keyword that gives some (hopefully) useful system
info a-la Program or File Manager. (Thanks to Randy for those).
Added @ option which causes items in the menu to be auto-run when
BackMenu is first invoked. This option may be disabled by holding
down either shift key while backmenu is loading.
Increased the maximum line length for a program item to 160 characters.

Make BackMenu BigDesk aware. BackMenu now stops bigdesk obscuring
its menus if BigDesk's keep-to-front option is enabled.

Added clipboard communication from DOS (Enhanced mode only).
Added maximise and minimise options.

Any criticism/comments/praise/bugs etc can be directed to the author (me) via

mail:[email protected]
post:SP Services, PO Box 456, Southampton, SO9 7XG, England
fax:+44 703 550037

(whichever you prefer).

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