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Windows for Workgroups Piont to Point from MSDL. Async Dial-Up.
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Windows for Workgroups Piont to Point from MSDL. Async Dial-Up.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Point-to-Point Server

The Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) for Workgroups 3.11 Point-to-Point Server
enables your WFWG 3.11 system to accept incoming calls from other Remote
Access clients. This allows other people (or you, from home or the road) to
gain access to your shared resources from any remote PC.

The Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Point-to-Point Server enables remote
users to have access only to the resources shared on the local machine.
If remote users need access to all shared NETWORK resources (such as shared
files and printers located on the network), the computer answering the
incoming calls must be running Microsoft Windows NT(TM), Windows NT Advanced
Server, or Microsoft LAN Manager in addition to Remote Access Service. This
ensures that greater security is available before entire network access is

To install the Point-to-Point Server

1. Install Remote Access by double-clicking the Remote Access icon in
the Network program group.

2. Quit Windows for Workgroups.

3. At the MS-DOS command prompt, change to the drive and directory
containing the Point-to-Point Server.

For example, if it is on a floppy disk in your A drive, type:


4. At the command prompt, type COPYPTP followed by the location of your
WFWG directory.

For example, if WFWG 3.11 is installed in the C:\WINDOWS directory, type:

copyptp c:\windows

5. Type win to restart Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

6. In the Network program group, double-click the Remote Access icon.

7. From the Setup menu, choose Configure.

8. In the configuration dialog box, select Allow Incoming Calls. You may
want to enter a password in order to limit who has remote access to your


Your Computer Rejects Valid Incoming Calls
If your computer occasionally rejects incoming calls from users who have
a valid password, restart Remote Access on the server computer, and then
choose the Answer button again on your computer. If the problem persists,
restart Remote Access on both the server and client computers.

You Cannot View Resources on the Network
If many users install Remote Access on their local workstations, the work-
stations on the network may not be able to get a list of servers on the
network. You may receive an error such as "The list of servers for this
workgroup is not currently available" when you attempt to view servers.
To correct this problem, edit the SYSTEM.INI file, removing the following
in the [Network] section:


Note: The WFWG 3.11 Resource Kit contains a technical discussion of browsing.

A Server Manually Hanging Up a Client Connection May Not Reset Modem
When a Remote Access server manually hangs up a connected client by using
the HANG UP button, the Remote Access server modem may not be reset properly.
To reset it, choose the ANSWER button twice to stop and restart answer mode.

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