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Another alternative to the Windows Program Manager.
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Another alternative to the Windows Program Manager.
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Contents of the FBRUNWAY.DOC file

FileBoy's Runway 1.2aJanuary 5, 1992

A Shareware Application Launcher for Windows 3.0


More Homegrown Software from Marshal Bostwick


****** Support Shareware! ******

Runway 1.2a is part of the FileBoy family of Windows applications from
Homegrown Software. Try it out. If you decide to keep it, send a
check for $5.00, not much in this day and age. If you decide not to,
you must remove Runway from your computer and dispose of all copies.

For registering, you will receive a registered copy which doesn't
have the opening "reminder" screen (but notice that that's the only nag
you'll ever see in Runway). Your copy can be had via mail or modem, your
choice. You will receive prompt upgrade notices, and upgrades will be
available for little more than the cost of a floppy (cheap 'cause I buy
bulk) and postage. And, of course, you will be entitled to free support,
advice, or friendly chats by phone or Compuserve mail.



FileBoy's Runway 1.2a was written in MS Visual Basic, and thus requires
that you have have the runtime library, VBRUN100.DLL, in a directory
on your path. You may keep the executable and the help file in any
directory you choose, but they MUST be in the same directory together
to access help. Finally, Runway 1.1 will create it's initializatiion
file, FILEBOY.INI, in your Windows directory where it must remain.
Of course, you could move it, but you would lose your customized
settings (easily restored) and Runway would just create another one
the next time you saved.


The zipped file you received should contain these files:

FBRUNWAY.EXE - The executable.
FBRUNWAY.HLP - Runway's Help file.
REGISTER.TXT - A registration form.
FBRUNWAY.TXT - What you're reading

You are free to distribute Runway to friends or the local BBS,
but all four files must be included with no alterations, additions,
or deletions.


Setting Up Runway:

The executable, FBRUNWAY.EXE, and the help file, FBRUNWAY.HLP, can
be copied into any directory you wish, although your Windows directory
is suggested home for both files. Both files must be located in the
same directory. Since Runway is a Visual Basic application, you must
have the runtime DLL, VBRUN100.DLL (not included but available from
any good BBS, usually as VBRUN.ZIP) in a directory on your DOS path.
That's all you need...


Since Runway 1.2a is a fairly simple (but useful!) program, and since
everything you need to know is in the Help file, there's no point in
repeating what the Help file has to say. Still, a brief mention of
a few key features may be in order:

FileBoy's Runway 1.2a features:

* Runs apps minimized or normal, with or without focus,
or maximized. User configurable.

* Can exit, minimize, or remain as is on launch. User

* Stores settings in an *.INI file.

* Manual Save or Auto-save of configuration. User

* A Windows-style Help file.

* A Status Line to keep the user informed.

* Maintains a custom User's Application List of up to
50 applications in a Windows-style combo box for even
quicker launches of favorite programs.

* Now with that "3-D" look that's the rage these days.

* And of course, the problems plaguing the original have
been taken care of.

Runway 1.2a is basically the same as 1.2: it fixes a few annoying but
non-fatal bugs, has an NEW enhanced 3-D style interface, and all option
combinations should now be possible.


Give it a try, and remember that FileBoy's Runway 1.2a is Shareware.
For five bucks, how can you go wrong? If you should decide to reigister,
please print and use the REGISTER.TXT file for making your order. This
will help me with my records and ensure that you get immediate upgrade



I'm forced to add that the author, me, is in no way responsible for the
use or misuse of the program, or for the results of such action.

Have at it!

Marshal Bostwick
Homegrown Software
1601 West 350 North, #3
West Lafayette, IN 47906

CIS ID# 76646,2552

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