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Another Windows API and message spy program, from CompuServe.
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Another Windows API and message spy program, from CompuServe.
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Download File APISNIFR.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

This sample program, API Sniffer, is designed to demonstrate the power behind
the TrapFunc V1.0 Library. This incredible library was specifically created
to allow serious developers like yourself to SUBCLASS exported entry-points
into Dynamic Link Libraries and Windows Drivers.

Source code for API Sniffer has been included to allow you to see for
yourself that SUBCLASSing Windows 3.1 SDK API's are very very simple! The
API Sniffer is but one simple use for this dynamic library. It can be used
to change the behaviour of Windows SDK APIs or even custom Dynamic Link
Libraries system-wide or only for a specific application.

Execute and take a look at the source code for the sample program and decide
for yourself whether this library can help you produce that application
you once thought impossible under Windows 3.1!

To install API Sniffer, simply copy TRAPFUNC.DLL and APISNIFF.INI into your
Windows directory. You may edit the APISNIFF.INI file to choose which APIs

you want to SNIFF.

For more information on how you can obtain a developers kit, please contact:

(818) 807-2785
(818) 345-8905/FAX

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