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Fonter Buster - View/Print fonts in Windows 3.0.
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Fonter Buster – View/Print fonts in Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the FBUSTER.DOC file

Fonter Buster: The Mother Of All Fonting Programs

This program was written after struggling with another program I obtained
off a BBS called Fonter. Fonter was designed to make a nifty portfolio of
the fonts you've collected for use with Adobe Type Manager and programs of
that sort. However, what it was designed to do and what it actually did are
two different stories. It spit out twenty sheets of unformatted gibberish,
crashed Windows five times, crashed itself at least as many times, and
three times it went off into the Twilight Zone not to be heard from again.
In short this program did less in three and a half hours then most dead
people do all eternity. To add insult to injury, the author has the nerve
to tell you that it is your responsibility to send him a $15 ShareWare
registration fee. That is why this program was written. That is why this
program is called Fonter Buster: The Mother Of All Fonting Programs.

In order to use of Fonter Buster you need Microsoft Windows, the Microsoft
Visual Basic run-time library VBRUN100.DLL, font scaling software (This was
tested with Adobe Type Manager), and a connection to a printer.

Once you have installed FBUSTER.EXE into whatever program manager you use
and executed it, Fonter Buster will take a moment to determine which of
your fonts are scalable and add them into its list of fonts. It takes
approximately forty-five seconds to sort through 147 fonts. Once completed
you will see several buttons, a list box, and a box welcoming you to Fonter
Buster. Let me tell you about each of them, in order of importance.

[LIST BOX] Most of your Fonter Buster activities will take place around the
list box. It contains a list of all the fonts which Fonter Buster believes
to be scalable. Pressing a key while focused on the list box will cause
Fonter Buster to set the selector at the first font which starts with that
character. Double-Clicking on a font name in the list will cause a sample
of that font to appear in the welcome box. Please note that because some
fonts don't have lower case, double clicking on the welcome box in turn
will case the sample text to become all-caps. The list box selector also
controls where the other commands will begin processing.

[Set Default Font] This button tells Fonter Buster which font to use when
not using the font to be profiled. To select a font, click on the font you
wish to use in the list box. When printing a Font list I recommend a
proportional font such as Times. When making either a font sheet or a font
book, I recommend a monospace font such as Courier. Make your choice, then
click on the Set Default Font button. Your choice will be confirmed in the
Welcome Box.

[Character Sheet] Clicking this button will cause a sample and a character
chart of whatever font is currently selected in the list box to print. The
entire process can take from seven to fifteen minutes to complete, so
please allow at least that much time and a little more to elapse before
panicking. Clicking the "Stop" button during this procedure will have no
effect as the process will not abort until it has completed the chart.

[Font List] Clicking this button will cause a list of all scalable fonts
and samples of them to be printed. The list starts with the font
highlighted in the list box, and ends with the last font in the list box.
Clicking "Stop" during this process will halt the activity as soon as it
has finished printing the current page. If you wish to resume later, then
highlight the font immediately after the one at the bottom of the last page
to print and click "Font List".

[Font Book] Clicking this button starts a batch printing of character
sheets starting with the font highlighted in the list box and ending with
the last font. Clicking "Stop" will halt the process as soon as the current
character sheet is finished printing. Instructions for resuming are the
same as above.

[Exit Fonter Buster]/[STOP!] This button masquerades as both the stop
Button and the exit button. Clicking it while marked "Exit Fonter Buster"
will do just that. Clicking it while marked "Stop" will cause an action as
described above.

[About] Clicking this button will display the program name, revision
letter, my name, and my GEnie mailing address, and the phone number for a
BBS I frequent in Georgia. If you have any questions or comments about
Fonter Buster: The Mother Of All Fonting Programs, I will welcome them and
answer them there.

[Miscellaneous Notes And Tips] There are some fonts out there have large
dimensions for their point size and/or spacing errors which may cause them
to be clipped while viewing them in the Welcome Box or not to print at all.
This is not a bug, this is the power of post script and an error in
converting the font from other computers respectively.

Character number 160 will not print in any font, be it ATM, Windows, or
printer built-in. This is a bug, but its Microsoft's.

This program makes every attempt to share system resources with other
programs by allowing them time to run. However, due to the apparent CPU
intensive nature of printing under windows, it will probably screw up your
background file transfer if you print a character sheet. Really small font
lists might work ok.

[Fees (Not), And Other Stuff] Fonter Buster: The Mother Of All Fonting
Programs is free. However if you are especially pleased with Fonter Buster
or feel obligated to pay something for it, then please feel free to donate
$20 which I'll put towards my college fund. If your especially pleased with
Fonter Buster but have already paid for Fonter or don't want to part with a
Jackson, then feel free to donate $5 to the Fonter <=> Fonter Buster
competitive upgrade fund (aka pocket cash).

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