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A Screen Capture and Graphics Enhancement Program for Windows 3.0.
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A Screen Capture and Graphics Enhancement Program for Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Welcome to GrabIt!

Screen Capture and Graphics Enhancement Program
For Windows 3.0


Moon Valley Software Inc.
107 East Paradise Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85022
Voice (602)375-9502
12-24-9600 Baud 24 Hrs

GrabIt can be a very valuable part of your everyday computing, particularly if
you use a Windows Graphics program or a Windows based word processor at all.
The special effects you can create are really unique and very powerful.
Take the time to look them over, it will be a few minutes well spent.

Geryscale Printing
This program offers true greyscale printing of any Windows bitmap
or image you have captured using Grabit. There is no other program
that can rival its output for less the $400.00! Please remember that when
you print a bitmap loaded from disk or a screen capture it will take the
program about 3 minutes on a 10ppm postscript printer to complete the print
job. The results will be worth the wait!

As always, only your registrations can make shareware work. This program's
introduction as shareware is the direct result of the wonderful support
and large number of registrations our other programs, Zip Manager, IconTamer,
and Monitor Saver have recieved. So if you use it, PLEASE register it. We
have made our shareware notice a tollerable as possible in order for you
to easily access the program.

Printing The Documentation
The documentation is formated at 58 lines per page. To print it simply
use the doc copy command and type: Copy grabit.doc prn and press Enter.
There is a comprehensive Windows Help file that contains most of the info
listed in the documentation.

Files Contained In This Zip
GrabIt.Exe ---------> The program executable
GrabIt.Hlp ---------> The help file
GrabIt.Doc ---------> The program Documentation
Readme.1st ---------> This File
Register.Frm -------> The Registration Form (please!)

If any of these files are missing please contact the Sysop or Shareware
distributor where you aquired this file.

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