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WinChange is a utility to change references to drive and dir in *.ini *.grp etc.
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WinChange is a utility to change references to drive and dir in *.ini *.grp etc.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

!!!!"#Installation Guide for Win Change 1.2
Copyright 1993 JRE Enterprises, All Rights Reserved

Win Change requires Windows 3.1 and VBRUN300.DLL. VBRUN300.DLL must be accessable via the path, normally it is found in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

To install Win Change, run SETUP.EXE. If you are using a windows shell program other than Program Manager or Norton Desktop, you will have to manually create groups and group items for Win Change. We recommend creating a group Win Change. In group Win Change, create two items:
1.Description = Win Change
Command Line = path\WCHG.EXE
Working Directory = path
2.Description = Win Change Help
Command Line = path\WCHG.HLP
Working Directory = path

NOTE: path represents the disk and directory where Win Change was installed.

Warning: Certain types of files contain internal checksums. If these files are changed with

Win Change, they may become invalid. Norton Desktop for Windows QAG files and Program Manager GRP files are two examples of files that have internal checksums. Win Change handles GRP files and will update their internal checksum. QAG files should NOT be changed using Win Change as their internal checksum is not updated by Win Change. Always create back out files when changing non-INI/GRP/PIF files.

What's New V1.2:
Corrected "Invalid Property Value" problem.

What's New V1.1:
Corrected problem where search strings were not found or replaced in files with a size greater than 4096 bytes.

Added ability to do case-sensitive searches.
An "Invalid File Format" error may occur when starting WCHG.EXE. Certain older versions
of the following files are incompatible with Visual Basic Version 3.0:
These files are supposed to reside in the windows system directory. Other products may have installed these files in the windows directory or elsewhere. Scan all directories for these two files and eliminate any occurrence of these files outside of the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. Make sure the files in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory are the ones shipped with Win Change or NEWER. Visual Basic file formats were changed between Version 1.0, Version 2.0 and Version 3.0. This is NOT a problem with Win Change, but is an incompatibility between Visual Basic 1.0/2.0 VBX files and Visual Basic 3.0 VBX files.

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Also available from JRE Enterprises are programs JRE Exit, JRE Home Inventory and Win
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JRE Enterprises can be contacted on CompuServe via mail to ID 71162,2311 or contacted on
America Online via mail to ID LeeL641756.
ility that provides four different ways to exit Windows. JRE Home Inventory is the Windows Homextplh#d'`H\LXWT[PLr^j^xtrokgc_\XTPr^j^



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