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This Windows program will display a "Quote of the Day".

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WINQUOTE - Put a window around those quotes
in your replies! A great little program
that will perk up any message! Can be used
by just about any Off-line reader available!
A must use for a unique flare!

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This Windows program will display a “Quote of the Day”.
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Contents of the DWARE.DOC file

DavisWARE Program List!
As of Sept, 1990
Written by James R. Davis

This documentation file contains a list of all DavisWARE programs
available at the time this file was written. The list contains all BBS door
programs which can be found on most BBS's and also a few that are not
available in public domain and can only be found here.
All of my public domain programs are free of charge, unless a registered
copy is desired. In which case the registration fee is included in the
program's documentation. All NON-PD programs listed are priced. If you would
like to order a copy of any of the programs listed, follow the instructions at
the end of this documentation.

Public Domain Door Programs

The Tarot's Celtic Cross - TAROTV3.ZIP - Latest Version!
This is a program that can predict the future using the Tarot's Celtic
Cross formation of fortune telling. It is very accurate and allows you to ask
any question. It supports Ansi Color Graphics Animation and regular ASCII.
It can be used as a BBS door program for almost any BBS software. A must for
fortune fanatics.

Mazeit Version 2.0 - MAZEITV2.ZIP
This is a full featured, fully user interactive, and sysop configurable
3-D Ansi Animation Adventure Game. The possibilities with this program are
endless. Allows users to send short messages to one another, kill each other
in combat, and wonder through a maze to find treasures, traps, or monsters.
You create the maze and fill it with whatever you wish, or let your user's
make one to venture in. It does not support ASCII, but can be used as a door
program for just about any BBS software. An excellent door for those looking
for a new adventure and a little excitement!

Match Maker Version 2.0 - MATCHV2.ZIP
This is a Match Maker program to beat all others! It allows you to make
your own questionnaire, and your users to send messages to each other under an
alias of their choosing. Fully menu driven, with very accurate and AI
compatibility analysis! It supports Ansi Color graphics, and ASCII. Makes a
great door for almost any BBS software. You never know who you are going to
meet with this one!

The Gypsy's Crystal Ball - GYPSY.ZIP
Here is a fortune teller with class. Using the star charts and her
crystal ball she can look into the future and answer your question. A very
accurate program for astrology fans. Supports Ansi Color Graphics Animation
and ASCII Graphics. Supports most BBS software. A great little program for
your users to consult!

The Oraculum - ORACULUM.ZIP
This program uses Napoleon's Book of Fate to determine the future. Very
accurate in answering a user's questions. Supports Ansi Color and ASCII for
most BBS software. A neat little program to keep your users coming back.

Madam Fifi's Whorehouse II - The Next Day! - FIFI2.ZIP
This is an adult oriented text adventure game like no other. Very
explicit and can get downright raunchy! This program is a stand alone program
for those over 18 years of age. It is not intended for minors. With both a
male and female mode, it will appeal to any gender! An excellent game to
heat up your life!

Madam Fifi's Whorehouse II Version 2.0b - FIFI2BBS.ZIP
This program is the same as above except this one is made to be a BBS
door program. Allows users to save or load a game during the middle of
playing. A great door program for almost any BBS software. Supports Ansi
Color and ASCII text. A great way to keep your users coming back for more!

Draw Joker Poker - DJPOKER.ZIP
The first poker program of it's kind. Utilizes the jokers in a card deck
to play draw poker. It's the user against the computer with tons of ANSI
graphics to blow away anyone who love ANSI. Supports ASCII as well as ANSI
Color Graphics Animation. Compatible with any BBS program. A must for the
gambler in us all!

Your Daily Horoscope Version 2.0 - DHSCOPE2.ZIP - NEW!
Uses astrology and the positions of the planets to plot out your daily
horoscope. Allows you to save the horoscope for every sign into an ASCII
text file to display as you wish. Will know the sign of a user every time
he or she enters this door upon initial run. Lots of features for registered
owners. This is my most accurate program as of yet. Creates both ASCII and
ANSI text files. Supports ASCII and ANSI Color Graphics. Compatible with
any BBS program. A must for any astrology fanatic!

PD Non-Door Programs

A must for any programmer with the intention of making a card game. This
file contains each card of the standard card deck including Jokers and card
backs. Each card is contained in one line of Ansi Graphics. An excellent tool
for programmers.

A fascinating program that displays beautiful patterns on the screen.
Lots of fun to sit and watch, and something to show friends just what your
computer can do with graphics. A wonderful talk piece for your collection.

The ultimate QBasic programming utility. Takes any Basic program and
written in either GW-Basic or Quick Basic, and will cross reference all
numeric and string variables, as well as GOTO's, GOSUB's and labels. An
excellent tools for trying to find out just where that nasty little bug is. I
should have called this program RAID!

Here's a program for all you ANSI enthusiasts. Will allow you to edit any
ansi screen command by command. Even allows you to back-up if you made a
mistake. If you know ansi, or even if you don't, this is the program for you.
Allows you to see exactly what those ANSI commands do. An excellent utility to
edit those ANSI animation screens!

Put a window around those quotes in your replies! A great little program
that will perk up any message! Can be used be just about any Off-line reader
available! A must use for a unique flare!

Coming Soon!

The DavisWARE Door Set-Up Program - Coming Soon!
An excellent utility for sysops in setting up a DavisWARE door program.
Will support every BBS software available. You will no longer have to type
out text files, or write batch files by hand. Everything you need and more!

A Complete Role-Playing Game Door - New Idea
A door for users to play role playing games. Allowing up to five
different games to be played at the same time, with up to five different
Dungeon Masters. Each DM having control over the entire game, with features
for dice rolls and other helpful information for the DM. A complete message
base type of system, with added options for each player... including creation
of a new character (maybe).

Fifi's Whorehouse III - Coming Soon!
An X-Rated game like no other. Will allow your users to meet each other
in Fifi's Whorehouse and carry out their wildest fantasies! If you wanted sex,
this is the closest thing to getting sex through the boards. A definite MUST
for any pervert!

Non-PD DavisWARE Programs!

VCR Tape Cataloger - $45
An excellent program to catalog your VCR tapes. You can print labels,
movie lists, sort by various methods, find doubles of movies you have, and it
has over 130 movie categories to choose from! Keep your tapes in order any
way you wish to wish this excellent database package.

Character In The Making! - $60
This is a program that is a must for any AD&D enthusiast! It will create
a character with more accuracy than rolling one up from scratch! It contains
all bonuses and penalties, multi-classes, market items (including the newest
available from TSR games), and every spell that can be used by any magical
character. Has a feature that may be appealing to any DM, that will allow you
to create a totally random character, complete with a standard equipment pack,
in less than 2 minutes! You will wonder how you got along without this
program, once you've created a character! An absolute must!

The ultimate in war games dialing programs! Better than anything else
available. Allows you to dial up to 100,000 different numbers, using up to 10
different prefix numbers. Saves busy numbers so that you can call them back
later, just in case there's a system being used, that might escape your prying
eyes. Has a small terminal in it to allow you to call up those systems without
leaving the program. Great for the late night hacker, has built in timer to
turn it on and shut it off. Completely configurable to your on taste! A must
for anyone searching for those un-reachable systems... even saves FAX numbers!
You got to try this one out!

Ordering Instructions

To order any program in this documentation file just fill out the order
form below. For any program, you must send along 1 blank disk or add $5
dollars for each program you wish to have. Also include a Floppy Disk
Mailing Envelope that is self addressed and stamped that holds the floppies you
send. These floppies will be returned to you with the program you want,
otherwise, I will have to go out and purchase these items which comes to about
$5 dollars. Whichever you feel you are comfortable with.

Order Form

Print this document up on the printer and clip along the dotted lines.
Please either use a text editor to fill out the form or print clearly in upper
and lower case.

DavisWARE Order Form

First and Last Name _____________________________ Date _______________________

Address _____________________________ City/ST ___________________ ZIP ________

BBS Name ___________________________________ BBS Phone No. ___________________

Voice Phone ______________________ BBS Software ______________________________


Program Name # Disks $5 Extra Total Amount
or ZIP file Included If No Disk Money Included
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
Make Checks or Money Orders | Total # | Total $ | Total Amount
payable to James R. Davis | | |

Send this form, money, and all disks to:

James R. Davis
c/o DavisWARE, Inc.
207 President St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

This document will be updated periodically, whenever I complete a new program,
and the new document will be included in with the new program, so keep your
eyes open for new DavisWARE programs!

-=> James "The Garf!" Davis! <=-

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