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GhostView for Windows 1.0.
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GhostView for Windows 1.0.
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Contents of the README file

Ghostview for Windows. Needs Ghostscript 2.6.

Ghostview for Windows is a graphical interface for MS-Windows Ghostscript.
Ghostscript is an interpreter for the PostScript page description language
used by laser printers.
For documents following the Adobe PostScript Document Structuring
Conventions, Ghostview allows selected pages to be viewed or printed.
Ghostview requires MS-Windows Ghostscript 2.6 or later.

Features include:
- view pages in arbitrary order (Next, Previous, Goto).
- selectable display resolution.
- page size is automatically selected from DSC comments.
- page size can be selected using the menu.
- orientation is automatically selected from DSC comments.
- orientation can be selected using the menu (Portrait, Landscape).
- print selected pages using Ghostscript.
- extract selected pages to another file.
- copy display bitmap to clipboard.
- save clipboard bitmap as BMP file.
- add bitmap preview to EPS file (Interchange, TIFF or Windows Metafile)
- graphically select bounding box for EPS file.
- extract bitmap preview or postscript from DOS EPS file.
- on-line help.
- free (GNU General Public Licence).

Ghostview for Windows was written by Russell Lang

To compile Ghostview you need Borland C++ 3.1.
Edit gsview.mak to point COMPBASE at your compiler directory.
Then type 'make -fgsview.mak'.

Copy gsview.exe and gsview.hlp to the Ghostscript directory.
If Ghostview can't run Ghostscript, or Ghostscript exits with error code 1,
then from the Ghostview menu select "Options | Ghostscript Command"
and enter the correct executable path and include path for Ghostscript.

Ghostview will run under Windows 3.1.
Ghostview will probably run under Windows 3.0, but you need commdlg.dll,
shell.dll and winhelp.exe from Windows 3.1. Very little testing has
been done with Windows 3.0. If it works at all consider yourself lucky.

See the on-line help for more details.
The 'Common Problems' topic is worth reading if Ghostview for
Windows won't work.

This is Ghostview for Windows 1.0.
Send bug reports to [email protected].
When reporting bugs, please include the version number and date of
Ghostview for Windows (from the Help | About box), the version number
of Ghostscript, and the exact wording of any error messages.
If you get a GPF, please send the address of the GPF - I can use
this to help locate the bug.
Don't expect a fast response - the work I'm paid to do has a higher

The latest version of Ghostview for Windows should be available from*.zip

Tim Theisen, who wrote Ghostview for X11. Without Ghostview and its
ps.c module, Ghostview for Windows would never have been written.

L. Peter Deutsch, for writing Ghostscript and for making changes to
Ghostscript to support Ghostview for Windows.

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