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Windows 3.0 video poker game. Looks pretty good.
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Windows 3.0 video poker game. Looks pretty good.
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Contents of the WINPOKER.DOC file

WinPoker Version 1.0

A Video Poker Game for Windows 3.0

Dean Zamzow
1171 Cordelia Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

Compuserv ID 73500,3156


WinPoker is distributed as user supported software, popularly
referred to as SHAREWARE. You may freely copy and distribute
the program so long as it is not modified and this
documentation file accompanies it. A nominal service charge
may be assessed for copying and distributing the program so
long as it does not exceed $7. If you use the program you are
expected to compensate the author for his efforts. This
encourages the continued development of better quality
programs which are supported by their users.


The registration fee for WinPoker is $15 U.S. Dollars.
An order form has been included with this package and is in
the WINPOKER.ORD file. Just print this form, fill it out,
enclose payment, and mail it to me. Those who register now,
will receive an updated copy of WinPoker that has the Double Up
Option included. This is an option found in some Nevada Casino
Poker machines that allows the chance to double your winnings.
It adds an exciting twist to playing conventional video poker.
This option is only available to registered users, so if you
would like this addition to the standard Video Poker, register

Also, the unregistered version has a reminder screen that pops
up after about every 50 hands. The registered version does
not have this pop up screen.


There should be three files included with WinPoker

winpoker.exe - The executable
winpoker.doc - This file
winpoker.ord - The order form


This game is modeled after the video poker machines that are
found in most Nevada casinos. It is your basic five card draw
video poker game, with odds paid based on the hand you draw.
After selecting DEAL, the computer will display 5 cards face
up. You can hold any, all, or none of the five cards. Any cards not
held are replaced with new cards from the deck upon hitting DEAL
again. Your payoff is based upon the amount bet and the odds

ROYAL FLUSH - 4000 Coins if 5 coins bet, otherwise, 300 FOR 1
4 OF A KIND - 25 FOR 1
3 OF A KIND - 3 FOR 1

For those of you who are not familar with odds, the word FOR means
how much is returned FOR a unit bet (The amount is already bet and is
NOT returned) When odds are quoted as TO such as 1 TO 1 then you
get 1 unit for 1 unit bet, plus the original bet is return.
1 FOR 1 on the other hand, is like a push, you just get your bet back.

Well thats it for my discussion of video poker. If you would like
more information on the game itself, I would suggest going to your
local bookstore and getting a book on casino games. A lot of the
more popular ones include a chapter on Video Poker Machines due
to their increased popularity in casinos.


MOUSE USERS - The RIGHT mouse button will deal the cards at
the beginning of a new hand, AND when you need
replacement cards. ( An alternate way to deal or
start play is to click on the "Deal / Play" menu
item once with the left button.)

The LEFT mouse button is used to toggle the HOLD
on the cards you want to keep. Just click the left
button anywhere inside the card you want to keep.
Click a second time to free the HOLD.

The BET menu is where you can change your
bet. The game starts with 5 coins bet, and you
can change the bet from 1 to 5 coins. Once the
bet is set, it will stay that way until you change
it via the BET menu. The accelerator keys are
F1 (for 1 coin) to F5 (for 5 coins).

Thats all you need to play the game with a mouse.
Right button to start the game ... left button
to hold the cards you want to keep ... right button
again to deal the "new" cards.

KEYBOARD USERS - To start play and deal the cards, hit ENTER. An alternate
method is to use the hot key (Alt-D) to activate the
"Deal / Play" menu item.

To hold the cards you want to keep, enter the numbers 1 thru
5 with 1 correspinding to the card on the far left and
5 corresponding to the card on the far right.

To change the bet use the Alt-B hot key to get to the
BET menu item and cursor down to the bet you want.
An alternate, is to use the Accelerator Keys. F1 to
bet 1 coin to F5 for 5 coins.
Remember, once the bet is set you don't need to enter it
each hand, unless you want to change it.

OTHER OPTIONS - The other option is to change the background color.
From the options menu item choose colors then pick one
of the three available colors (Black, Blue, or Green)

BANKROLL - The bankroll will start at 0 whenever WinPoker is started.
If you end up with a positive number, thats is your
winnings, if negative, that is what you would have lost.
There is currently no option for the player to change
the bankroll.


This game is a Windows 3.0 application. It will not run in
real mode of windows 3, nor will it run in prior versions of Windows.
It was designed for a standard VGA display. Users of EGA displays
will not see the bottom of the cards. I am willing to fix this
for the next release if there is any demand. (Be sure to let me
know via compuserv or U.S Mail and I will send you a copy when
I add the EGA support). It was not tested on any higher
resolution than 640 X 480 (VGA).

I only tested this program with a standard VGA display on
an IBM PS/2 Model 70 with 3 MB of RAM. It works in both
the standard, and 386 enhanced mode of Windows 3.0. If there
are problems, I would like to know about them. Leave me a
note on Compuserv or send me mail and I will try to respond
as soon as I can.


This software is for entertainment purposes only, and
is sold "as is", without any warranty as to performance
or any other warranties whether expressed or implied. Because of the
many hardware and software environments into which this program may
be used, no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered.
The user must assume the entire risk of using the program. Any
liability of the seller will be limited exclusively to product
replacement or the refund of the registration fee.

Thanks for supporting SHAREWARE

Dean Zamzow
1171 Cordelia Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

Compuserv ID 73500,3156

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