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WinClip 3.0, Windows PCX/BMP Clip Art Viewer, Catalog Printer, and more. From Ososoft.
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WinClip 3.0, Windows PCX/BMP Clip Art Viewer, Catalog Printer, and more. From Ososoft.
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Contents of the VENDOR.DOC file

OsoSoft Shareware Programs -- VENDOR INFORMATION


The files on this diskette are the latest versions of several DOS
and Windows 3.1 programs from OsoSoft. These files replace all
previous versions of the same programs.

Copyright Information

All OsoSoft programs, shareware and freeware, are protected under
the copyright laws of the United States and foreign countries. All
rights are reserved to OsoSoft and George Campbell. Violations of
copyright laws are investigated by the FBI. Distribution of
OsoSoft products implies that you have read and agreed to the
distribution terms described below. OsoSoft makes test orders from
time to time to verify compliance with its distribution terms.

Distributor Information and License Information

The license information and distribution requirements in this
document supercede all previous license statements. To continue
to distribute OsoSoft products, you must adhere to the licensing
and distribution requirements below.

If you are a mail order or BBS-type distributor of shareware
software, you may distribute these programs as they are, without
any changes other than expanding files contained in the ZIP
archives. However, you have a responsibility to check from time to
time, at a minimum interval of 6 months, for new versions of these
programs, and to update your copies in a timely manner. OsoSoft
will gladly send you a diskette containing the current versions
on request, or you may download current versions from the OsoSoft
BBS at the number listed below.

You may not distribute any OsoSoft programs as part of any
commercial program or in conjunction with any collection of
software of any kind without express written permission from
OsoSoft. Special licenses are required for any bundling of
OsoSoft products, whether freeware or shareware, with any other
software or hardware. This does not prohibit including OsoSoft
programs on individual disks containing other,
clearly identified, shareware programs. However, it does
prohibit including OsoSoft programs on multiple-diskette
collections which include programs from other publishers, but sold
at a single price.

You must fully identify all OsoSoft programs in your advertising,
by the program's full name and version, and indicate the
registration fee in the program description. The word OsoSoft must
appear in all program descriptions.

Within 30 days of the reciept of this disk, you must replace all
older versions of all programs contained on this disk. You may not
distribute older versions of OsoSoft programs under any
circumstances after that period. Please check your catalog for
previous versions of these programs and replace them with the
current version.

Shareware Disclosure Required

All advertising and packaging information including references to
OsoSoft products must contain a statement explaining the shareware
concept. Specifically, that statement must explain that shareware
software MUST be registered by the user, after a trial period, by
paying a registration fee, and that all monies paid for the
shareware version are duplication and distribution charges only.
The declaration specified by the Association of Shareware
Professionals is a good model. All such statements must be
clearly displayed in a position where they are likely to be read
by potential customers.

Retail Rack and CD-ROM Distribution

If you distribute shareware in a retail setting in racks, store
displays, vending machines, at computer fairs, or in any way
other than normal BBS or catalog-based sales, you must contact
OsoSoft for permission to distribute any OsoSoft program. Rack or
retail-like sales require a special distribution license,
normally requiring royalties paid to OsoSoft. If you distribute
shareware on CD-ROM disks, you must also contact OsoSoft before
including any OsoSoft shareware program on a CD-ROM disk.
Normally, permission is granted, but current versions must be
included and all old versions of any OsoSoft program removed from
any CD-ROM disk containing OsoSoft products.


All Windows 3.1 programs on this diskette require the
VBRUN200.DLL library from Microsoft Visual Basic 2.0. That file
is part of the distribution package for all OsoSoft programs for
MicroSoft Windows. If you distribute these programs, you MUST
make this file readily available to your customers, either on the
diskette containing any OsoSoft program requiring that file, or
in another way convenient to the end user. By convenient, OsoSoft
means that no user should have to purchase another diskette to
try any OsoSoft program.


You can find descriptions of all programs on this disk in the
PROGINFO.TXT or PROGINFO.WRI files, and in the brochure enclosed.
You may use these descriptions, editing them to the length
required for your marketing efforts. However, you MUST include
the word OsoSoft, the program name, version number, and system
requirements information with all descriptions to avoid customer

NOTE: You may NOT include the voice telephone number for OsoSoft
in any materials used in your catalog or on disks containing
shareware versions of OsoSoft programs. Voice support is
available ONLY for REGISTERED users.

Contacting OsoSoft

You may contact OsoSoft at any of the following locations:

1472 Sixth Street
Los Osos, CA 93402
Voice: (805) 528-1759
Fax: (805) 528-3074
OsoSoft BBS: (805) 528-3753 300-14400 bps, 8/N/1
CompuServe ID: 71571,222

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