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Outstanding task manager replacement for Windows 3.1.

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FTaskman V1.21 (c) 1993,94 by Andreas Furrer

FTaskman is a replacement for the taskmanager
of Windows 3.1

FTaskman has a lot of additional functions.
E.g.: display icons of tasks, multiselection,
show invisible tasks, set windows on top,
minimize other tasks when 'Switch to',
Run programs...

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Outstanding task manager replacement for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the FTASKMAN.TXT file

FTaskman 1.21 - Taskmanager-Replacement for Windows 3.1
(c) 1993,94 by Andreas Furrer

This is version 1.21 of FTaskman.

FTaskman is a replacement for the taskmanager of Windows 3.1

FTaskman has the following additional functions to the normal taskmanager

- display the icons of all tasks (switchable)
- multiselection -> e.g. end several tasks
- show also invisible tasks (switchable)
- minimize other tasks when 'Switch to'
- new commands:
+ minimize selected tasks
+ minimize all tasks with the exception of the selected
+ minimize all tasks
+ start applications
+ terminate tasks abruptly
+ set tasks invisible or visible
+ set tasks stay on top or delete stay on top
+ tile windows horizontally or vertically
+ arrange only selected windows
+ exit Windows

There is an english and a german version of FTaskman.
For the german version please read FTASKMAN.TXG.

Installation of FTaskman:

- To use the german version of FTaskman you have to rename FTASKMAN.EXG
- Copy FTASKMAN.EXE in your windows directory (or any directory you want)
- Add the following line to the section [Boot] of the file SYSTEM.INI:


(If you don't have copied FTASKMAN.EXE in the directory C:\WINDOWS
change this path to the name of the directory in which you have copied
- If you want to use the library CTL3D.DLL (see below), you have to copy the
file CTL3D.DLL into the directory Windows\System.
But don't override a newer version of CTL3D.DLL.

Commands of FTaskman

- Switch to:
show selected tasks and activate the first of the seleted
- End Task(s)
end selected tasks
- Cancel
close taskman without doing anything
- Minimize task(s)
minimize selected tasks
- Minimize others
minimize all tasks with the exception of the selected
- Minimize all
minimize all tasks
- Cascade
cascade all mainwindows
- Tile vertical
tile mainwindows vertical
- Tile horizontal
tile mainwindows horizontal
- Show invisible
show invisible tasks
- Arrange only selected tasks
if you select one of the three arrange functions 'Cascade', 'Tile vertical'
or 'Tile horizontal' only the selected tasks will be arranged.
This option has no meaning to the function 'Arrange icons'.
- v
show extented dialog
- Arrange icons
arrange desktop icons
- Task(s) invisible
set selected tasks invisible
- Task(s) visible
set selected tasks visible
- Task(s) on Top
set selected tasks stay on top
- Task(s) not on Top
clear stay on top of selected tasks
- Kill Task(s)
terminate the selected task(s) abruptly
ATTENTION: Use this command only if you can't close the task(s) with
the 'End task' command!
- Exit Windows
exit Windows
- Run
show a dialog from where an application could be started.
If you press the right mouse button in the edit field 'Command'
you will see a list of the last used commands (if the history is enabled -
see below) and you can select one of them.
You can't specify parameters for the application!
- Options
show options dialog
- About
show version number and copyright information

Options dialog:

- Show icons in tasklist
- Default: show invisible
- Default: show full dialog
- Default: Arrange only selected tasks
- Minimize other tasks when 'Switch to'
If you switch to one or more tasks with 'Switch to', all other tasks
will be minimized
- Close only after 'Switch to' and 'End Task'
FTaskman will only close if you select 'Switch to', 'End Task' or 'Cancel'.
With this option you can do some functions of FTaskman without starting
FTaskman again after each operation.
- Save position on exit
The position of FTaskman will be saved so the next time FTaskman will
start at the same position
- Use pattern in dialog
With this checkbox you can enable or disable the gray pattern around the
- Number of commands in the history list of the 'Run' dialog
If you press the right mouse button in the 'Command' edit field of the
'Run' dialog you will see a history of previous used commands. The length
of the history is controlled by the value of this filed. You can enter
a value between 0 and 20. If you enter 0 the history function is disabled.
- Sort tasks
Lets you choose if the tasklist will not be sorted, sorted alphabetically
or will be sorted reverse alphabetically.
- Place invisible tasks
You can place invisible tasks at the top or at the bottom of the tasklist
- Number of lines in task list
The value of the two edits will control the number of lines you will see
in the task list. You can enter a value between 1 and 30 for the listbox
with icons and the listbox without icons.
Note: The number of lines of tasks is adjusted to the maximal size of
your screen so the dialog can't get bigger as your screen.

You can also access most of the commands and options with a popup menu,
if you press the right mouse button in the task listbox.

Invisible tasks will be marked with a ''.

The tasklist will not show tasks which have no title, because the standard
taskmanager also don't show them and there are a lot of untiteled windows
which your system uses for internal things.

FTaskman will use the CTL3D library from Microsoft to let the dialog controls
look 3 dimensional. If you don't like this look add


to the section [FTaskMan] in WIN.INI.


You can use and distribute FTaskman free, as long as the following files are
not changed and you distribute all files together

- ftaskman.exe
- ftaskman.exg
- ftaskman.txt
- ftaskman.txg

I am programming FTaskman for fun and not to make any profit.
That's why FTaskman is free and you don't have to pay more or less high
registration charges. I think it is a bad habit, that more and more program
authors want to have money even for the smallest programs.

Long live the Freeware!

If you have problems, comments, suggestions or you detect one error,
please E-Mail to

[email protected]

(c) 1993,94 by Andreas Furrer

Version history
1.21: - Added the 'Exit Windows' command
- Fixed a bug when changing the number ot lines in the task listbox.
1.20: - Now you can adjust the size of the task listbox to the number of
lines you want to see.
- Added a history to the 'Run' dialog.
- Now you can enable or disable the gray pattern around the dialogs.
1.16: - If you try to close a DOS application with the 'Close task' function
the screen will now not switch for a short time in the full screen
1.15: - Fixed a bug with the icon of applications which has a dialog as
main window (e.g. SETUP.EXE)
- Fixed a bug in the dialog 'Run' if you have entered e.g. *.HLP.
- Changes in the 'Kill Task' function to make it smaller.
- Fixed a documentation bug with the UseCtl3D=0 option.
1.14: - Now the 'Run' command will execute a program if you only enter the name
of the program without the extension and also it will now execute
programs that aren't in the current path but in the search path.
- Fixed a bug with the menu command 'Arrange only selected'
1.13: - Fixed a bug with the command Run if the tasklist was empty
1.12: - New command: Run
1.11: - Fixed a bug with the focus of the listbox (the focus rectangle was not
drawn correctly)
- Fixed a bug with TABing through the controls of the NOT extended dialog
1.10: - Fixed a bug if all tasks were hidden and you started FTaskman again
- Fixed a bug with task switching to an application with an open dialog
- Added keyboard support in task listbox:
pressing a key will cycle through the applications with a title
beginning with the pressed char
- Added option to arrange only selected tasks
- Added option to place hidden windows at the beginning or at the end
of the task list
- Added option to close FTaskman only after 'Switch to', 'End Task'
or 'Cancel'
1.07: - Added option to sort tasks alphabetically or reverse alphabetically
- Added option to save the position of FTaskman
- Fixed a bug in the english documentation
- Fixed a bug in the dialog procedures
1.06: - New command: Kill Task(s)
- Fixed a bug with dialog titles and UseCtl3d=0
1.05: - Now FTaskman supports the new three dimensional titels of dialogs with
the new version of CTL3D.DLL.
You have to use the Library CTL3D.DLL that comes with this version of
FTaskman or a newer one!
1.04: - Fixed a bug with the task listbox
- Fixed a bug with UseCtl3d=0
- Now CTL3D.DLL is shipped with FTaskman
1.03: - FTaskman will now be the topmost window
- Fixed a bug with command 'Task(s) not on Top'
1.02: - Now FTaskman will use the CTL3D library from Microsoft to let
the dialog controls look 3 dimensional
- Error fixed in the english version: exchanged Cascade and Tile
1.01: - If an applicaton has no icon, FTaskman will display Windows
default icon
- Error fixed: With a resolution of 640x480 you have not seen
the whole extented dialog sometimes
1.00: First version of FTaskman.

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