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Archive Manager for Windows 3.x. Handles all types of archivers including ZIP and ARJ. Very comprehensive.
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Archive Manager for Windows 3.x. Handles all types of archivers including ZIP and ARJ. Very comprehensive.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Welcome To Zip Manager 4.0
* Software Excellence By Design Inc.
Version 4.0
Release 1.0
May 24th 1993

This document covers material and NEW features NOT contained in the user's
guide. Please read ALL of this information carefully!

We suggest that you print this file so you can have a hard copy for a
reference as you setup Zip Manager. To print it you can use the windows
notepad Print command from the File Menu, or from the DOS prompt type
"copy readme.txt prn" without the quotes. This will copy the file to
your default printer on LPT1.

The Zip Manager 4.0 ZIP (ZM4.ZIP) file is in PKZIP 1.10 format. Please
leave it in 1.10 ZIP format so users who don't have version 2.04 will be
able to extract it. Thank You!

In order to setup and install Zip Manager Correctly you MUST follow the
steps outlined below. Zip Manager 4.0 has so many powerful features it is
critical that you take the time to set it up correctly before using it for
the first time.

Zip Manager supports both versions 1.10 and 2.04G. It automatically
detects which version you are using each time the program starts.

You Can Use PKZIP 1.10 AND PKUNZIP 2.04 AT THE SAME TIME if you need
to make 1.10 compatible Zip files and avoid errors when extracting
2.0 format Zip Files.

The Zip Manager 4.0 Program Files
The Zip Manager program files are in compressed format. You must run the
ZM4SETUP program to expand them before the program can be used. The
setup program will create a Program Manager group and add the program
files and other important files to the group.

You must run ZM4SETUP.EXE from the Windows Program Manager. Other shells
like the Norton Desktop or PC Tools for Windows are not 100% compatible
with our setup program and may cause it to fail when attempting to create
the Zip Manager 4.0 Group.

Step 1
Running The ZM4SETUP Program
After extracting the ZM4.ZIP file to either a directory on your hard drive
or to a floppy drive. Start Windows and make sure that the Windows
Program Manager is running.

1. From the Program Manager File Menu choose Run...
2. Enter the location of the ZM4SETUP Program. If the files were on your
A: drive then you would enter: A:\ZM4SETUP and press Enter or Click on
the OK button.
3. The Zip Manager 4.0 setup dialog will be displayed.
4. The edit field will display a suggested directory.
5. Press OK to accept the default directory or enter new destination
directory and press Enter or Click on the OK button.
6. The setup program will create the directory for you and display
the file installation progress.
7. When it has finished expanding and copying the files it will create
a new Program Manager Group and add the program files to the group.
Now you can proceed with the next step.

Step 2
Copying The Archive Programs To
Your Zip Manager Directory
You MUST copy PKZIP.EXE, and PKUNZIP.EXE from their current location on
your drive into the Zip Manager directory. The program will Not run unless
it finds these files located in the same directory with the Zip Manager
program files. Any additional programs you plan to use must also be
located in the Zip Manager directory.

For Complete Functionality the following files should be located in your
Zip Manager 4.0 directory:
PKZIP.EXE ----> Required
PKUNZIP.EXE ----> Required
ZIP2EXE.EXE ----> Optional
PKZIPFIX.EXE ----> Optional
ARJ.EXE ----> Optional - * Required if you want to use ARJ compression
Any other program like your Virus detection program and alternate archive
extraction programs such as LHARC, or ARC-E.

Step 3
To Complete The Installation
After the installation program is finished you MUST read the installation
section of the Users' Guide. You will see its icon in the Zip Manager 4.0
group. You must setup the program's default directories, and configure
the program to work with your Virus Detection software. In addition there
are several VERY IMPORTANT changes you need to make to your WIN.INI,

Important Notes and New Features

This version of Zip Manager has so many commands and options it is
imperative the your read the users manual BEFORE using the program. At
least read the Drag and Drop Reference and The Using File Manager with
Zip Manager sections.

The documentation is in windows write format and it is the manual.wri file
that was installed with your program files.

If you want to use Norton Desktop for Windows you MUST have Version 2.2 or
later to use it with Zip Manager.

Network and Single User Versions
There are now single user and network specific versions of Zip Manager 4.0
The single user version does not support network file locking and share
violation warnings. If you are using the Single User Version on a network
a dialog box will be displayed each time you start the program warning
you that this is NOT the network version. The network version comes
completely E-Mail Enabled and supports all E-Mail applications that use
and are compatible with the Microsoft MAPI standard. We urge you to use the
network version if you ever archive a file or files on any drive other than
your local drives!

Virus Detection Programs
Note: In order for your virus detection program to work with Zip Manager
it MUST be able to accept command line arguments. Read the users guide
installation section for instructions on how to determine if your program
will work with Zip Manager.

The following Virus Programs have been tested and ARE compatible with
Zip Manager:
SCAN.EXE ---> From McAfee Associates DOS Version.
VIRX.EXE ---> From Microcom Inc. DOS Version only.
Most other DOS based Anti Virus programs should be compatible.

When using a DOS based Virus Detection Program you MUST enter the
full drive and path name of your program. Optionally you can also
pass a switch to your virus program after the program name.

The following programs ARE NOT compatible with Zip Manager:
Norton Anti Virus For Windows
PC Tools Anti Virus For Windows
PC Tools Anti Virus Included With DOS 6.0
WINRX The Windows version of VIRX from Microcom Inc.

When using a Windows based Virus Detection Program you MUST enter the
full drive and path name of your program. Optionally you can also
pass a switch to your virus program after the program name.

New Hot Keys
Alt D and Alt W
In order to make it easier to quickly change directories we added an new
accelerator key combination. Now ALT + D will call the change directory
dialog box.

Pressing Alt + W will create a New Window, saving you the tedious steps of
choosing Window and then New from the Window menu.

Size and Position Maintained Between Sessions
Zip Manager will remember its last window size and position. This includes
both maximized and minimized states. This allows you to set Zip Manager
to a specific location and always have it start there.

Known Video Card Problem
The Diamond Stealth VRAM Card has a bug in either its Windows Drivers on a
hardware related bug that causes the following problem.

When attempting to run PKZIP in a DOS Window no text is visible. The only
thing you will see is a flashing cursor. All of the text is being displayed
black on black. Zip Manager is still functioning normally and the archive
command will be completed successfully.

No other hardware problems are known at the time of this release.

Important Note On Converting Files!
a file from ZIP to ARJ or ARC to ZIP for example, you would force the
conversion process to open up more than one copy of PKZIP. This can easily
RESULT IN SEVERE DATA LOSS. The Zip Manager was designed to convert only
one file at time, so please be careful.

Maintenance Releases and Upgrades
All maintenance and minor version upgrades will be available ONLY on our BBS.
Since these releases will contain only the upgraded files it will save you
download time and keep the files on our board where they won't inadvertently
be downloaded as the complete program. See the register.txt file for our BBS

End Of Readme.txt
* Company Background

Software Excellence By Design Inc. was formed in 1992 by the same
people that founded Moon Valley Software. When we founded our new
company we retained the rights to several of our Windows Shareware programs
including Zip Manager. The same programmers that brought you some of the
first and best Shareware for Windows are back! Zip Manager 4.0 represents
our commitment to deliver commercial quality software to Shareware users.
We are using the experience gained from launching several very successful
commercial programs and applying that same quality control and attention to
detail to our shareware products. You can look forward to more top notch
software from us and the support to back it up in the near future.


Eric D. Anderson

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