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Outstanding, graphical task manager replacement for Windows 3.0.
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Outstanding, graphical task manager replacement for Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the TASKMAN.TXT file

A replacement for the Windows 3 Task Manager, this program provides all
functionality plus a whole lot more. For the uninitiated, the Task Manager
is the program run when you double click on the wallpaper or choose the
"Switch to..." option on the system menu.

To use the program, copy TASKMAN.EXE to your Windows directory, most
likely "\WINDOWS". It MUST be in this directory and named TASKMAN.EXE to be
called as the normal Task Manager. Now, double clicking the wallpaper and
"Switch to..." will call the new program.

A feature of this program is the ability to display a user-defined menu
of programs to be executed. To use this feature, you must manually enter
the programs in the WIN.INI file. To achieve this, follow these directions:

1. Load WIN.INI into NOTEPAD or another text editor.
2. Add the line "[TASKMAN]" to the end of the file.
3. Add the programs under "[TASKMAN]" in this manner:

PROG#=&Menu Name,\windows\program.exe params

PROG# is a "Program number" starting at 1 and increasing for each program
entered. Menu Name is what you would like to appear on the menu, the amper-
-sand designating the underlined "hotkey" letter. A comma separates the
menu name and pathname to the program and optional parameters.

For example:

PROG2=&Card File,\windows\cardfile.exe
PROG3=&Taskman Doc.,\windows\notepad.exe taskman.txt

As mentioned above, double clicking wallpaper and "Switch to..." will
automatically run this program. The program displays all programs currently
running by name in a list box. You may select a program and select an
operation by pressing a button or pressed the button's "hotkey". The buttons
provide the ability to switch to another program, minimize a window,
maximize a window, restore a window to it's original size, end program
execution or cancel the Task Manager entirely. In addition, you may select
the "Execute" option to pop up the menu defined in WIN.INI as outlined

If you edit the WIN.INI file within Windows, the changes do NOT take
effect until you shutdown and restart.

Mark Gamber
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