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Press Release for HelpBreeze, a new commercial Windows help authoring tool which includes complete support for *all* Windows 3.1 help system features and automated 2-way converstion between help files and printed documenta
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Press Release for HelpBreeze, a new commercial Windows help authoring tool which includes complete support for *all* Windows 3.1 help system features and automated 2-way converstion between help files and printed documenta
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For Immediate Release

ANNOUNCING HELPBREEZE(tm) -- An Integrated System for Creating
Windows Help Files

SUNNYVALE, CA--October 7, 1993--Solutionsoft announced today
that it is shipping HelpBreeze(tm), a Word for Windows add-in which
enables both programmers and non-technical users to create sophisticated
Windows help systems. HelpBreeze includes complete point and click
support for all aspects of the Windows 3.1 help engine. Automated,
two-way conversion between help files and printed documentation allows
developers to use the same material as the basis for both on-line help and
printed manuals. Extensive support is included for establishing context-
sensitive links between help files and Windows applications. In
addition, HelpBreeze includes a royalty-free add-in DLL which enables
developers to easily add slide shows, sound, 256-color graphics
and bitmap animations to help files.

HelpBreeze operates as a seamless extension to Word for Windows
and completely insulates the user from the details of formatting help
files. Intuitive menu and toolbar commands are provided for defining
and editing all the components of the help system. Hypertext jumps and
pop-ups are emulated within Word and may be used for navigation
within documents during the development of the help system.

A number of commands are provided for automating what have
traditionally been the most difficult or tedious aspects of developing help
files. For example, browse sequences can be defined and renumbered
using drag and drop to order the topics, and bitmap graphics can be used
as bullet points simply by clicking the normal Word for Windows bullet
tool. Point and click support is included for defining all help project
options, and the help file can be compiled and tested from within the
word processor.

All features available in the Windows 3.1 help system are directly
supported, including secondary windows, help macros, custom buttons,
hypergraphics and add-in DLLs. Visual tools are provided to make these
features accessible to help file authors. Secondary windows can be
created and positioned by manipulating actual-size windows with the
mouse. Point and click macro construction eliminates syntax errors and
allows developers to test and step through help macros directly from the
macro editor--without the need to re-compile the help file. The interface
can easily be extended to accommodate add-in DLLs.

HelpBreeze can automatically generate context identifier include files
formatted for C/C++, Pascal and Visual Basic and can be used in
conjunction with any Windows language or programmable
database application. In addition, point and click support is provided for
using pre-defined include files prepared by the programmer or created
using a code generator.

Integration with Microsoft Visual C++'s context-sensitive help
support is particularly tight. The help project (.HPJ) and rich text format
(RTF) files created by AppWizard can be imported directly into
HelpBreeze. As the developer expands his or her application, setting up
the context-sensitive links is simply a matter of selecting the proper
identifiers from a list.

Included with HelpBreeze, is Slide Show for WinHelp(tm), a
distributable DLL which can be used to add slide shows and bitmap
animations to help files. VCR-style controls allow the user to control
presentations directly. Individual slides can act as hotspots linked to
hypertext jumps or pop-ups, and a Windows sound file can be attached to
each slide. The Slide Show DLL is particularly effective when used to
create WinHelp-based product demos, electronic brochures and simple
multimedia presentations. Windows help files are an attractive vehicle
for such material because the entire Windows 3.1 installed base can be
targeted--without the need to distribute the viewer software.

Solutionsoft is a privately-held start-up company based in Sunnyvale,
California. The company is focused on marketing leading-edge
development tools for the Windows environment.

Solutionsoft can be reached at (408) 736-1431, (408) 736-4013 (FAX), or
via electronic mail at CompuServe 75210,2214.


HelpBreeze will list for $279.00. An introductory price of $199.00 will
be available through December 31, 1993. The product is available now.


*A personal computer running Microsoft Windows 3.1
*Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0 or later.
*Any version of the Windows Help Compiler (HC, HC31, HCP)
*Slide Show add-in DLL requires a Windows resource editor

# # #

Solutionsoft, HelpBreeze and Slide Show for WinHelp are trademarks of
Solutionsoft. Microsoft is a registered trademark, and Windows, Word
for Windows, Visual Basic and Visual C++ are trademarks of Microsoft

**** For more information please see our demo in file HLPBRZ_D.ZIP ****

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