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Space adventure game (Windows Trek) for Windows 3.X.
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Space adventure game (Windows Trek) for Windows 3.X.
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Contents of the WTREADME.TXT file

Copyright (c) BFM Software 1992
Copyright (c) Brett McDonald 1992

Following are the system requirements:
1) 286 or higher processor
2) Windows 3.0 or higher
3) Windows operating in standard or enhanced mode
4) Mouse or other pointing device
5) Color monitor - High SVGA resolution recommended.

This game is shareware. This game is NOT free. If you like the
game and continue to use it, you MUST register the game.
Registration Fee: $12.95 U.S.
BFM Software
Brett McDonald
20278 Old Homestead
Harper Woods, MI 48225
Compuserve ID 73770,1254

Please include your exact name as you want it registered and the
generated key from the registration dialog box.

You may distribute this software as long as the following files are
All of the above files, must be combined into a single file ZIP or
other compression format for distribution.

Beyond a fee for the reproduction and media cost, no fee may be charged
for distribution of this software.

This software claims no warranty, implied or otherwise. This software
is provided "AS IS". The author claims no responsibility for any damages
that might be caused by the use or abuse of this software. This software
remains the property of the author. This software may not be modified in
any way.

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