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Simple game for Windows 3.0.
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Simple game for Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the HOP.DOC file

MS Windows Hop-Over Puzzle

Version 1.02
(C) 1990, 1991 David A. Feinleib

Running Hop

To run Hop, simply click on its icon in the Program Manager after
you have installed it there, and follow the directions. Please see your
Windows documentation for more information on installing programs in the
Program Manager.


This file serves mainly to document any revisions in the game. If you
like the game, please become a registered user (as explained in the
About Box).

Revisions In Hop

- Version 1.01 [July 26, 1990]

Original release of the program to the public.

- Version 1.02 [March 8, 1991]

This version fixes a bug which caused Hop not to release memory
that it used. Hop now correctly allocates and releases

This version added help, using the Windows 3.0 help system.

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