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Use the middle button on a 3-button mouse in Windows.
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Use the middle button on a 3-button mouse in Windows.
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Midclick v0.80
(c)copyright stardate 11342.6, Sir William Garrison Esq. MD third.

This junky little thing makes 3 button mouse users finally have a
reason for having spent the extra $10 on that third button. It
causes the middle button to act as though you double clicked the
left button - which is great for slow pokes like me who hate having
to work their fingers out at holiday spa, just to run windows.

I intend to make future revisions, like allowing the middle button
to act as shift-left or ctrl-left or whatever. There are a few
bugs in this pre-release version:

Working with MS Word 2.0 seems to cause a protection violation.
Clicking on inconized apps, title bars, on minimize/maximize buttons
doesnt seem to work.
Clicking on an inactive MDI window makes windows 'MISCLICK' as you
will find out with the program manager.

If you figger any of these out for me, or just have some irresistable
urge to send me money, just gimme a buzz at 410-882-5685 or call the
Programmers Corner at 301-995-6874. 10+ lines available, but I forgot all
the numbers, so tough luck bub.
Women may stop buy without an appointment.

OH YEA! I also forgot: To install, just copy this junk into the Windows
directory, or one somewhere near there, and run it - Just be sure the
mousedll.dll is in the same directory with mouseclk.exe.

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