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Captures and transfers Windows 3.0 screens to clipboard.
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Captures and transfers Windows 3.0 screens to clipboard.
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Contents of the SHOOT!.DOC file

Welcome to

Take shots of your windows screen

version 1.1

This tiny utility is yet another screen grabber.

It allows you to copy portions of the windows display to the

clipboard by dragging a box around the area. That area will be
copied to the clipboard and can be pasted in all applications
that understand bitmaps (Windows Write, PaintBrush, Pagemaker,
Corel Draw, Word for Windows, Ventura for Windows, Resource
Editors, Ami and many many others).

A nice little feature is present when you drag in different
directions. Text is mirrored in certain ways depending on the
drag direction. The table below shows how:

from to picture is
upper left lower right normal
upper right lower left mirrored
lower left upper right mirrored
lower right upper left mirrored

Shoot! is my first Turbo Pascal for Windows project.

version 1.0: not released
version 1.1: public domain

The author:
Is a student Chemistry at Leiden University which is involved in
computer business for about 5 years.

Since one 1989, he has a small (one-man) computer company that
does programming, consultance, network and system management

Experiences range from systems like PC (DOS, Windows, OS/2),
Macintosh (Finder), Sun (Sun-OS), VAX (VMS) via networks like
internet, Novell, NFS to the creation and support of PostScript
Type 1 fonts.

In case you are interested in other utilities or in case you can
offer me a job or programming project, please write to the
address below.

p-mail: P.S.O.
Jeroen W. Pluimers
P.O. Box 266
2170 AG Sassenheim
The Netherlands

e-mail: [email protected] (internet)
2:281/521 (fidonet)

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