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Great little communications program for Windows.
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Great little communications program for Windows.
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Contents of the POWRCOMM.WRI file


(C) 1991 by Russell E Frey; All Rights Reserved

A PowerBBS Communications Front End!

PowerBBS/PowerComm Support BBS: (516) 822-7396

PowerCOMM is a very easy to use COMMunications program. It has the capability to call any ANSI-compatible BBS, however its main advantage is when calling a PowerBBS System (and most likely the reason you have picked this program up!). Please read this entire documentation before attempting its use. PowerCOMM requires Windows/A Modem/A Mouse. If you do not have these 3 items, this program will not work for you.

To make use of POWERCOMM connections to a PowerBBS, requires the PowerBBS version that was made for your PowerCOMM. For example, version 1.0 of PowerCOMM will talk to v1.73 of PowerBBS. When trying to call other versions, you will only get an ANSI detect. When you do get an ANSI detect, you can download the latest PowerCOMM version, and update for the latest.

To setup PowerCOMM, you have to first have the COM switches in the SYSTEM.INI set up. In order to use PowerCOMM, you MUST have a BUFFER of at least 2000 bytes!

Once you have completed setting up the information in the SYSTEM.INI, unzip PowerCOMM into a directory of its own (we suggest \PowrComm). Create the ICON for PowerCOMM, and run-it.

The first time you run PowerCOMM, the SET-UP dialog screen should appear. You must carefully set this screen up, or else problems may occur.

SET-UP options:

COM PORT: Select the COM Port number you want to use.

BAUD RATE: Enter the highest baud rate that you modem can handle.

LOCK BAUD: If you want PowerCOMM to always use this Baud Rate, then select this. (Note that using the lock baud may require special initializing to you modem)

PORT BASE #: Enter the port base # of the com port, such as $2f8. This number should be the same as you selected in SYSTEM.INI

MODEM INITIALIZATION STRING [1]: PowerBBS will send this to the modem when you first load PowerComm.

MODEM INITIALIZATION STRING [2]: PowerBBS will send this after the first string is sent.

Note: You must have a &D0 setting with any other required dip settings, to set the DTR to not drop carrier on a change. The API sometimes drops DTR, which results in a drop of carrier if you do not use a &D0 setting.

ATDT (CALLING INIT) STRING: You should either enter ATDT or ATDP, depending on if you want to use pulse dialing or not.

YOUR NAME! : Type your full name here. This name is used automatically when you log on to PowerBBS Sytems. Put your FULL NAME here.

After filling out the SETUP, you will now enter the PowerCOMM system. PowerCOMM is typical of such a GUI system, and you should already understand the basics about menus, etc.

When you want to QUIT, select the first MENU OPTION! This will close the COM PORT, etc.

The TERMINAL MENU option will give you the ability to call systems, and download/upload files.

At the DIAL MENU, you will first have to ADD a BBS entry (you can later EDIT this entry in the same way).


BBS NAME (8 Characters): Enter 8 LETTERS on the BBS. This is IMPORTANT. The name you put here, will become a subdirectory if this is a PowerBBS sytem (if it isn't a PowerBBS, then the info you put here is just for your own information). As you connect to a PowerBBS system, information will be placed in this directory. This will give you the ability to store screens, instead of having to continually receive them, saving you time.

DESCRIPTION: You can put whatever you like here, to help you remember about this BBS.

PHONE #: Enter the phone number here.

PASSWORD: Enter the password you will use (or have already used) on this system. If you call a PowerBBS System, this PASSWORD will automatically be sent to the system!

PowerCOMM is a user supported Product. If you use this PRODUCT, you are required to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POWERBBS SYSTEM!!

You are free to use this product, for as long as you want. There are no restrictions on its use. Many users may want to have PowerCOMM to call their local PowerBBS systems, and use their own comm program for other use. Whatever you select to do with PowerCOMM, we hope you will voice your opinion about PowerBBS and PowerCOMM. We have made this product available to you, to make you life easier.

We are ALWAYS looking for NEW IDEAS.

If you can afford to send a $25 donation, it will really help for futher updates on this system.

Send $25 (Payable to Russell Frey) to PowerComm; 35 Fox Ct; Hicksville, NY 11801

Agreement for USE

PowerComm is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. Should the program prove defective, YOU (Not Russell Frey or anyone else) assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair, or correction. In No event will Russell Frey be liable to you for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use such program even if Russell Frey (or anyone else) has been advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any other party.

By using this program, you agree that it is all your own risk. If you do not agree to the above terms, then please delete PowerComm and its associated files.

Communication Developers: If you would like to incorporate the basic capabilities of PowerCOMM into your own Communication program, call the PowerBBS Support Line with your program information, etc. We are willing to give you the right (with no fee whatsoever) to incorporate the information into your program, if we find your program is one of working capabilities. You also must be willing to incorporate future add-ins, but you will be given full notice of such new capabilities.
modem when you first load PowerComm.

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The TERMINAL MENU option will give you the ability to call systems, and download/u

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