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Trashcan Icon for Windows 3.1 features Drag & drop.
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Trashcan Icon for Windows 3.1 features Drag & drop.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

TrashCan for Windows 3.1

TrashCan for Windows 3.1 is a Windows applications that emulates the
Macintosh trashcan. Files from the File Manager can be dropped onto it and
will then be moved to a hidden directory. If the trash is opened (by double
clicking on it's icon) the contents can either be deleted or restored to its
original place. TrashCan for Windows 3.1 saves its contents until you
explicitly empty the trash. No file is accidently lost and you do not have
to use any (more or less dangerous) undelete utility anymore.

Note: TrashCan for Windows 3.1 is a shareware product.

If you find TrashCan for Windows 3.1 convenient to use, a registration fee of
$ 15 would be appreciated. If you send $25 or more, you will receive, when
available, the next version of TrashCan. Please state the version of the
software that you have. Send money to:

Trigon Software GmbH
attn: Ingo E. Czok
Rehkitzsteig 4
1000 Berlin 33

Support is available to registered users via Compuserve: 100021,2706

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