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Kaleidoscope screen saver for windows, has many options.

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Kaleidoscope v.1.7 is a 16-bit Windows
screen saver. Works best in 256 color
palette modes. This is no ordinary
kaleidoscope! Bursting with color and
geometric symmetry, once you look at it
you won't be able to turn away. You
will be seeing kaleidoscopes when you
close your eyes at night! Loads of
customizable options. Dozens of great
presets available, or add your own.

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Kaleidoscope screen saver for windows, has many options.
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Contents of the KALEID.TXT file

Kaleidoscope v.1.7

Congratulations! You now have a spectacular, colorful, ever changing, and
kaleidoscopic screen saver for Windows! Just copy the file KALEID.SCR into
your Windows directory, and choose the Kaleidoscope from the Windows Control
Panel Desktop. Enjoy hours of mind-numbing hypnotic patterns. Works best on
systems with a floating point processor, but is still very beautiful on
slower systems. Choose the 256-color (paletted) display driver on your system
for best results. It still looks fantastic on 24-bit, 32K and even 16-color
configurations as well.

Many kaleidoscope presets are given to get you started. Experiment with all
the various controls to create just the effect you want, or check the Random
box to let the compuer decide for you. If you see something you like, go
back to the control panel, choose "Last Design" and then Add it to your library
of presets. Check the "Choose Randomly" box to choose only kaleidoscopes from
your presets.

I hope you enjoy this screen saver as much as I have. If this screen saver
doesn't totally blow you away, then send no money. If you are impressed, and
want to show your appreciation, then by all means, send some money! Your
conscience will thank you, and so will I 🙂

David Johnston
28022 NE 147th Place
Duvall, WA 98019


Technical Note 1: Color controls

I'm not going to describe any of the controls, except for the coloring system
controls. On a paletted system (256 color display) the sliders for "Band Width"
and "Bands" are active. These controls create a striping or banding effect
with the colors. Increasing the band width parameter will increase the width
of the black bands, thereby decreasing the width of the colored bands. Very
high values will turn the rivers of color into small color sticks. Increasing
the Bands parameter will increase the number of bands altogether. Set these
both to zero to have no bands, just colors always. If you create a kaleidoscope
and the screen seems just black, increase the Bands parameter and/or decrease
the Band Width parameter, or set them both to zero.

Technical Note 2: Politeness

Choose the 'Polite' option if you want kaleidoscope to be extremely friendly to
other running applications. In Polite mode, kaleidoscope will always let other
applications do processing first, before drawing anything to the screen. This,
of course, means the motion of the kaleidoscope may be a bit choppy if other
applications need the processor, but it makes the speed of your machine almost
the same as if no screen saver were running at all. You will also notice that
when in Polite mode, moving the mouse will instantly bring your desktop back,
without any slight delay.

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