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A "better" internal speaker driver for Windows 3.1.
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A “better” internal speaker driver for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the SPEAKR.TXT file

Internal Speaker Driver for Windows 3.1 and Multimedia Windows

SPEAKR.DRV is a Windows WAVE driver. It requires either:
1) Windows 3.1 or
2) Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions.

Like the Microsoft speaker driver, this Internal Speaker driver
plays exclusively, so Windows will not run programs or respond to
the user while sounds are playing. Unlike the Microsoft driver,
interrupts are not disabled, so you don't have to worry about
losing COMM port data or network connections. Even though it
sounds OK with the interrupts enabled, if you do anything that
causes a lot of interrupts (such as moving the mouse) the sound
quality will suffer.

Legal Stuff:

Software and documentation Copyright (c) 1992 John Ridges. All rights

This software is distributed AS IS with no warranty expressed or
implied. Accordingly we are not asking you to pay for it. We do ask
that if you use this software you also buy Intermission 3.0, the best
screen saver for Windows.

This driver may be distributed freely so long as:

1) All files are included: SPEAKR.DRV, VADLIBWD.386, OEMSETUP.INF
2) No money is charged for this driver other than BBS or disk fees.
Not more than $5.00 may be charged for disk fees.

Instructions for use:

1) Copy SPEAKR.DRV, VADLIBWD.386 and OEMSETUP.INF to a floppy disk
or temporary subdirectory on your hard drive.

2) Run the Windows Control Panel. (Usually in the "Main" group.)
Double click the "Drivers" Icon.

3) Click the [Add...] button in the "Drivers" dialog box.

4) Select "Unlisted or Updated Driver" in the list box labeled
"List of Drivers" and click the [OK] button.

5) Type the path to the directory containing SPEAKR.DRV in the
edit field and click the [OK] button.

6) Highlight the "Internal Speaker wave driver" item in the list
box and click the [OK] button.

7) You will see a dialog titled "Internal Speaker Setup". For now
just click the [OK] button, later you can adjust the volume to
a comfortable level.

8) Click the [OK] button when you're done with setup.

7) Click the [Close] button in the "Drivers" dialog.

8) Restart Windows.

Misc Info:

For more information on Intermission see Compuserve Forum WINAPA
(go WINAPA) Library 16 (ICOM Simulations) or call ICOM at
(708)520-4440 or (800)877-4266.

Send comments to John Ridges at CIS 72000,2057.

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