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Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for ATI/unsup. SVGA.
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Windows 3.x MPEG player DLL file for ATI/unsup. SVGA.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BBSDLLS.TXT 1557 764 deflated
COPYRITE.TXT 388 173 deflated
DLL.LST 938 264 deflated
M160-ATI.DLL 57872 14301 deflated
M320-ATI.DLL 58384 14599 deflated
MPEGDLL.TXT 1765 828 deflated
NOTICE.TXT 1164 462 deflated

Download File MDLLATI.ZIP Here

Contents of the BBSDLLS.TXT file

If you have not done so,
PLEASE NOTE: The MFW.EXE program WILL NOT run unless
you have also acquired the associated M160-xx.DLL and M320-xx.DLL files
which correspond to your particular video processor.

The DLL files are separately available on the Xing Technology BBS
805-473-2680 (Arroyo Grande CA)

Each of the ZIP files listed below contains a the pair of DLLs which will
give you MPEG windowed images of 320x240 and 160x120

DLL Driver Reso- Col- Supported video board (or processor)
File Pair: lution: ors:
---------- ------- ----
MDLLATI.ZIP 640x480 256 ATI VGA Wonder
MDLLCPQ.ZIP 640x480 256 Compaq Q-Vision
MDLLTRI.ZIP 640x480 256 (Trident 8900B/C)
MDLLTSG.ZIP 640x480 256 (Tseng ET4000 and Weitek 5186)
Orchid Prodesigner IIs
Everex Viewpoint
Diamond Speedstar
Cardinal VGA 700/732
Boca Super VGA
STB Powergraph/Powerview
MDLLV7.ZIP 640x480 256 (HT-209/D)Video7 VRAM II
(HT-216) Video7 Win-VGA
Video7 VGA 1024i
MDLLCIR.ZIP 640x480 256 (Cirrus GD542x)Boca SXVGAX5 Super VGA
MDLLCR8.ZIP 800x600 256 (Cirrus GD542x)Boca SXVGAX5 Super VGA
MDLLS3.ZIP 640x480 256 (S3 86C911/924) Actix GraphicsENGINE
Diamond Stealth VRAM
Genoa WindowsVGA Model 8800/8860
MDLLS3H.ZIP 640x480 64k (S3 86C801/805) Actix GraphicsENGINE 32
MDLLS38.ZIP 640x480 256 (S3 86C801/805) Actix GraphicsENGINE 32
MDLLWD.ZIP 640x480 256 (WD90Cxx) Compuadd Windows Accelerator
Diamond Speedstar 24X

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