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Places a digital clock up on the menu bar of Windoes 3.0.
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Places a digital clock up on the menu bar of Windoes 3.0.
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Contents of the TIMEFRAM.TXT file


What it is

TimeFrame is a small Windows "gadget" which adds a digital clock display
to the right-hand side of the topmost window's caption bar. I wrote this
program because I got tired of hunting around for the clock display which
was always buried somewhere underneath a morass of other windows and I
therefore wound up missing too many episodes of Star Trek ! TimeFrame
is always there when you need it.

I called the program TimeFrame because it displays the time in the frame
part of a Window.......obvious, eh ?


TimeFrame doesn't show up when the frontmost window is a dialog box. I
could change this fairly easily but I didn't think it was worth the
trouble. What do you think ?

How to install it

Just copy the two files TFRAME.DLL and TIMEFRAM.EXE into your Windows
subdirectory. Then just add TIMEFRAM.EXE to the "load=" or "run="
part of your WIN.INI file. Here's what mine looks like:


Once you restart Windows, you should see the clock display in the topmost

Beerware !

TimeFrame is "beerware" :- if you like it, then send me a fiver to cover
the cost of a trip to the local hostelry ! This is really an experiment
on my part :- I want to get some first-hand experience of what the market
is like for Windows shareware. If there isn't one, then I'll probably
just upload future goodies to the American BBS's.

Incidentally, if you'd like the source code for TimeFrame, then you can
purchase this for 50 quid. In return, you'll get my undying gratitude,
notification of future goodies and *I* will you take *you* to the local
hostelry if you're ever in the area !

Best regards,

Dave Jewell
1A St. John's Road,
OX10 9AD

Tel: +44 491 36873
Fax: +44 491 34815

I can be reached on CIX as "djewell" and on BIX as "fisherman".

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