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Windows configuration tips, a ToolBox application.
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Windows configuration tips, a ToolBox application.
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Contents of the W3CFG.TXT file

Release 1.00 - The Windows 3.0 Configuration Guide
Copyright 1990 by Donald G. Roy. All rights reserved.


The Windows 3.0 Configuration Guide is an application developed
with Asymetrix ToolBook. The Guide will ask questions about the
hardware that you want to find a good Windows configuration for.
It mimics the operation of an "expert system" in several regards.

1) Only the needed answers are asked for. This is because the data
has been deduced from other answers, or more simply, that the data is
not required.

2) There are "Why?" buttons throughout the pages of the book.
Clicking on any of these will present a brief explanation of why
the question is being asked, or why the particular conclusion has
been made.

3) The "intelligence" of the Guide is restricted, or domain-specific.
In this version, the recommendations made apply only to appropriate
configurations of the HIMEM.SYS, SMARTDRV.SYS and RAMDRIVE.SYS drivers
which are included with Windows 3.0.

4) The Guide will attempt to handle uncertainty, or lack of information.
If, for example, the type of CPU is unknown, you can have the Guide
attempt to "guess" the CPU type, based on other factors. In other
instances, permission will be asked to "assume" common answers.

Some additional discussion of expert systems and this Guide can be
found within the Guide itself.


In order to run W3CFG.TBK, you require Asymetrix ToolBook, either
run-time version or the develoment version.


Run-time ToolBook: If ToolBook is already running, you can load this
----------------- Guide by using the File Open menu choices, locating
the W3CFG.TBK file and opening it. If you used the ToolBook Install
program, you can also load the Guide from Windows' File Manager by
double clicking on the W3CFG.TBK entry in the disk/directory where you
have stored it.

Development ToolBook: Access to Author level is password restricted. You
--------------------- can load in Reader level using the approaches above.
The required passwords for Author and File Save are mailed to you if you
choose to register your copy. Additional information concerning the logic
and implementation of the Guide is also provided to registered users.


There are very few icons used for navigation in the Guide. Navigation is
controlled by the information that you provide in response to the questions.
Navigation is the standard sense of a ToolBook application is not required,
nor desirable. Use the Help Icons menu choices in the Guide for more information.

If you Cancel the printing routine after it has started, you must use the
Page First menu choices to leave the report page. You will then be taken back
to the first page of the book.


This Guide is not free software. If you find the Guide useful, or keep it
beyond an evaluation period of seven (7) days, you are expected to register
your copy. The registration fee is US$10.00/Cdn$12.00, which can be paid by
money order, certified cheque or VISA.

Upon registration, you will receive additional, detailed documentation about
the logic and decision trees that guide the program, as well as the passwords
needed to access Author level with the full version of Asymetrix ToolBook.

You can print a Registration Form from within the Guide, as well as a Feedback
Form if there are comments that you would like to make. Use the Page Register
menu choices to do this.

Email feedback can be sent via CIS to Don Roy [76675,1272].

Thanks you for taking the time to look at the Windows 3.0 Configuration Guide.

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