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RPN calculator for Windows.
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RPN calculator for Windows.
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Contents of the RPNCLC12.TXT file

Reverse Polish Notation Calculator RPNCLC12.EXE

This is a RPN calculator. I have used Hewlett-Packard calculators for many,
many years and like the way they work. There are many calculators
available, but many of them are too simple or too complicated. So, I will
publish this program as a freeware. I hope that it will work properly.
In addition, program uses Arial, Courier New and System fonts and
vbrun300.dll and threed.vbx files. In this version some minor errors are

This program is copyrighted but it can freely copied and distributed
(freeware). I take no responsibility if this program corrupts or removes
your files, so use it at your own risk!

Pentti Mattila
VTT Automation
Machine Automation
P.O. Box 13021
FIN-33101 Tampere

e-mail: [email protected]

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