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Fractal Painter program for Windows 3.1.
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Fractal Painter program for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Fractal Paint Quick Start

Run fractal paint from the Windows 3 program manager.

When first started Fractal Paint only has a few drawing tools, the
straight line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, circle and text.

To draw Fractals you must either define them yourself as described
in the manual fp.doc or load one of the supplied sample files.

If you load samplsys.fpl, sampfrac.fpl, lsys1.fpl, lsys2.fpl or lsys3.fpl
then a number of fractal tools are added to the toolbox. Try drawing
using these tools. Select one in the tool box then click and drag out
the shape in the drawing window. To change the complexity of the
fractal, change the fractal level in the options - fractal dialog box.
Increase the fractal level slowly, since several of the fractals draw
very slowly at higher levels, however some fractals must be seen
at a high level to be appreciated.

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