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Info Tree, v2.1. Shareware utility for Win31. Provides ability to develop heirarchical information "trees" with nested folders. Attach documents and launch from within InfoTree. From iSBister.
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Info Tree, v2.1. Shareware utility for Win31. Provides ability to develop heirarchical information “trees” with nested folders. Attach documents and launch from within InfoTree. From iSBister.
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Download File INFOTR21.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

Welcome to InfoTree v2.1

We have added the following features to version 2.1 ...

* Configurable main screen and 'Structured View'.

... Change the size and/or location of InfoTree's main screen
so that you can best utilize your monitor's image space.
This is easily done by draging the screen boundaries and Titel Bar.

... Specify your own desired font characteristics and background
color for the 'Structured View' on the main screen. This is
accessed from the Edit Menu on the Menu Bar of the main screen.

InfoTree remembers your screen configuration and restores it each time
you start the program.

* Quick View of your Folders and/or Notes.

... Review the contents of your folders/notes without going into
the 'Detail Screen'. From the 'Structured View' and/or the
results list of your database search, you select the item to
be viewed. The structured view and search results screens now
contain a 'Quick View' window. You can view and/or perform simple
edits on the text. You may SAVE your edits on the database.

* Print contents of Folders and/or Notes from the structured view and/or
search results screen.

... The simple click of a button gets you the hardcopy you need.

* Use of Index Tabs to switch to other InfoTree databases.

... The simple click on a tab switches you to one of your existing
InfoTree databases. The tabs are labeled for you automatically
based on the list of databases you maintain using the File New
and File Open capabilities.

* Performance enhancements.

... Version 2.1 uses a faster text processor and should retrieve and
update your notes records much faster. You will however notice
the normal response time as version 2.1 converts your current records,
one by one, to the new format. Once a record is converted, you
should notice the speed enhancement.

... Version 2.1 provides a more flexible vehicle for maintaining the
synchronization of your Structured View and your Notes Database.
You can now specify the freguency of this synchronization and thus
tailor InfoTree to best suit your operational needs. See the
Synchroniztion option under the File menu.

And now for the 'Rest of the Story' ...

InfoTree helps you implement "freeform" information storage and
retrieval solutions.

Features and Benefits include:

* Built-in text editor for the creation and maintenance of your
freeform information.

... Specify fonts (names, sizes, styles and colors),
paragraph alignment, etc.

* Multilevel structured view of your freeform information.

... Organize by subject within folders, within folders.

* Unlimited, user defined keywords/keyphrases for indexing your
freeform information.

... Tag your information anyway you desire.

* Comprehensive search facilities to help you retrieve your
freeform information.

... Text searches, Keyword/Keyphrase searches and Structured

* Multiple databases on a single system or across your LAN.

... Open and/or create any number of information databases.

* Shared, concurrent access by LAN users.

... Implement multiuser knowledge base applications.

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