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Icon Editor Version 2.0 for MS Windows 3.0.
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Icon Editor Version 2.0 for MS Windows 3.0.
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ALAD.ICO 766 332 deflated
DEBUG.ICO 766 360 deflated
DISK.ICO 766 166 deflated
DISK2.ICO 766 149 deflated
ENVELOPE.ICO 766 161 deflated
EYES.ICO 766 173 deflated
FOLDER.ICO 766 121 deflated
ICON2.EXE 73520 40386 deflated
ICON2.ICO 766 200 deflated
ICON2.TXT 5213 1647 deflated
MAIL.ICO 766 153 deflated
MULTIDOC.ICO 766 191 deflated
PAGE.ICO 766 129 deflated
PHONE.ICO 766 267 deflated

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Contents of the ICON2.TXT file

Icon Editor 2.0

Jason Lacombe (c) 1990

About . . .

Icon Editor 2.0 allows you to view and edit icons
in the ICO format. It supports transparent as well as
solid icons. Icon Editor 2.0 requires

- An EGA or VGA monitor
- A mouse (3-button recommended)
- DOS 2.1 or higher
- An AT or faster
- *Windows 3.0

* Icon Editor 2.0 does not require Windows 3.0 to run
but it helps if you would like to use your icons

Icon Editor 2.0 is shareware. If you if like Icon
Editor and use it often you should register your copy at
only $10.

Send Registration To:

Jason Lacombe
32 The Hills Rd.
Auburn, NH 03032

Using . . .

Icon Editor 2.0's main layout consists of the menu options
located at the top of the screen (Clear, Save, etc...) and
the icon editing grid (center of screen). Your color choices
as well as the current drawing color and icon image are located
to the right of the editing grid. The name of the current
working icon is just beneath the icon image.

To use a menu option just click on it. This will usually bring
up a menu:

IE - This menu gives you the option of refreshing the screen
and/or turning the grid cursor on or off.

CLEAR - This is when you would like to clear the screen. You
can clear the screen with the current color or nothing.

SAVE - You can save your icon to the current name or give a new

LOAD - This gives you a list of available ICO files you - just
double click on the file you wish to load. You can give a new
path by clicking on the path or on the option {New Path}
(When giving a new path specify the whole path - example:

Drawing Style - This is the last option and can be changed by
clicking on it or pressing the middle button on your mouse.
It can change to one of the following -

- Normal: You can draw freely with the mouse
- Box [E]: You can draw an empty box or a line
- Box [F]: You can draw a filled box

When on the grid you are able to edit the icon by pressing
the left button and dragging the cursor. This will draw a
box or a pixel (depending on the drawing style) in the
current color. You can erase a pixel or square by using the
right button.

Using Your Icons With Windows . . .

To install your new icon in windows you must first run
the windows program then follow these steps:

1) Select the icon you want to change in the Program Manager
2) Select PROPERTIES in the FILE menu
3) Choose to CHANGE ICON
4) When the SELECT ICON box opens, click on FILE NAME
5) Enter the name of your icon (with the ICO extension)
6) Choose OK to return to the PROGRAM ITEM PROPERTIES
7) Choose OK again to install the icon

Changes in Icon Editor 2.0 . . .

This is just a list of things that have been changed for Icon
Editor 2.0

- a new menu system is being used including visual
directories of files

- different drawing styles are allowed and are selectable
from the options area

- support for different paths and drives other than the
one Icon Editor is using

- better handling of boxes

- the bugs with non transparent icons and filled boxes
have been fixed

- better layout giving more room to the grid

Icon Editor 2.0
Jason Lacombe (c) 1990
All Rights Reserved

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