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A windows hex file editor.
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A windows hex file editor.
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Hex Edit was developed as a tool for internal use, not as a commercial
application. So it is provided with no documentation, no on-line help,
no technical support, no warranties, whatsoever. Hence it is virtually
free: if you like and use it, I would appreciate you sending $5 (cash or
check) to:

Yuri Diomin
Hare Research, Inc.
18943 120th Ave NE, Suite 104
Bothell, WA 98011

The following is some technical information on Hex Edit.

Hex Edit requires Windows 3.1, it doesn't work with Windows 3.0.

Hex Edit consists of only one executable file. Run it from any directory
on your disk.

Hex Edit supports common dialogs and drag-and-drop technique for opening
files. Filename to open can also be specified in the command line while
launching Hex Edit.

Hex Edit uses proprietary clipboard format for internal cut-and-paste
operations, however you can paste common text exported to clipboard from
other applications.

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