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Windows printer driver for Canon Bubble Jet (BJC600) - version 2.
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Windows printer driver for Canon Bubble Jet (BJC600) – version 2.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Copyright 1994 Canon Information Systems, Inc., Canon Inc.

BJC-600 Windows Printer Driver Version 2.0 READ.ME file

January 1994

Congratulations on your purchase of the Canon Color Bubble Jet Printer
BJC-600. We are sure you'll appreciate its exceptional print quality
using both color and black inks, flexible paper handling, fast printing
speed, and trouble-free operation.

As with most software and hardware products, information is made available
after the development of the manual. Updated information regarding the
BJC-600 is provided in this READ.ME file. Should the information in this
READ.ME file be inaccurate or you require further explanation, please
contact Canon Computer Systems, Inc.'s Help Desk at 1-800-423-2366.

Color Printing
Use the following selections for printing:

- For fast color printing:

- 1. Select the "Plain Paper" in the "Media Type" box
- 2. Select the "Color" in the "Print Color" box
- 3. Select the "High Speed" or "High Quality" button in the
"Print Quality" box. The "High Speed" will result in the
fastest print speed.
- 4. Select "Options...", then select "Pattern" in the
"Halftone" box

- For high quality color printing:

- 1. Select "Coated Paper" in the "Media Type" box
- 2. Select an desired print color in the "Print color" box
- 3. Select "High Quality" in the "Print Quality" box
- 4. Select the "360x360dpi" in the "Resolution" box
- 5. Select any desired Halftone setting in the "Options..."

- For Screen-Matched color printing:
The following selections are recommended to perform its function

- 1. Select the "Coated Paper" in the "Media Type" box
- 2. Select the "Screen-Matched Color" in the "Print Color" box
- 3. Select the "High Quality" button in the "Print Quaity" box
but "Enhanced Black"
- 4. Select the "360x360dpi" in the "Resolution" box
- 5. Select the "Options...", then select "Pattern" in the
"Halftone" box

Printing Envelopes
When printing envelopes with the BJC-600 and the auto-sheet feeder, move
the paper selection lever on the auto-sheet feeder to the forward
position. This will result in the best paper handling for envelopes.
Also, make sure to print with the option 'Print Current Page' or set the
print range to be from '1' to '1'. This will ensure that the application
will not prompt you to insert a second envelope after printing.

For thick paper, open the cover and set the green paper thickness lever
(inside the printer) to the up position.

Windows System Options
When setting up your Windows system to print with the BJC-600, please
consider the following options to optimize your printing performance.

- Fast Printing Direct to Port: This option, available from within Printers
in the Windows Control Panel, should always be ON for best printing

- Use DOS 5.0 or higher & HIMEM command to make 620 K of 'real' memory

- Ensure a minimum of 4 to 8MB of permanent Windows SWAPFILE.

- Increase your RAM memory to more than 8MB. Increasing RAM memory will
result in faster printing and reduce compatibility problems with
applications. If you must print in a low memory situation, and are
having problems with your application, try turning off screen-matched
color or reducing resolution to correct the problem.

- ATI display driver. If you are using ATI's display driver version 1.5 and
are experiencing problems when printing, do the following:

- 1. Run the program "FlexDesk Control Panel" supplied with your
ATI driver.
- 2. Click on the "Advanced..." button on the main dialog.
- 3. Select "Off" for the "Device Bitmaps" selection.
- 4. Press "OK" to exit "FlexDesk Advanced Settings" dialog.
- 5. Press "OK" to exit "FlexDesk Control Panel."
- 6. You will prompt to restart Windows. Press "Yes" to this query.

Operation under Windows 3.0
If you are installing the BJC-600 driver version 2.0 under Windows 3.0 and
you wish to use its On-Line help, you need to manually copy a newer version
of the file WINHELP.EXE from the BJC-600 Installation diskette to your
Windows directory. For instance, if your Windows directory is C:\WINDOWS
and your BJC-600 Installation diskette is in drive A:, under DOS you would type:

copy a:\winhelp.exe c:\windows

Alternatively, you can use the Windows file manager to copy this file.

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