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Windows 3.0 graphical display of memory usage. Includes C source.
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Windows 3.0 graphical display of memory usage. Includes C source.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


by Wolfgang Tremmel
[email protected]

1. Purpose

The Kiviat - Graph is an easy way to watch some system parameters graphicaly.
I use it while developing, to see if an application behaves bad, e.g. not
freeing up all memory allocated.

2. Description of the sectors

Started from lower right corner (yes I know that's unusual, but I was to
lazy to turn the whole thing around), the sectors have the following
- Absolute Free Memory
100% is set with SETUP
- Largest free Block
100% is set with SETUP
- Reaction time
Kiviat sends a WM_TIMER message to itself, to update every N
seconds. 100% is set, if the reaction is exatly this time.
- Disk I/O - Time
Time to do some writing on disk c:
- Number of Tasks running
- Filespace on Drives

I add the source, so you can modify the measurement routines or write your
own. If you find some interesting routine, mail it to me!
Changes of this program are welcome.

3. Licence

Read the GNU - Licence.
One Difference to GNU: You are NOT allowed charge ANY MONEY for this
Not even a "copy fee"!!
If someone charged you money for this program, tell him to give it back to

If you want to pay for this program, pay to ME! 🙂
My bank is the Sparkasse Karlsruhe (Germany), BLZ 660 501 01
My account - number is 20823324

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