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Over 3000 icons for windows (part two).
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Over 3000 icons for windows (part two).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALLIC2.DOC 1267 693 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 75 63 deflated
Q.ZIP 28126 14881 deflated
R.ZIP 29353 15822 deflated
S.ZIP 75566 43010 deflated
T.ZIP 66365 36533 deflated
U.ZIP 9983 5879 deflated
V.ZIP 14444 8344 deflated
W.ZIP 57548 30511 deflated
X.ZIP 16242 9454 deflated
Y.ZIP 2883 1891 deflated
Z.ZIP 3455 2113 deflated

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Contents of the ALLIC2.DOC file

ALLIC2.ZIP compiled by Russell Mueller [76662,1623]
05/31/91 3067 icons!
There are 3 files to download for the whole collection.
The biggest icon collection yet found on Compuserve. As the person
responsible for the first attempt at compiling all of the icons on
Compuserve Information Service, I salute all the authors of these
magnificent, colorful icons, and those who have used my file as a
starting point for their own icon collections. In addition, I would
like to thank Joe Beauchamp for helping to combine his collection with
ALLICO.ZIP , and Keith Ledbetter for his DUPICON program to find and
delete duplicates.
It was discovered that by ZIPing the icons alphabetically, mucho
space could be saved in the final ZIP file. If you really want all these
icons in one subdirectory (like I have), the easiest way to unZIP them
is to use a batch file. I have included a sample batch file. You must
have PKUNZIP in your path for the batch file to work. If you wish to
use a different hard drive or a different subdirectory, you will have
to modify the batch, INSTALL.BAT. Have fun! I don't know if the sysops
are going to allow us to carry this much farther as this file is getting
too big to handle.

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