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Windows viewer for GIF, BMP, and JPG files.
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Windows viewer for GIF, BMP, and JPG files.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

ColorView for Windows
Copyright (c) 1992 Millennium Technologies Corporation
All Rights Reserved

Version 0.97

ColorView is a color image viewer designed for Microsoft Windows. In this
version, ColorView supports reading the following formats:

o JPEG (JFIF subset)
o GIF'87, GIF'89 (only simple images)
o Windows BMP files (4, 8 and 24 bit, uncompressed)

and writing the following formats:

o GIF'87
o Windows BMP files (8 and 24 bit, uncompressed)

ColorView will work with:
o 4 bit, 16 color standard VGA boards (poor color reproduction)
o 8 bit, 256 color display boards
o 15 bit, 32768 color display boards
o 24 bit color display boards
o Microsoft Windows 3.0 and 3.10
o 2 MB or more of physical memory
o 80286, 80386-SX, 80386, 80486 processors

ColorView provides:
o Floyd-Steinberg dithering
o Heckbert color reduction
o one pass Fast Quantization color reduction
o Gamma correction,
o Hue,
o Saturation, and
o Brightness controls.

Two versions of ColorView are available: ColorView '286 and ColorView '386.
The '386 version of ColorView uses Intel 80386 (and higher) instruction set
to optimize decompression. As the result, it is twice as fast as the
ColorView '286 in displaying JPEG images.


List of files provided with this package:

README.TXT- this file
UPDATE.TXT- text file describing changes in v0.97
CVIEW286.EXE- ColorView for 80286 processor
CVIEW386.EXE- ColorView for 80386 and above
CVIEW.WRI- documentation in Windows Write format
TIMINGS.WRI- ColorView JPEG decode times on
different computer setups
PALACE.JPG- sample JPEG image

To install, copy all of the files into a directory on your hard disk. Read the
ColorView documentation by editing CVIEW.WRI document using Windows' Write.

To run ColorView from Microsoft Windows start CVIEW286.EXE or CVIEW386.EXE
(only on 80386-SX or better systems) and follow instructions in the


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