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Hotkey into program manager.
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Hotkey into program manager.
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Contents of the PMHOTKEY.TXT file

PHHOTKEY Bob Duffett
Windows 3.1 Program Manager Hot Key Programmer
(also works with Norton Desktop for Windows)


PMHOTKEY is a freeware utility to allow the user to set a hot key
for either the Windows 3.1 Program Manager (PM) or Norton Desktop
for Windows (NDFW). Both PM and NDFW allow will let you assign hot
keys to all the individual program icons but they don't provide a
way to assign a hot key to themselves.

PMHOTKEY provides this missing link.

Usage Notes

Microsoft Windows 3.1
Microsoft Windows 3.1 Program Manager or Norton Desktop for Windows

Since PM and NDFW are the only real ways to start new programs,
whenever you want to get back to these main menus, you have to
either Alt-Tab until you find the menu or Ctrl-Escape and select the
menu out of a task list. Neither of these options are fast and both
can be *really* annoying when you have a lot of programs running at
the same time. The hardest part of using this hot key solution is
learning to quit using the old way!

With PMHOTKEY, anytime you want to get to the program menu, just hit
the hot key that you selected and your back at the program menu.

Initial Installation Instructions:

1. Put PMHOTKEY in your Program Manager STARTUP Group, but don't
set it "Run Minimized" yet.

2. Run the program and set your favorite hot key. I'll make the
suggestions that you use CTRL-SHIFT-P since it is doesn't seem
to conflict with any other programs and at least the "P" part of
CTRL-SHIFT-P represents Program Manager makes it somewhat
intuitive to use.

3. Now, edit PMHOTKEY's File Properties and check the "Run
Minimized" box. Whenever you start up Windows, PMHOTKEY will
set the hot key for Program Manager and terminate.

If you want to change the hot key values or disable/enable the
hot key, you'll have to turn off the "Run Minimized" setting in

File Properties.

The quickest way to do this is to Alt-Click on PMHOTKEY, uncheck
the "Run Minimized" box, Click [Okay] and Double-Click the icon
to start the program. Repeat these steps to reset the "Run
Minimized" setting.

4. Click on the PMHOTKEY icon within the PMHOTKEY program to
display the Help "About..." box.

Other Info:
PMHOTKEY stores its settings in PMHOTKEY.INI.

The following is a sample PMHOTKEY.INI:

[Windows 3.1 Hot Key Programmer]

None of the values in this file should be modified by the user. But
for the sake of completeness, the following should suffice:

All the entries, except for VirtKeyIndex, are 0 if False and 1 if
True. The VirtKeyIndex entry is an internal value and should not be
modified by the user. It represents an index into a Virtual Key
table stored within PMHOTKEY. Currently the only Virtual Keys
supported are F1-F12 and A-Z.

This program requires Windows 3.1 or greater. It should work on
future versions of Windows, but hopefully this functionality will be
part of a future version of Windows and this program can be thrown
in the bit bucket.

User Questions:
Q. if you PMHOTKEY to assign a hot key and your sitting inside a DOS
Box under Windows, will the hot key still work?

A. Yes.
All hot keys will work, not just the PMHOTKEY assigned hot key.

Feel free to distribute this program at will and without any restrictions
as long as you don't charge for it or delete this text file from the ZIP!

Version History:
1.0 - doesn't work reliably. hopefully later beta will include. back-burner
1.1 - "December 11th. Running low on Pop-Tarts. Dry Scalp continues
to bother me. Still no word from Publishers Clearing House." playboy
or paraphrased
"December 11th. Running low on Pop-Tarts. Dry Scalp continues
to bother me. It still isn't in the beta release!" bd
1.2 - found previously unknown API call (Thanks, Bill Sobel!)
- works great/less filling (original code had gotten out of control)!
1.3 - added the "[x] Enable Hot Key" functionality
1.4 - made the Program, the Source and this Documents versions match!
1.5 - added support for Norton Desktop for Windows

Known Problems:
* occasional warnings that fonts are not being deleted under 3.1
debugger, but I don't think it's me! I removed ALL of the font
calls and the message still appears. Who knows?

Future Enhancements:
* None! We're fat, dumb and very happy at the moment.


If you have any suggestions, send them on. We listen!

Bob Duffett

CIS: 73730,252

Priority Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 5548
Athens, GA 30604

(404) 548-4039
(404) 543-7250 FAX


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