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Windows programimg utility that allows you to "spy" on the messages being recieved by a window.
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Windows programimg utility that allows you to “spy” on the messages being recieved by a window.
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Contents of the NEWSPY.DOC file


Version 1.00

Copyright (c) 1991 David A. Feinleib


Version 1.00 [August 5, 1991]

Original release.


NewSpy is a clone of the Spy program that is included in the Microsoft
Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). NewSpy shows what messages are
being sent to a window, allowing you to make sure that the messages
you think are being sent are actaully being sent. NewSpy displays the
handle of the window that is being spied upon, the message, and the values
of the message parameters (wparam and lparam).

NewSpy is especially useful for those users that do not have the SDK, such
as owners of Borland's C++ or Turbo Pascal for Windows. While NewSpy
is intended for use mainly by Windows developers, it may also be
interesting for non-developers.


NewSpy On/Off

If the menu displays NewSpy On, selecting the menu option will turn NewSpy
on. If the menu option displays NewSpy Off, selecting the menu option
will turn NewSpy off.


Options allows you to select the types of messages that are displayed by
NewSpy. NewSpy can output messages to its window, to a file that you
specify, or to both.

Select the messages that you want NewSpy to display; all message types are
selected by default.

Number Of Window Lines allows you to enter the maximum number of messages
that can be displayed in the window. This number must be in the range 1 to

Output To Window will cause NewSpy to display each message in its window.

Output To File will cause NewSpy to output each message to a file. You must
specify the filename in the edit box. The file NEWSPY.OUT will be used by
default if no file is specified.

Stop On will cause NewSpy to stop spying and beep once when the selected
message is received. This is very useful when you are displaying a large
number of messages.

Synchronous causes NewSpy to display messages as they are received.

Asynchronous causes Spy to display messages in groups. Note that in
this version of the program, Asynchronous acts the same way as Synchronous.


Selecting Exit causes NewSpy to close itself. This has the same effect as
selecting Close from the system menu.


The Choose Window dialog box allows you to select the window upon which
to spy. As you move the mouse cursor around, the dialog box will display
the attributes of the window over which the mouse cursor is placed. To
select a window, move the mouse cursor over the window and then click with
the left mouse button. After you have selected the window that you want,
select OK. If you do not want to select a window, select Cancel.

NewSpy displays the following information as different windows are selected:

Window-- Handle of the selected window
Class-- Window class
Module-- Name of the program that created the window
Instance-- Instance of the module that created the window, as specified
in the window's wndclass structure
Parent-- Parent window's handle, if there is one, with the name of the
program that created the parent window
Rect-- Upper left and lower right coordinates of the selected window in the
form (x, y)-(x, y); the size of the window in screen coordinates, in the
form width x height
Style-- The style of the window as specified in the window's wndclass structure

Clear Window

This option clears the display window. This erases all currently displayed messages.


About displays information about NewSpy.


NewSpy is ShareWare. To register, please send $25 to:

David A. Feinleib
1430 Mass. Ave. Ste 306-42
Cambridge, MA 02138

You will receive the next available version of the software
when it is released, and support via CompuServe, BIX, and

Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please send
them to the address above or to

CompuServe: 76516,20

BIX: pgm

Site licenses and quantity discounts are available; please contact
me for further information.


The author of this software is not responsible for any damage due
to use of this program. This software is provided without
warantee of any kind.

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