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Simple, powerful ZIP/UNZIP program for Windows 3.1.
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Simple, powerful ZIP/UNZIP program for Windows 3.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BWCC.DLL 130224 41102 deflated
QUINZIP.EXE 84640 36310 deflated
QUINZIP.HLP 45738 19778 deflated
READ.ME 1659 754 deflated
REGISTER.APP 3408 1134 deflated
WHISPER.INF 4003 1753 deflated

Download File QUINZIP.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

Thank you for downloading QuinZip!

We cordially request that you not distribute QuinZip without the following
original files.

Your QUINZIP.ZIP package should include the following files:

Name CRC Length
---- --- ------

quinzip.exe 4EA44C54 84640
bwcc.dll 20976CE9 130224
quinzip.hlp 97013311 45738 DFCF4AB4 3408
whisper.inf D0B770D2 4003 ---- ----

QUINZIP.EXE The executable file that you must install in Windows.

BWCC.DLL A dynamic link library. It should be in the same directory
as QUINZIP.EXE. If you already have a file by the same name,
you can use it instead and save some disk space.

QUINZIP.HLP The help module that should be in the same directory as
QUINZIP.EXE for on-line assistance.

REGISTER.APP QUINZIP is distributed as shareware. Your support is vital
for its survival. This is the registration application.
It can be printed as is; no modifications are needed. You can
also register by calling (617) 237-4666.

WHISPER.INF Tells you how to register your copy of QUINZIP.EXE.
It also contains information about obtaining a free
copy of WHISPER, a new Windows telecommunication program
available for a limited time.

READ.ME Is the file you are reading now!

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