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Windows 3.0 implementation of TETRIS.
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Windows 3.0 implementation of TETRIS.
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Contents of the WINTRIS.DOC file


The purpose of the game is to fill as many horizontal lines as possible.
When a line is filled it disappears and all of the blocks above it shift

to move a block right press: '6' or right arrow or right mouse button
to move a block left press: '4' or left arrow or left mouse button
to rotate a block press: '5' or empty key on NumPad or middle mouse button
to drop a block press: '2' or down arrow or space bar
(when using mouse, make sure the pointer is inside the window)

Points are scored every time a line or several lines disappear. If you
used a 'drop' key and the block made a line(s) disappear,
you will receive more points, depending on how far the block fell.
Also the more lines disappear at the same time, the more points are
awarded. If 1 line disappears you get 1 point; if 2 lines
disappear you get 2 points per line for a total of 4 points; if
3 lines disappear you get 3 points per line for a total of 9 points;
and 16 points for 4 disappearing lines.

The score is kept in the caption bar. There are two numbers separated
by a ':'; the one on the right is your current score and the one on the
left is your current speed level. Speed level increases every time
50 blocks have been dropped. You can also start with a higher speed
by choosing the appropriate level at the beginning of the game.

Other Features:
You can increase your current speed level by pressing "Ctrl+F".
And you can decrease your current speed level by pressing "Ctrl+S".
You cannot slow down below your starting level; thus, if you started
at speed level 5 and are currently playing at level seven, the lowest
speed level that you can go to is 5.

For a more challenging game, you can choose to have some lines filled
when the game starts. The number of pre-filled lines can be chosen
from the score board dialog.

You can restart the game by pressing "Ctrl+N", at this point you will
get a list of the top ten scores and can choose a different speed level and
starting number of lines filled.

The game terminates when there is no more room for falling blocks.
If your score is in the top ten, then you will be prompted for your name.
Top ten scores are kept in the file -- 'wintris.scr'.

"Ctrl+P"/"Ctrl+C" pauses/continues the game
"Ctrl+O" toggles sound (on/off)
"Ctrl+M" toggles sound (music/beeps)
"Ctrl+Z" resizes screen to the standard size
"Ctrl+N" start new game
"Ctrl+S" slower play
"Ctrl+F" faster play
"Ctrl+E" toggles standard set/extended set

WINTRIS is a shareware product.
Please freely distribute the product, (and make sure you include
both files, wintris.exe and wintris.doc) and don't charge anything
for the game.

Kipnis Enterprises
781 Glenhill Ct.
Fremont, CA 94539

Much time and effort went into the development of this program.
If you find this product useful/entertaining/time wasting/funny/boring/
addictive/challenging/or anything else please register by sending
$15.00 to the above address. A registration will entitle you to one
free upgrade.

WINTRIS was initially released during the summer of 1989.
The first release was called TETRIS.

* bugs fixed
* bitmaps are used -- faster play
* sound on/off
* pause key
* multiple levels of play
* scoring strategy
* score board

* sound effects
* resizable window
* option to start game with filled lines
* blocks drop instanteneously
* extended set of blocks

If you have any comments/suggestions or extra $$$ send them to
the above address.

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