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Windows Clock - small, configurable, but no alarm features.
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Windows Clock – small, configurable, but no alarm features.
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Contents of the CLOCK40.TXT file

Crito's Clock 4.0
for Windows 3.1

Crito's Clock is Shareware. To register your copy send $6 (US.) to:

Crito P. Philippatos
317 David Lane
Knoxville, TN 37922

Canada, Mexico and EEC orders add $4, other foreign orders add $9.
This price includes a free upgrade to ClkPro, when available.
Registered users of previous shareware versions of Crito's Clock
are automatically upgraded to v4.0, and will be able to upgrade
to ClkPro at a reduced price.

Please verify correct file size.
VBRUN100.DLL (Visual Basic Lib) or later required.


While every reasonable precaution has been taken in the preparation
of this software, the author assumes no responsibility for the uses
of this material. No warranties are made, express or implied, with
regard to the contents of this work, its merchantability, or fitness
for a particular purpose. The author shall not be liable for direct,
special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use
or inability to use the contents of this program.

Valid configuration characters:

d - Day without leading zeros
dd - Day with leading zeros
ddd - Day as abbreviation
dddd - Day as full name
m - Month without leading zeros
m - Minute without leading zeros, if used after h
mm - Month with leading zeros
mm - Minute with leading zeros, if used after h
mmm - Month as abbreviation
mmmm - Month as full name
yy - Year as two digit number
yyyy - Year as four digit number
h - Hour without leading zeros
hh - Hour with leading zeros
s - Second without leading zeros
ss - Second with leading zeros
AM/PM - Use 12 hour clock with capital AM or PM
am/pm - Use 12 hour clock with lowercase am or pm
A/P - Use 12 hour clock with capital A or P
a/p - Use 12 hour clock with lowercase a or p
Additional valid characters are: + - * / ! @ $ % ^ & ( )

Clock Interval:

Value is in milliseconds, therefore the default 1000 is for one
second. The range of valid values is 1000 to 900000 (15 minutes). It is
suggested that, unless the precise time is needed, this value be set as
high as possible for better Windows performance. Removing the second display
helps alleviate flicker problems.

Display Width and Height:

Trim or expand the display to the desired width and height.

Save Setup

To save your settings to the WIN.INI entry [Crito's Clock Display],
exit the program from the Save Setup key.

Three Button Mouse Support

The left button raises the window's caption. The right button shows
the configuration window. And for those of you with a middle button, Clock
v4.0 will terminate with a click.

A Deliberate Plug

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