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Customize the cursor in Windows 3.1.
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Customize the cursor in Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Custom Cursor Copyright (c) 1992 John Di Troia

This version of Custom Cursor is released as Shareware. If you are using
this program and find it to be of value, your contribution of $5
will be appreciated. Regardless of whether you make a contribution or not,
you are encouraged to copy and share this program.

With a Contribution of $9 you will receive:

1. A free Upgrade of the Next release of Custom Cursor.
2. A listing of programs available through this author.
3. Notification of upgrades and new product information.

Mail Check or Money Order to:
John Di Troia
5 Mt Pleasant Street
Saugus, MA 01906

Be sure to include your return address, program name and version

Program Name: Custom Cursor
Version 1.0
Description: This program is used to set a new default windows' mouse
cursor. The standard mouse cursor (a white
north-north-west pointing arrow) may be changed to one
of the available choices for increased visibilty or
personal preference. The selected cursor will remain the
new 'default' for the entire windows session. Selecting
the 'File', 'Autoload' Custom Cursor menu option will
load this selected default every time windows starts.

Executable: custcurs.exe
Operating System: Windows 3.0 and above.

Installation: 1. Copy custcurs.exe to hard disk.
2. Start Windows.
3. Choose 'Run' under program manager's 'File' option.
Type full path of custcurs.exe.
Choose 'File', 'New', 'Program Item' under program
manager. Enter full path of gopherit.exe. Click
twice on newly created icon.

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