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Great Windows 3.x icon editor.
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Great Windows 3.x icon editor.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

AZ Icon Edit is a copyrighted shareware product. You are free to make
copies of the distribution archive (AZICED15.EXE) and pass it along
unmodified to others for their evaluation provided that the following
restrictions are observed.

o Only unregistered copies of AZ Icon Edit may be distributed.

REGISTER.FRM shall be supplied in their original, unmodified form.

o AZ Icon Edit may not be included, or bundled, with other goods or
services. Exceptions may be granted upon written request only.

o No fee may be charged for AZ Icon Edit.

o No fee may be charged for the distribution of AZ Icon Edit without
the express permission of the copyright owner.

You are granted a limited license to use and evaluate the software for a
period of 21 days. If you make use of AZ Icon Edit after the 21 day period,
you are obligated to pay a registration fee of $20.00 in U.S. funds to:

AZ Computer Innovations
P.O. Box 10514
Glendale Arizona 85318

The two forms that are supplied with this software package (ORDER.FRM &
REGISTER.FRM) may be used to either order a program diskette or register
the copy of AZ Icon Edit that you already possess. Please refer to the
two forms for details.

If you have any comments or suggestions, we may be reached at the address
that is listed above or on Compuserve at ID# 72607,1633

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