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Windows screensaver, GIF, BMP, JPG.
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Windows screensaver, GIF, BMP, JPG.
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VueSav User's Guide
Version 1.0
Copyright (c) 1994 Edward B. Hamrick
All Rights Reserved

1.0 Introduction

VueSav is a Windows 3.1 screen saver that lets you view GIF,
JPEG, and BMP graphics files when your system isn't busy. VueSav
supports all graphics displays that operate with the MicroSoft Windows
3.1 operating environment, using a 386 or 486 microprocessor. VueSav
displays graphics files on black/white or 16-color displays by using a
technique called error dispersion dithering, and uses 256 colors on
all other Windows displays.

The two key features of VueSav are speed and ease of use. VueSav
is more than twice as fast as most other JPEG viewers, and is able to
scale images to full-screen more than five times as fast as other
viewers. VueSav will scale images to fill a window automatically,
without distorting the image shape. VueSav also supports viewing GIF
or JPEG images that can't completely fit into the available memory.
It does this by storing a lower-resolution image in memory.

2.0 Prerequisites

In order to use VueSav, you will need a personal computer that is
running Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or higher. You will also need a
386 or 486 microprocessor. VueSav will work with any Windows display,
including Hercules, EGA, 16-color, 256-color, 65536 color, and 24-bit
color displays.

VueSav is distributed via CompuServe as shareware, and may be
evaluated for 15 days. If you decide you want to register VueSav,
type "GO SWREG" and register program #1883.

When you register VueSav, you'll receive assistance via e-mail
with any problems you may encounter. You'll also receive a Serial
Number identifying your copy of VueSav. This serial number is also
valid for VuePrint - a very fast program for viewing and printing
JPEG, GIF, and BMP files. VuePrint can be obtained separately from
CompuServe, America Online, and various Internet and BBS sites

If you'd prefer to register VueSav by mail, you can send the
$40.00 registration fee to:

Ed Hamrick
11588 Raintree Spring Ct.
Cupertino, CA 95014

This address may only be valid for most of 1994, so you might
first want to send e-mail to [email protected] to request an
up to date mailing address.

3.0 Installing and Running VueSav

To install VueSav, put the file VUESAV.SCR in your Windows
directory - usually C:\WINDOWS. Then open (double-click) the Windows
Program Manager's Main folder, and double-click the Control Panel
item. After opening the Control Panel folder, double-click on the
Desktop item to bring up the Desktop control panel. Select the
"VueSav Screen Saver" item from the list of screen savers, and then
select the Setup button to configure the VueSav Screen Saver. To test
how it behaves, select the Test button.

If you decide to register VueSav, you'll receive a serial number
that you can enter after selecting the Setup button. You won't have
to re-enter your serial number if you've already entered it when
running VuePrint.

The VueSav screen saver finds a list of graphics files starting
in the directory you select in the Setup screen. It searches through
all files and directories starting in the directory you specify. It
will choose a maximum of 1024 files for display. If you check the
Random item, the graphics files will be displayed in a random order,
otherwise they will be sorted by filename. Only those file types that
are checked will be added to the list of files to be displayed.

4.0 Bug Reports and Enhancement Requests

If you have problems running VueSav, or have an idea for
enhancing VueSav, please send e-mail to Ed Hamrick on CompuServe at
71470,3236. You can also send e-mail from the Internet to
[email protected].

There's one problem that occurs when there isn't very much memory
available. Large JPEG files are sometimes displayed as a grey screen.
GIF and BMP files will display with reduced resolution in this case.

VueSav doesn't yet read compressed BMP files or 24-bit BMP files.


GIF, Graphics Interchange Format, and CompuServe are trademarks of
CompuServe, Inc., an H&R Block Company.

Microsoft is a registered trademark and Windows is a trademark of
Microsoft Corporation.


VueSav is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

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