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Still another trashcan Windows 3.1 - the trashcan wars heat up.
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Still another trashcan Windows 3.1 – the trashcan wars heat up.
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TRASHCAN.WRI 20480 2634 deflated

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Contents of the TRASHCAN.WRI file

2;LA Trash Can for Windows 3.1
- bl*(/BITMAPO by
Andy Wilks

This is a free trash program that I wrote because I became tired of pressing delete and having to answer intimidating questions in File Manager. Trash Can will allow you to delete files and directories by dragging them to the icon on the desktop.

The Options Dialog allows you to select several levels of confirmation, trash directory selection, and when to permanently delete the files.

A default directory named TRASHCAN will be created the first time the program runs. You can change it to any valid sub-directory on your computer.

On the System Menu are selection for staying on top and staying in the same place.

If you select StayPut, Trash Can will always stay where you leave it, even when you restart Windows or arrange icons. Don't worry if you change to a lower resolution screen, Trash Can will automatically turn off StayPut and line up with your other icons until you reposition it. You may notice that the title under the icon runs away sometimes with StayPut on when you arrange icons. This icon title belongs to the Desktop Window and I don't have any control over it. When you click on Trash Can, the title realizes it has goofed, and comes running back!
(If anyone has any idea how to identify this window and nail it down, please let me know.)

Stay On Top
Stay on Top will make Trash Can always stay on top of all other windows, even when it is inactive. It will also stay on top of your screen-saver. That's just the way it works. The background of the icon will turn gray when Stay on Top is on.

- l*(/BITMAPO Dumpster Diving
(or how to rescue files from the trash)
Since I wanted to keep Trash Can small(about 12K non-discardable), I didn't add any file recovery features. All you have to do to recover files is drag them from the trash directory back to where they came from in File Manager. (Assuming you don't have immediate delete on.)

The Macintosh Wallpaper
Trash Can is distributed with a 640x480 bitmap of a Macintosh desktop. If you make this your Windows wallpaper and put Trash Can in the lower right corner of the screen you will confuse and amaze your friends.

About Me...
My name is Andy Wilks and I am a Computer Science student at UT Austin. I can be reached at [email protected].
Please contact me if you have any suggestions, questions or find any discrepancies with the program.

Legal Stuff...
Trash is totally free and you may give it to your friends. (You should give them DogCow for Windows also.)
Of course I am not responsible if the sofware (hereafter referred to as IT) makes your machine blow up, or if IT cause your CPU to be haunted by the ghost of Elvis, or if IT in any way brings strife or misfortune to your life. If you can't live with this, use somebody else's program.
w s"o"k"g"c#_#[!&W.&S#'OK'$$$00
K'xGwGsHoHkIgIcJ_9J[JWJSJOJKK'$$$$JKwKs;LoHkIgIcJ_9J[JWJSJOJKK'$$$x f c!c!!!""""1#3####<<<#%&!&.&!'#'xGiGGHHHIII9JJ<=JJJK;L=L#'xGiGGHHHIII9JJ<=Times New Roman Arial

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