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Windows 3.1 program to view com port status (lights). Great for internal modems. Featured in Brian Livingston's Infoworld article.
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Windows 3.1 program to view com port status (lights). Great for internal modems. Featured in Brian Livingston’s Infoworld article.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome to WinModem V 3.00

Execute the self-extracting file winm.exe in a subdirectory, or to a
diskette. It creates several files in the subdirectory, as well as the
directory FILES used by the install procedure. After installation is
complete, you may delete the contents of the subdirectory you created,
including the FILES directory, and all the files that are in FILES.
These files are used for distribution purposes only.

If you are upgrading from WinModem versions 1 or 2, we recommend that you
first remove the old version of WinModem. It is NOT necessary to
remove the WinModem Icon from Windows desktop, if you left the icon in
the applications group AND you install WinModem in the same directory
you used for version 1.0 or 2.0.

To complete the installation of WinModem, you must first be running
either Windows 3.0 or Windows 3.1.

If you executed the winm.exe program from a diskette, from the Windows
Program Manager, simply Run A:SETUP, where A: is the designation for
your diskette drive. If you have more than 1 diskette drive, you may
have to substitute the drive letter for your diskette drive.

If you executed winm.exe in a subdirectory on your hard disk, then Run
C:\subdir\SETUP, where subdir is the name of the subdirectory that
contains the distribution files. However, if you are going to install
WinModem in this fashion, please do not attempt to install the
application in the same subdirectory as the distribution files.

By default, Setup will install the WinModem application in a directory
called WinModem. You may change the directory name during the
installation process.

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